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NEW for Centrepoint NOTDOWNBUTOUT the violence of middleclass social exclusion.

One More Update till XMAS! XMASTURKEY with the goose. Previously COCKROBIN

NO CONFIDENCE IN THE GOVERNMENT. The bottom licker party barely gave their Mistress May a clean bum. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth even for them.



ONYABIKE 'hand grenade' video(large file, slow stream, right click and save to PC)

About 20% of material was written on the streets whilst homeless, another 20% in hostels. How would I be engadged with professional bodies to protect copy. I do it the old way. If I find out I sue.

Whilst Wombling Free I noticed Paul Merton has stolen my look. Almost fancied him myself!





NEW Better late than never METoo because men rape men too.



Who Survived 45? Frankl 'Logo'Therapy compare HEADSTOGETHER 'who cares, just scum'

TheOutsider part 3 of the Albert Camus Suite MYTHOFSISYPHUS TheRebel

LUDITE LIBERALS should enjoy YUVAL NOAH HARARIS 21 Lessons for the 21st Century on Audible and elsewhere.ALTEREDCARBON

Youth of today could use college fees not gangs, try a donation to Centre Point.



NEW TheCis (I've been called worse. Don't look at me, some folks are very ill informed.)






WAR ON DRUGS? The middle classes who for the most part use drugs set up the poor for drug offences to cover up for their own crimes and to exploit the poor through 'justice' systems. I do not support any drugs being ilegal, all should be available in controled quantity and purity from retail outlets. I still would not use them. There is no evidence this would increase addiction in the population as a whole. The only 'unmanageability' I know is a consequence of poverty, itself caused by social inequality and exclusion. Working for the man is not a solution to this problem. Enjoy a zero hour contact? I write this 30 years into recovery having observed the cosequences of criminalisation destroy many other peoples lives, sometimes policy resulting in deaths. I barely used illicit substances in my addiction so have no agenda of denial nor am i involved in the 'recovery' industry that exploits hopes and fears with spurious ideology. Alcoholism has been seen to effect 1 in 10 people over a life time. If AA etc. were the one true path to recovery why are their numbers so small and so few are in multiple decades of sobriety? The recovery industry is reliant on catastophising relapse to sell treatment.

Smart TV and fake news? Imagine that all you watch and click on on all your devices is aggregated statisticaly to form a profile of your opinions and preferances. Imagine that state TV has all the archive footage available to create any story with any perspective. Imagine that naration can be done with voice synthesis, dubbing and linquistic expert systems. Welcome to a now where even your 'choices' of what to watch are manipuylated by big business to exploit your hopes and fears and sell you your next fix. Imagine they can effect your voting through media technology...

IIICSA- 'we'll pass the matter to the police and our research'... because the complaint wasn't about policeing and on a scale of trust pigs come just below what motivates drug dealers and are only marginaly more trust worthy than rapists and psychiatrists. Waste of space. I look forward to the civil unrest when Brexit goes no deal. Why are there so many pimps in the MET... they enjoy a freeby with their coke.

Reality check, I was better known 12 years ago as a freelance entertainments photojournalist than I ever have been or ever will be known for music. Even though I have written and produced more original songs than The Beatles this means nothing to an industry I have only ever known money people to have success in. In fact I can only think of Crispin Mills as an example from my generation that made it, and he was never that big. Some of my material was recorded in homelessness hostels on a lap top held for security in safety deposit box with my copyright evidence, my company survived. There are many who would like to see me worse off than that.

The legal restrictions on publishing names of victims of abuse is such that in effect most editorials will not touch survivor storys. When I appeared in the Sun they had to provide me with editorial veto to get the story. INTERVIEW

So I like coffee and given half the chance have at least two a day. I am not keen on tea but I can drink it and in the lack of coffee may of pataken a few times. That is sex.

GRENFELL NOSMOKE Those fat cats I know so well, the ones keeping folk like me homeless.

Worried about the final deal on Brexit? Take the peoples power back. Google Open Britain.

269 tracks produced by my Label are available from Apple etc. The production company has existed 14 years. All + Aprox 90 more are free on this site and 2 more double albums of 50 tracks each will be available commercialy soon.

NB: despite my production company being afloat for 14 years I have never been in a possiton to consider expanding into performance. Anyone who thinks such is a potentiality is firmly deluded. Also I have been under threat of indefinite detention for any crime for over a decade. I have not been recalled as I am obviously not guilty. Only time I was ever incarcerated was ABH, for scratching someone. Temple already struck back with similar wounding.

And no, as a sexualy exploited minor it is not appropriate for my neighbours to tell small children I am a prostitute. And yes just mentioning a fraud syndicate was enough to get someone stabed in the rescent past. Not to mention if evidence of 'selling me' ever surfaces I will take full civil and criminal proceedings. Obviously coming in with me would net highest returns as I own 100% of the work.

Why 4D neurophysiological topography? Locationist maps are tosh (read the bumps on your head style). Distributionist neuronal fireing measure location relative to 4th dimensional time which also accounts for rewireing of pathways in neuroplasticity. This view of topography invalidates the use of tDCS, besides they don't have the juice to penetrate the skull. Quacks.

We're on a road to nowhere... David Cammerons Jimmy Riddle all over europe, his spanner in the works for the UK with Brexit and it's not just the price on monkey spunk set to rise.

And no I do not believe in Multiple Personality, I have interviewed several people with that label in the states f2f, by phone and by masquerading as one online many years ago. All were borderline delusional and mislead by unscrupulous therapists. Although most people are divided in some areas 2 egos cannot coexist in the same mind. The witch hunts spun a few people as MPS, it's just yet another way to discredit and deny survivors voices.

Well impresion managed opression? HEADSTOGETHER 'the HELP'. Only 2 patients died whilst I was being subjected to these indignity. Talk to a psychiatrist... do you think they have the capacity to talk on the level with normal people? One flew over the cuckoo nest. It hasn't changed anything.


(Weinstein- highly active in Cocaine Anonymous early 90's excusing his sexual conduct as 'unmanageability' and as a consquence of 'the disease' that does not exist. Multiple inpatient treatment for addiction to cover up one clear fact, he is a piece of shit! Best suited to a Programme of One Step, straight off the top of a highrise building. It's 'spiritual', they can talk to the angels on the way down. No doubt he emotionaly abused people by 'sponsoring' them into believing the grief of victims is 'self pity' and 'ego'. Moral dilemma? A run away train is going to plow into 10's of people injuring them with trauma for life, if you throw a switch the train will change course with only the psychotic cocaine using driver going over a cliff and all victims will have happier lives. Right action?)

The following essay on therapy is also a comment on Germain (no not Jackson, he apologised to survivors everywhere through me) old dear Greer .

I am sick to death of rich media types siding with some quick fix pseudo science psychobable claiming they are 'healed' from usually relatively minor trauma when it is obvious that their happiness in fact stems from their socioeconomic privilege.  I am explicitly opposed to CBT as a quick and cheap solution lacking long term worth, most Freudian and post Freudian schools of analytic misinterpretation and I am relatively intolerant of mindfulness pseudo Buddhist quackery. Freud I easily counter as a fraud who kept his patients under his power within long stay institutions as cited by Geoffrey Masson in 'against therapy' and 'my fathers guru' and at least challenged by Alice miller in 'though shalt not be aware'. Sympathetic neurologists paid by bodies promoting CBT and mindfulness present exceedingly simplistic behaviourist and cognitive methods of control for complex emotions whose phenomenology does not fit rationalism. Mindfulness deconstructs as a Buddhist agenda within psychological treatment, it reminds me of the Trancendental Meditation cult. I have existential therapy as the ideology suits my character however what ever works for someone else is fine by me so long as it's not total bullshit of one vision. I have been in various therapeutic models for 30 years and found all fall short of their promises, some however were explicitly counter productive as like Freud they denied the impact of trauma. It is a fact that I am disabled from head trauma as well as the later psychiatric labelling for childhood trauma. I was not labelled as a psychiatric issue for 19 years of my adult life despite continued disclosure as a victim of child abuse and was already labeled disabled from the head trauma without sociological need for psychiatric intervention.  The reason I still speak to a therapist is purely to assist processing ongoing emotional distress from abuse, I place no great faith in the therapeutic model beyond philosophical sympathy. I would not pay for something that was unhelpful. I do not expect it to heal or resolve anything, it's just someone to talk to about tricky issues. Similarly the humanist philosophy for me does not ring true mainly because the human potential movement is a middle class fantasy removed from the contingency of disability or poverty. People are not all equal within capitalist society.  I will for instance never complete the degree I started because I will never be clear of debt to the student loan company, that is a restriction based on absolute facticity. A middle class twat could complete a degree by 21 even in active addiction as their parents can bale them out of any trouble. Similarly as a disabled person without capital or family supports I absolutely cannot raise or borrow enough to launch a massively successful business, that is a simple fact of life. I have no choices I can make that I can see ever making any difference to my socioeconomic position, why live in fantasy of self actualisation. Rather a lot of money has been made through exploiting my traumas and my socioeconomic restrictions. Social healing cannot occur without criminal and civil justice, recovery is not just an inside job and the externals are sociologicaly contingent.

Raheem gunning for goal, he's not shooting blanks! Sterling has now commented the new tattoo is in memmory of his father, he in fact shoots with the boot on the other foot not a gun. I was practicing Jimmy Hendrix Machine Gun for when he scores in the world cup.



Myth of sisyphus ( As hackers of my email will no doubt have said already I have filed report to The Truth Project. Backlash be damned, what are they going to do. I know, destroy my life all over again for telling it how it is. There's nothing wrong with the system. Question the prejudice that I as a vocal survivor must have something wrong with me... oh realy? Systemic.)

(the ruleing of the EU court of human rights on my 100 page statement of violations by the UK governments civil mechanisms in effect means I HAVE NO RIGHTS. This decision through time out of the case, without proper hearing but with ratification that I was a victim of such, has no apeal mechanism and the same issues can NEVER be reheard. This is the liberal facism of the middle classes as expressed through EU Law. My only crime, which occured after the case should of resulted at most in 18 months prison. The ministry has me under chemical cosh and controls after 11 years because I HAVE NO RIGHTS. If I chalenge the state through UK mechanisms I believe I will be set up again. Still I defy with revolt on breath but more quietly than before.)

Charged by gods to roll away the stone
What meaning sits upon their throne
In each step the span of days
Through pointless task to know their ways.

Roll, roll, roll away the stone
On mountain slope find a lonely home
Roll, roll, rolling with the stones
And at the peak find downward rolls the stone.

Why suffer ever for the heights
Absurdity our ever fated plight
Where we knot limbs to mountain scale
Yet at the summit finally fail.

Force of inertia in our bones
Brow strains with every gasp and moan
A fallen king to a thankless task
And no answers find unto the last.

Live fully in the moment as you push
Be present with revolt upon the breath
In struggle seek to find a hope
Describe the journey on the slope
The heart rises as it sings
It's rhythm soars on broken wings.

Roll, roll, roll away the stone
Heave ho, on mountain find a home
To rise to the pointless task
Take heart as the moments pass
They may have left you without right
But no way the spirit gives up the fight
Life struggles ever to be free
To find a purpose we can never see.

This Years Nighmare Before Xmas Song WEEBEASTY

There will be a new song at least every 2 weeks in 2018





OF COURSE I am 'not a real man' because I didn't kill the 7 people who sexualy abused me as a child.





CAPTAINJACK Piracy over politics!







Citizens charter or UK bill of human rights? Might need some sub clauses. Including protection of resident EU and migrant workers rights and GIVE US THE LIST the EU would not, full public identification of paedophiles. Regards to BIG ISSUE London. As I have been homeless 6 times we might start with all UK citizens having a right to housing, this could include a crisis payment from the proposed 'citizens wage' benefit system.



CAPTAINJACK bit premature for a 'band of angels', like I have the budget. More chance with the vibrators. Wolfchilde and The Whores of Babylon...



There will be new material every 2 weeks this year.


Shifting sands being what they are I cannot comment much upon the Child Abuse Enquiry beyond saying GIVE US THE LIST. I do not like the term mental illness to describe the emotional chalenges as a survivor. I do not have a capacity to forgive abusers, there is no closure beyond the final coffin nail, the conflict cannot be resolved, the culture only offers vengance in the form of criminal justice and after over 25 years of disclosure that is still something society does not grant me. I resent, I hate, I have continuing dabilitating symptoms of Trauma from both the accidental compound fracture of my skull and the rapes I experienced in youth, I am human. The culture may be improving towards victims but it can never take away the fact that it happened and it will always hurt and disturb. So I havn't drunk or used drugs for the majority of my adult life (aparently coming down with diabetes means I was loaded according to some 'reliable' 'sober' sources). As I aproach my 50's hand on heart the mechanisms of support mostly offered dirty plasters to the open wounds. I found a voice through this site but I am not happy with what life has taught me. It will happen again, and that is not my fault, I have done all I can and will continue to despite the pain. 'Mental Health' is largely used to deny the reality and undermine disclosures of societys victims, I have also survived 6 times homelessness through social exclusion so if you want to gossip and have a go do not forget there are consequences to the individual and costs to the community. The status quo craves supression. This site has been free for 12 years and remains unafiliated with any organisation or group. I am mostly not what they say especialy in extremeis but no one bothers to ask, they just react, blame and judge as abusers are want to. And no I am not a sub dominant. Crying in the wilderness, and sure someone will try to spin that. With hopes for a better future for the children. If I could live my life again I would not have willingly entered therapy in my teens and would have prefered to have killed the abusers despite the consequences.

Welcome to 2017. MEGHANS LAW. GIVE US THE LIST as SARAHS LAW was intended to be in the first place rather than the governments 'compromise'.



TOMCRUISE Says OMG (thanks to Little Peaches), NOT a fabrication. GIVE US THE LIST (vid large file best to right click and save to)


you can read all about John Smith phd CHEPSTOW GWENT in ACUNNINGLINGUIST Also Allan Stock Redhill Surrey child molestor and National Front member... I used to be a Rude Boy myself so best ask Pauline Black what I think of them... moonstomp!

Free Wolf n Raven Dance WHITEHORSE CANADADRY Up The Tagish!

OPERATION MAKESAFE NEW CHILD PROTECTION MEASURES FROM SIR BERNARD AND THE LADS, google it. The real purpose of looking to the past must be to inform present and future child protection. Where do the children play? GIVE US THE LIST






All this years releases below pic.




THE PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THIS SITE IS TO PUT PRESSURE TOWARD PERMANENT PUBLIC LISTING OF PAEDOPHILES ACROSS EUROPE, every child and victims right to safety. Why did the Labour government spin Sarahs law away from full public disclosure? Why with the national inquiry into child abuse is Westminster silent on public listing of paedophiles. There are many questions I would like to ask as to why the media has stoped promoting public listing. Why have victim support groups fallen silent on the issue? I give my songs to you freely in the hope that through attracting attention via entertainment some of the many questions about how our society protects offenders might one day be answered. Amidst all the spin and media impression management why have so many victims been unheard?


THE CONCEPT ALBUM BLOOD SOAKED LAND will remain below pic of Viking Longship for download (right click to save) and burning to disc through 2016

2016 We will release a FREE SONG at least every 2 weeks.


Free Concept Album BLOOD SOAKED LANDS below.


BLOOD SOAKED LAND. Concept album in which we call on the old ways for a cull to cleanse the land. 'All paedophiles are terrorists', Bishop of London to Wolfchilde following 7/7.




Save MP3 songs to PC then transfer to iPod unknown artist add to playlist in order they apear to enjoy full album or burn to CD. I grant permision to bootleg so long as this site is credited.




This site has been promoting public listing of paedophiles since 2005. Westminster, same old story, watch out for another cover up/ inquiry. The free book A Cunning Linguist and free album Swords In Abusers on moresoundz elaborates. A generation of children went unheard and few recieved the justice they deserved throughout the 80's and 90's. A Royal Commision with publicly selected investigators and nothing less can adress the questions of human rights to justice and protection of victims. The backlash must be exposed. Mandatory reporting of abuse suspicions must become statute. Victims should no longer face invasive 'tests' of authenticity following reporting such crimes, police resources should not be wasted investigating victims but focus solely on alleged perpetrators. Institutional abuse and cover ups must be exposed. Paedophiles must be publicaly listed so we can all protect vulnerable children. Following 7/7 the Bishop of London stated to us 'all paedophiles are terrorists'. A million hits for give us the list and the support of Tom Cruise, Caprice, Amir Khan, Bruce Willis and others in the call to reform UK child protection. If not now when?




Spunky smells like JENNY from FRIENDS armpits


RAISEING A LITTLE MORE THAN A BROLLY... More Miss Understandings.(know your Topographicalness and feel the fear... Prude, it's ruder than prog.)

Childrens Crusade ... HERE COMES THE CAVALRY!






Not A Rug In Sight...



And Evens on the Matrix WAR








WolfsbloodAre we all but grains upon that Beach,Is it war or peace we come to teach,The Children who are watching nowDo they know a way or how-To staunch the blood of brothers tearsOf sisters crying out for years?To pains the memory of the fearsLeft incarcerated here?For all we know and all we feelAre spirits dead or can we healThe rift of ages that befellThose who turned to face the shells.Where poppies reach and truth beseech The hearts in anguish that abhorThe fate of Angels destined for war.Where shrapnel falls like hail to someWhose that battle that is won,And if the shroud is torn in twoWould we see exactly whoThe veil lifted would revealFor all those prayers we've said to heal-Whose the Kingdom that we seekWho will serve the wounded meek?And whose the scars and whose the swordWhere the nails and who the Lord?Were we but ears of corn to some Would we send our only sonsOr stand to face that end as one.Bow before no earthly princeFor the word is true that none could print.These names of those who stood forewarnedAs others here would choose to scorn,Who would pray on bended kneeFor those that cross that darkest seaRegardless of the creed or skinAs one in faith, these many wordsWe hold aloft the dripping sword;As blood congeals on earthly shoreTo run beyond that fateful doorAre truth and justice on our sideOr do the heads of judgment lie?Though thought obscure where shadow fallAnd the last post to spirits call,These hearts as one upon the sleeveA branch to offer with golden leaf.The olive and the fig becomeObscured by fog, the darkest sunEye wept dry and fingers bleachedIs this the pinnacle we've reached?Bold humanity to someIs there a final hour to come?Call across the seas of bloodAnd seek a way to face that flood.Whose the tablet that was wroteWhose the Bush and whose the CoatOf arms in battle, Brothers thereWhose the enemy and where?Seek with an answer clearOf politicians never fear.Cry as one, reach for that handFor the sake of hallowed land.Regardless of the faith or raceThese are but questions that we face.Fires burn and waters quenchOf giants buried in each trench,Call with heartTo God and Countrymen

That peace may rule us all again.

P N Stock 2002




Dandelion clocks

cotton candy clouds are up above
the sun beats ceaseless as with love
blue Sky's the memories drift on by
thoughts float free with every sigh.

sundials and dandelion clocks
casting longer shadows as we grew
water fountains beneath statues of the past
heart pumps ever as we flow

inhale the flowers in a breath
exhale to mark a little death
where petals long for morning dew
leaves reached for the light as did you.

summer heat in waves across the park
coax gold from chins with butter cups
beneath the arms of over hanging trees
we sat and rested weary feet.

seasons circle like cog wheels
hands move across the carriage face
wound springs from an iron key
time marked in each turn but never free.

blow memories from dandelion clocks
sundials cast shadows ever on
water fountains flowing from the past
statues standing tall unto the last
we plant a garden in our dreams
a pond collects the water from our tears.

for Di.


Hymn to isis- (writ at Byrons Lodge Seaham) LICKETYSPLIT

Where sea meets beach like a mothers kiss or a tears caress against these cheeks of land, The breath of tides that ebb and swell rough then gentle rythms of this life, Where winter melts into the arms of spring the fluid rolling hips united in shared hope, The wombs waters breaking for the first time the embrace of lovers parted for too long, New beginings sigh their prayer and cry with joys still to come whilst those passing over reach wings into the sky, Though the cliffs crack and so slowly corode still the sands speak of rocks that stood once proud, In time all things return to her and join the dance within those waves.

VENUS FLY TRAP LYRIC- Venus in fur oh havent you heard its war of the roses looking down noses bound by disease this devil to please. Venus a fly trap oh silly old me sounds hard to swallow but just wait and see they say she's a spider to pull on a fly watch out for the gym slip its man eater style. Venus in fur oh havent you heard short lived as a yorky plays Richard III a temple of tubeors for temperol tudors whith hearse to the wedding the kill to the bride. Just like Percys Mary could spin a fine line waxing quite lyric its Frying tonight. Venus in fur oh havent you heard put them on the map with old Queen Mab. Full of emotion the swell of her ocean with pearls to her oyster a glove in whip hand. And as Lord Byron quoth to venus in fur oh havent you heard to Seaham all dead black ball to the head, croquet on the lawn murder in rhyme for that Nursery Crime. Venus a flytrap oh cilia old me they thought her a schoolgirl but just wait and see her names realy Audrey no Woman in White a Shop Full of Horrors I bid you goodnight. Queen to the honey trap bee sting to the the hive her stockings are chainmail cold iron tonight. Venus in fur oh havent you heard war of the roses to Fleur Du Mal possies havent you heard they spin us a yarn respects all thats dead As Lord Byron said to venus in fur oh havent you heard youre all a disgrace all Ludites Lovelace. Dionaea Muscipula hard to digest but to dyonisus musky pullers our venus a fly trap watch out for her grip, they thought her a schoolgirl but here are her lips. Stokeing Hell Fire with demonic choirs just making the bed how wonderful is death. Venus a flytrap oh havent you heard with claws to the rip our venus death grip. Madame Tusaudes pulling two swords if venus the bride the hearse is their ride. Burned at both ends this alphas omega killing in rhyme for that nursery crime. To venus the bride we're Frying tonight. Venus in fur oh havent you heard looks hard to swallow but just wait and see venus a flytrap oh havent you heard.



Phreak the freak its an intelligence leak just a misnome when the highest IQs half past one. Hide and seek its worth a peek dont tell them your name till the numbers up. Phreak the freak clock that dial with a 2 tone pulse its not a splice that scrambles those eggs. said phreak to freak eyes right theyve left pushing those buttons slippers a glass so what no why when or who just gold teeth and an Enigma-tic smile. seek the leak that moles whats weak back in the 'crypt dead letter last post scrabbles on tumblers spirits through a glass. phreak the freak the moles what we seek hearts for the rubber this games not bridge crossing those naughts Vauhall Knights no defeat said kill the freak. with those tourists on the clock who's in for a shock through the eye of a needle who'd take on the beadle follow that mark kepp them in the dark. said freak the freak just switch the switch.



Its Amontilado a feather too white long stares at cold walls just a spill of red wine. lost looks empty bunks their rythm on bars bolts turning in locks eyes swimming cold blue shallow waters slow bled stomach churning call time. Electric blue lights dim smell of sparks calling them on to face the light blank look on their faces a sneer through cold smiles calling them in with a touch of the thumbs take that seat enjoy the ride calling them on heart leaping for time hands shakeing cold smiles. a bite of that leather raise amontilado cold eyes lectric blue no taste of last wine. calling them down calling them down cold rythm on bars red tear to the water a feather too white the wrist and the razor one more brick with a smile forever goodbye. calling them down calling them down just take that seat enjoy the ride Its electric blue calling them on no coins for those eyes just a spill of old wine. Its amontillado forever goodbye.


Me minja the ninja climbing over roof silent as the wind warm breath beneath a veil. me minja the ninja shadow in the dark strokeing at those curves through windows open doors. me minja the ninja casting a dark spell feeling for a pulse within that little death. me minja the ninja a life held in these hands blade before the eyes to free them from the silk artisan to the sheets painted poems on the nails clawing at the walls to face a pillows grave. me minja the ninja cherry blossom on a cheek scents of carnal knowledge the killings we have made. me minja the ninja a rose beneath a ring reminder of those dawns the dew of parted lips. me the minja to the longing in that little death poison perfume to a kiss her choice no emptiness.


Not guilty its soft and silky she said she wanted more you know that less is more she's lady shaved her legs such a very nice pair in satin and lace. going rapido with away torpedo gotta go french with a roll of that tounge slowing back down to escargo brass knockers french polish she's leaving a trail with a curl of that tounge. she's slow at coming forward from the smile on her face thats satin and lace. not guilty its smooth and silky got those frogs legs parted with such a small touch once she's down on her knees she's begging darling please such a very sweet smile as she parts those lips. do you like it all over or just a little on the side its a nice hot banger between french fries you know it aint whimpey give it extra on top. she wears a little berret red currants on top its getting kind of stickt thats those chelsea buns. Guess she's slow at coming forward when she's sat on that face its going rapido with that aft torpedo blow it away with a banger from behind. not guilty its soft and silky butter up the sides its a sandwich not a slice. not guilty its soft and silky with a smile on her face thats satin and lace.


I am the reaper I come to take your soul I'm no redeemer youre gonna fill a hole come all believers the gods die to my hand come war and thunder rage across the land. I am the reaper my name brings only strife no reasurance I come to take your life there are no gods can live beyond their time their sands are running out and soon they will be mine. I am the reaper I come to steal your breath by many names I'm known but you will call me death there are no warriors can stand against me much all true believers falter at my touch. There is a reckoning a weighing of the soul you are the ones I take to fill an empty hole my eyes can see the falling sands of time come taste my breath it is the end of the line. I bring the scythe to reap you where you stand just ears of corn from a barren land I am the reaper my name brings only strife I'm no reddemer I come to take your life. I am the reaper the harbinger of death I am the herald to your final breath I'm no believer your hopes are only lies theres no redeemer for all will come to die.


There once was a dyke with her finger aint it she knew a young fem but her fist werent in it she showed her a bow with a g string on it kept fireing love arrows thats our annachi. Annarchi they call her a bull when she gives them the eye they show her a wink she gets out her bow and sticks one in it hooked to her ring half cocked to fire with a double shot thats our dyke eye bully. Annarchi shes not just a dyke on her days off she rides her bike with a ring of that bell no end to her rythm as she rides them rough shod bunny hoping off roading. Annarchi she's not just a dyke she says shes a builder but she cant find a wife once they tare down those walls theres plenty to like she thinks shes an amazon from a past life she likes her leather when shes on the ball soaping them up an imperial lather. They call her Annarchi she shows them her fist when she is out kissed with that bow to her knees that g string fits it keeps shooting love arrows double cocked till the end thats our Annarchi. Anna Me Feesher thats her new fem for 20 sobs shell lick at that ring. Annarchi she aint just a dyke but I hear her new girlfriends just her bike. Annarchi she likes a bit once theyre down on their knees well I guess thats it.


William the conk what a nosey bonk 1066 it makes us all sick eye eye what about harold then. Then theyres the roundheads billiard balls deep in the pockets back to the table now whose nicked the chalk ever see a politician would buy a man a drink who'd worked so long that the mrs was gone european excursions or a foreign divorce for every indiscretion a back entry to account. Napoleons brandy if youre too randy could cost an arm not a leg waterloo to be sick in eye eye what about nelson then. Reviseing our history twisting our tales trying our justice turning their tricks storys theyll tell you as they write them again. Constantines armies beneath roman greavesies killed off the christians converted thats nice with a small switch buying them out thats roman service with a smile. Playing their cannon reformed in defence whose kissing that ring piece who'd mint a popes crown back to the board room its checkers not rome paying their tab now wheres the abbys white ball? Vulnerable Bede what a great deed forcing old rome down the british necks pain in the pulpit eye eye what about henry then we'll never forget playing their counter we're all for reform calling on Walsey hows thats our call. See all those foneys always courting the gold Jude rides her chunnel but who does she serve they used an armada last time we heard funny money someones fingers in her honey whose got the crown jewels whose forgiving our debts who wants old cronnies theyre only roundheads. Playing our cannon our empires no Risk bring on the troops theyre for the commons as well who wants a president at the cost of a crown eye eye what about treason then. Theyre bloody Mary saw the tower as well who wants federal europe when service to country can show you the world?


From little acorns mighty oak will come each limb will knot with wounded bark eaching riseing sun these mighty oaks from acorns come. Amongst the ferns with fingers stretched to mighty oak we bend them down limbs twist together the sap here risw come bring her on mighty oak will come. Move with the wind knot to this wood drink the waters raise the sap take you down and twist around take you over where fires leep kneel to this root turn to the bark from mighty oak the acorns come. For little acorns mighty oak will come to fight the elm and keep the forest true from mighty oak a shield will come our aim is true fight for this relm with arows yew bend to this bow that little acorns from oak will come. to the oak now lay you down to knotted limb embrace this bark the sap here riseing rooted in the earth unto the forest the oak will come. with oaken beam small splinter comes to build a scalfold to hang them from beneath our crown with oaken spears battle for each fallen tree those uprooted those that fell limbs weve broken those best forgot stamp out the wrot that no one wants joined to the earth with every fall to this body a new ring comes. From little acorns mighty oak still comes we'll stand together till the battles won each holds to truth and none bows down come to the wood and raise them up till oaken crowns support the sun. From mighty oak the acorns come and for little acorns mighty oak will come.


Hello again othello they say that love has died dancing to anothers rythm when lips have kissed goodbye. Hello again othello this jealousy inside burning fierce as napalm to blow those hearts to hell. Iago he's a friend to all this jealousy cutting at the hopes that bind those hearts to here. Hello again othello cold darknesss in these eyes a fist that breaks a mirror to cut those hearts in two. Hello again othello the darkness in these hands stabbing at the memmory long days with out warm arms. Fighting back the tears of long forgotten years the fire in thes hands to tare those lies apart, Iago he's a friend then you see that love has died held within those arms a shroud left of the veil. hello again othello a twitching of the eye the tastes of words goodbye know that love must die. They danced within these eyes warm fingers\ stroked that neck the lips now have departed those hearts no longer leap. Say goodbye othello regrets for what is lost. never oh othello oh never never more. smiles forever lost there cold fire in these eyes welcome back othello from chains that drag them down, never oh othello drowning in their fear never never oh othello love floats gently on. reflect once more othello waters whispering goodbye. never never oh othello oh never never more.


I saw two raven floating by first one said I should surely die second came close said dont forget when things were worse than they are yet we stood here once as we stood before no one thought we could win our war. The stone was hollow for a door no cave within with your hearts you swore no matter what come what may we'd see it to a better day. When knives were drawn behind your back they said you were the things you lacked they spun their words to put you down the only wreath an oaken crown. They said we'd never win this war but never forget for what you swore. The bow was drawn the sword unsheathed we prayed to meet another dawn our plans were made beside the hearth we'd feast once more on doe and hart the glass was cast into the fire our knotted limbs would never tire. Never forget for what we swore defend the meek protect the poor never bow down on foreign shore greet each sgtranger as a friend no matter what the crede or race raise your heads with hearts so proud for the spirits rythm beats there loud. They said we'd never win this war with one eye closed their tounges were forked for all the double dealings there we'd see it through they win who dare. Say your oath youll not forget in the spirit of justice for this we sware.



Soap N suds its plane to see wet and wild from the washing machine a dirty dawg for a double D bit to the bridal elastic in teeth rideing the clothes horse its plain to see theyve a strange fixation thats double D. Dirty dog so plain to see leeping those fences no fantasy a double D hat tied round his ears face full of frillies its plain to see cheap thrills to the knees thats their double D. soap n suds so plain to see good vibrations from a washing machine caught on the gate that swinger for a line cries too late as they tumble dry over the fence with a facefull of mud back to the laundry thats soap for suds. Face full of nickers plain to see that dirty skirt sniffer right down to his knees rolling around no bed of roses thorn to a finger what a little Prick a dirty dog that double D sniffer left in a pudle awaiting lock jaw. Soap n suds its plane to see dreamt of hem lifter thats our double D. For soap n suds thats double D Dirty Dawg now down on those knees.


At the sign of the skull the wolves descending for the cull rage so deadly in their eyes to strip the bad men of their lies theres it is to do or die a howel to call them with a cry blood to drip from bitter lips teeth they bare with hatred drip. At the waning of the moon the pack is called to rise there soon fear to see in blind mens eyes terror there within their cries a howel that tares the night in two they come as one do they come for you? Blood will run from off their teeth the price is life and theyre the thief. at the sign of the skull the wolves descending for the cull the moon again to run so red as their hearts on anger fed beat as one the pack will come with their deaths the deed is done Howeling there beneath dark sky the prey bad men to do or die. the lies of men the cowering flock in their eyes a curse to mock the bad man and his bitter cry for he knows one day he'll die they come for him they rage as one the pack is called it is begun there beneath the moon a skull a blood red veil theirs is the cull. There beneath a blood red moon the skull will come the time is soon from dark sky now turn your back for we take all things we lack with a cry across the night the bad men fear us in their flight the pack is called we rage as one The cull has come this howel is done.


Lickity split its a 99 are we going out tonight to wine and dine or shall we stay in and winde and grinde . Shes looking quite fit I like those bits heres an ice cream no hog and doss whilst she licks her lips if shes feeling hungry maybe we could go back to 69. Deary me oh dear my dear as it dribbles down those cheeks towards those mounds maybe an eruption will come between those shivers below like a butterfly. They may say its vanilla but its butter milk gently whiped between those thighs she may say shes vegetarian but she needs more protein just open that gob for british beef. Deary me oh dear my dear as it dribbles down those cheeks and in between. They may say its mad cows pull the udder one wont call her my bitch this dogs teaching new tricks heres a tip from mr whippy with a cherry on top if you know what i mean they may say its not love but then again shes my lyons maid. Deary me oh dear my dear as it dribbles down those cheeks and in between.


Wheel spin drifters hunters driving wolves howeling heckles riseing engines fireing upriseing. Hawks riseing wings glideing Far see climbing updraft rideing prey circleing wind spiraling hunters howeling upriseing. Talons piercing flesh rending hearts bursting the prey the dieing fangs gripping claws ripping the game their dieing engines fireing children crying upriseing. Wolves howeling hawks riseing engines fireing upriseing. Riot squads war on earth offenders smileing massons lieing stones forgotten unmarked graves long dead gods and children crying church and state fuel the hate the wounds that bleed and mouths to feed, Wolves howeling hawks riseing engines fireing upriseing. Standing stones ancestral homes tools of metal flame war bleached skulls crushed bones burning logs and peat bogs round house moot and guns to shoot. Hawks riseing golden dawn seek the day above below the children crying our heckles riseing wolves howeling upriseing. Engines fireing dark knight rideing children crying the wolves howeling upriseing.

Back On The Road

Going back on the road you know we're never alone wherever we roam this land we were born to forevers our own. Outside on the corner we stand there alone paying those dues you know we never can loose. We stand on our feet every face that we greet we'll never bow down cos the coins that we're left here wear no beggars crown. Walking those streets they'll never defeat the sound of our heart still beating so proud. Back on our toes coming off of the ropes out from our corners we aint loosing no hope. Gonna fight till the end never leaving that ring for whatever they tell us this land we were born to forevers our own.


Miss Understanding

Miss Understanding she's their therapist, She gives a little rub with a well oiled wrist, She'll show them how to split front page personalities, When they're down on that couch she's their number one./
Miss Understood that's her alter ego, Plays the black madona to Eckharts men, Nuns down on their knees for a second coming, Their bells to that book as she blows out their candle, Detatched from loves chains in her House of Lords./
Miss Understanding, understated at the best, It's a game people play as they work up a swet, Tied to extremities, Times best left forgot, Taken to the deapths in her fantasy, depravity./
Miss Understood they share the same smile, Down in the dungeons a story of nine tales, Plays it Sheradnazeh to Arabian Knights, A dance of seven veils with her favourite strap, Whiping up a frenzy she's an Anal-Lyst./
Miss Understood beneath Understanding, When they look up her skirt old Jacob starts to dream, Take eat for this is her body, It's what they thirst for with their trembleing lips, Just Judges and Lords to her golden chalice, They leap for entertaintment facing up to those trials./
Dressing up her characters in a land best left forgot, She'll penetrate their minds, in a fantasy, depravity.


Got it all worked out for 2012 We're not just in the running we're ahead of the field. Londons set to go its gold for Seb Coe We'll win that race for 2012. Got it all worked up for 2012 You know we're on track theres only one field Its cool Britania with a royal seel All pumped up for 2012. Londons in the running so ahead of the field, We've lit that torch for 2012 The crowds are all on fire St Pauls is full of choirs Got them singing out for 2012 Lifting those flags towards palace walls Raising that torch to royal crown. Got it all worked out for 2012 Big Bens lit up with record times Theres cycling round the park Theres boxing for the dome Theyre running that marathon toward palace walls. Over tower bridge watched from Londons Eye Do be careful with the Javelin we've still got taxis for hire. Theyre not all in berrys we're all for fred perrys Stuff la Coq french is out in de john That wines sour grapes Paris has its hunchback clogging up the streets Slowest car in europe its their 2CV Did you hear about the rats theyre always playing dirty Notre Dams in the river what else can you see? Got it all worked up for 2012 theres food from every nation weve the best hotels With royal gaurds aplenty pointing sabers to the show Cannon balls are fireing decatheletes to throw, Trooping those colours in regimental dress Heres a crown for those medals weve Europes empress Queens own with starting pistols we're guning for gold. Weve got rid of mad Madrid with the toilets running dry Wheres the health and safety A load of bulls And did anyone care to mention why those children cry walking streets every night the questions why. Theyre too close to terror, theyre used to playing dirty, sure the weathers very hot but securitys too shirty They say we're european guess its athens next time. Londons in the running we're ahead of the field Raising that torch toward royal crown With regimental dress were trooping her colours Got it all worked up for 2012. Olympic glory beneath old Londons towers Its olympic grandstands for god save the queen. Got us all working out its 2012 We're all for Seb Coe hes going for gold, We've won that race for 2012.

V 4 Victory

They aint from Frankfurt, Theyre Prince Alberts Men, With a dome to the ceiling, and a bell on the end.

They fill out her hall, Hope & glories roll call, With a ring through the nose And bells on their toes.

With a V for victory 2 fingers we show, with a stroke of that harp she pulls at those hearts

F's for forgiveness or so say St Pauls, theyll have to forgive us cos courage is best

With a V for victory 2 fingers we show.

That organs so big to those little Yanks, Tourists crowd in paying their thanks

For her at the top we're harder than rock, a wink from the gargoyle and we're over the top.

She'll give em a wave from her golden coach whilst out on the pitch that whistles our hope.

Standing so tall to that golden ball, her rings not from Wagner thats prince alberts hall.

With a V for victory 2 fingers we show.

ANCRAN (for Mo)

Wether & When We Will Remember ThemThe Luck Of The Irish To Reconciliation Days.For Wether and When She will remember ThemThe Reconciled Exciles, Her DisapearedHer Pollen Of Peace, His Chapel sown seedsHis Holy Shamrock, Her fruits eternal feast.Wether and When We will remember themThe An Crann Stories, the root of Her First Tree,With Flax Crowned hair their bark upon her tearsThe Blood of Mourning, The White Godess on Her Knees.Wether and When we will remember themHer Rule Of Law to Reconciliation Days.Where Liberty Torch shines hope across the seaArched Olive Branches, Crossed high above each headHer Scale Of Judgement, their onward dance of peace.Wether and When we will remember them the Dust of Fingerprints, Their Night Of Long Knives the Rattle of cutlery draws, His Bread broke on The Mount. With Childrens laughter cross walls that none can seeThe sound of Her Harp that the poor may rest in peace.Wether and When, We will remember ThemThe Luck Of The British, To Reconciliation Days.














Where Chaos calls-
Two nightmares ride
Pale skins inscribe
Cloak and Dagger the blind
Fiery mace call sign
On Triumph those wings
The Abyss still sings
To Lucifer riseing
Seasons mysts defying.Lucifer riseing
Fair Astrea Crying
Old battles reminding
Her lucifer rideing
Pale horse to the crying
Firey Orb to upriseing
The abyss there yawns
To hell noisome spawn
No solace they fall
The man with no name
Her finest wove chain
The quickened, the dieing
For Lucifer RiseingLucifer Riseing-
Stitch in time to the binding-
Barbed kiss for hells key
The wolf neath her tree
Judge with Scorpios stings
Bone sawn through lost wings
Bloody Mary the timeing
To Lucifers Riseing
Seventh ring to that maid,
With her crimson of veil
White weddings for Cain,
Lord foul to his bain
Bold Lucifer Riseing
Stench flows with bones grinding
Caressing heart strings
One hope, to black wings.
Lucifers riseing.Lucifer Riseing
One peace in the finding
A silence to hearts
Those late to depart
Bloodied eye its next bowt
Whispered flame snuffing out
At Lucifers riseing
Stitch in time to the binding
No Grace to her maze
Drown in darkest of waves
The mesanger clear
eyes lowered their fear.
To Lucifers Riseing
No hate here disguising
Light bearer to bring
The sound of her wings.Lucifer riseing
Glass darkly reminding
Dispairs bloodiest tear
Loathing calous as fear
Barbed scourge for our whip
The guantlets raised fist
A rook from hells towers
Flanks the Earthly of Power
Her lucifer riseing
The crown to their blinding
Lucifer riseing
Bitter solace they're finding.
Cold Narcisus reminding
Drink a draught of hells finest
With Fleur du Mals scents
Of lives barely spent
The light that we shine
Cold tear as we bind
To Abaddon sent
The batton they lent
One more wish should you find us
Please to meet you,
Reminds us,
Of hails coldest flood
Vengance tears for the blood
For Lucifers Riseing
Angel Heart to upriseingThe ancient its days
These strangest of ways
A beared where they drowned him
Traitors gate waters foundling
The light raised to blind them
Leap of faith for the finding
A cypher crossed sword
To the holy of Word
Lucipher riseing.


Got a speed trap
Heart rapt
Gonna bleed em till their dry.
Got a speed trap
Death map
Gonna Ride them till their downGotta That Speed Trap
Death lab
Gotta squeeze em till they burst
Gotta speed trap
Pulse gap
Hear the laugher through each cry.its a speed trap
Heart rapt
till the satin sunset come
Thats a speed trap
Along the white line blindGot a speed trap
Clutch track
Gotta squeeze em till its dry
Its a dark night
Curved moon
Gotta race on through to dawnGot a speed trap
Death match
Taste of leather through the night
Got that snake eye
Pulse gap
Gotta roll her till the dawnGotta speed trap
Hot lap
Gonna ride her till they die
Shes a speed trap
Heart rapt
In a swets go faster stripesIts a speed trap
Heart rapt
With a pulse to burst the night.Its a speed trap
Hot sigh
Gotta pump them through the night.
Triumph over good n eviltriumph over good no eviltriumph on to good through eviltriumph beyond good n evil

EAR BASHING. G girl...

Ear bashing, show no fear bashing
It's big ears on the telee
Who'd watch them toss a welly
Now where's the ball in to the 9
Cos its Judis dinner time
Who's stick it in a sock
Where'd the stick that bigest rock?They're ear bashing, show no fear bashing
Never mind the feminists they're running out of luck
cos Eltons in his medals
The MODs lot SUCK!They're ear bashin
Cant stand ear bashings
Looks like hers in doors
Sent jenny to her chores
Whose got the bigest chopper
You know They're For The Whopper
It could be Dirty Harry
But is he old enough to marry?
Straight to the point
With a foot in the gob
They'll stick to whitest knickers
White balance on the Bob
Its ear bashing.Its no fear bashing
Who's for ear lashings?
Give that lobe a little lick
Write your name in little Flik
They're all for basil fawlty
They say it tastes too salty
But sweeps atop the block
Like a Brush fills out a sock
Its marmalade in sandwiches
Now Sootys off his box.Is Germain Greer Bashing?Did her EAR BASHING STICK YOU INSIDE THE FRIDGE?Like some old mad cows rock Now here comes a chopper to cut off someones block It's DEEFRIGIDation the ice age in a frock! Ear Bashing, Cant stand ear bashings, Bannanas on the fry, its cajun on the side, the blues are all for spanking, red nose could use a hanky , is Judi on the Punch? A dogs dinner out to lunch?They'd see us on our knees, filling Roseannes socks, they said she's off with Padington, Zippy set to rock, Ear bashing, cant stand ear bashing, ask that Basil Brush, How'd they move The Cunning Fox? 101 Ear bashing
Who's got the biggest socks...
An even bigger chopper?
That Frys still off the box
We hear they all want head
Whats that left inside the bed
Where's My Blood Valentine
The ginger beers been wed
Still UM ERS got the FIRM ONES
Ripe mellons that we're fed.Its boom boom boom
A broom under a frock
So shake a ginger beer
And squirt it in their ear
Its ride a cock horse
All jedi use the force
But once they're home in bed
They've lay 'er in their heads.Ear bashings
Dont like ear bashings
They said we're all just mupets
Who was that little puppet
Big Birds off with Ernie
The Count goes bats for 12
But once you're pushing 30
Could big ears free your Elves?
You know those under 12's
Cant stand ear bashings.

Got a mark to number
Aggregate and test
Counting down to none
They'll say it's for the best
A profiles worth a million
The ones that still Resist
Splice them on the phone line
Voice recognized, desist.Rerouted to exclusion
Examples none can miss.
Natures born to killers
Selling out for cheaper thrills.
Spin another rumor
Their strain shall not persist.
Can you hear them running,
A cog inside whose wheel
Can they catch you running
Would the feeling make it real.Do you see whose running
A slave to whose machine
Running for the zone
Running through the tears
Running out of something
Left Running out of years.
Run them round in circles
Left Run down in the streets.
Gotta keep on running
Gotta keep the pace
It's death at the heals
Gotta win this human race.Did you hear their crying
Do you care just how it feels
And When we see it through
Gonna Take them down for real
Their only answers why,
And its you they'd leave to die.
A silver stockings whisper
The sirens say they lied
A mule for the dictation
No sense just dedication.
As they run you out of time
Survival to the fittest
Miscast by their false witness
Run right out of nothing
Running from the starting gun.
Gotta keep on running
Gotta keep the pace
It's death at the heals
Gotta win this human race.With a sun to blind your eyes
They're running out of lies
Surf a wave that says your nothing
Your Nothing without you.
Buy another memory
Hide another year
Pretend that what they sell you
Is all it means to you.
They'll bleed you of compassion
Grind you up for fuel.
Neon mirrors for the scream
Subliminals for dreams
Dance you like a puppet
Say your nobodies fool
There's death at your heals
Gotta show them how it feels
It's due in their face.
Cos they'd run this human race.
Do you feel whose running
As your Run into the ground
An ounce of flesh to every pound
Final lap another round
do you hear your heartbeat
It's you they're gunning down
Gotta Find another breath
Cos the losers facing death
Do you want to hear their lies
Just Whose running all our lives
Running out of something
When they run out of lies.
Gotta keep on running
Gotta keep the pace
It's death at the heals
Gotta win the human race.Let not poor Nelly Starve
We’d take them half n half
With a zest  each segment chance
Sweet Chinas Dirty Dance
for  A  Vestral Virgins minx
Orange Molly lends her wink

She’s our pretty witty nelly
the coal yard over smelly
For 6pence an Evenings Love
 Troops the colours Lacy dove
At the feet of gods they fall.
Hers the extras curtain call.Let not poor Nelly Starve
Take those Mollies half and half
Drury lane snubbed Stellas looks
In The Battle of the Books
To pepys his poison quote
A bezoars antidotePretty Witty Nelly
Whose the armpits over smelly?
Was it they the Catholic whore
Spit roast and suckling  for
Took  swift to rump those whigs.
Would our Nelly take such pigs?
With Chelsea to the barrack
Knee trembled at the garret
Where a lapdog  lay his gut
But a stag had couched his rut.Let Not poor Nelly Starve
Blue garter, crowned Scones Start
For the Roe his glimpse of calf,
Draw the curtains half n half
What the French had done for years
She’d bow the Hind to please
With champagne to fill a bath
How could poor nelly  starve?
A lobster  to her tease
Gallant pensions for a fee.Let not poor Nelly Starve
Uncloaked  assassins desk bound scalf
Where the  pepys once inked his quill
Could a woman  play the fille?
Pray tell of fairest Hart
From her pillows   finest arts.
For pretty witty nell
A posey for that smell
Black Deaths back in again
Pudding lanes the Merry Reign Our Pritty witty Nelly
At St Martins lays her belly
The Peninsulars worth a look
 Two Chicks Prey where she shook
Chelsea alms whence flew Chafinch
Pass  Buck  Roundhead Greenwich
Not a word of Orange Mollies
For who would praise such courtly folly.Let not poor Nellys Starve
Keep them warm in finest scalves
And where that swain has shot his lot
Pray hide what Nelly got

.Kinder Gardeners

Jack Sprat could eat no fat
His wife had kept hers lean
And when she turned off all the lights
She'd use her bean machine.Little Miss muffet
Bucked roger a tuffet
Eating his curdled ways
Out fell a spider
He opened her wider
You'd never scare gipsies that way.Little Jacks corner
No dunce when he'd horner
Who'd Stick in a thumb
Passed cluedos old plum
With Angel delight
From Mr White
Whilst Cuting off ears
Eye fulled britaneys sheers
A trout with a mic
A key for the kite.They say it takes years
To shake off those fears
For Arsenic and lace
The records misplaced
They winked from a needle
Left crossed stitched spread eageled
Milked from an asp
For that golden of ass.Who'd gobble a fly?
perhaps they all lie
Or swallow a spider
To riggle inside her
Just Never say die,
It's better they lied.
Just my oh my, CBs they all tried
A convoys hardride, bonnie apes never mind.
Once their all inside she's sure to have cried.
Just never ask why, they still say she's shy.To kinder gardens
And radio days
They paddled away
For come what may
In flower beds
Where hearts were bled
To who they'd wed
Or rather see dead.
They Stand them in line
To teach them their crimes
And say they all fib
Once their out of the bibThey've a purple rose
For Pinochios nose
And billy goats gruff
A body heat snuff
With fires still a burning
The ritch say they're learning.
From sows ears to purses
The babes keep a hurting
Till the poor kids fill larders
Signed in hate, Must try harder,
When that cupboard is bare, you'll see who is fare
With a bah bah blacksheep to their savoir fare
Why that little dogs laughter
On those knees for whose father?
A Remote journeys disent,
Waltz a cowpats descent We saw them kill bambi
Heard they danced in the dandi
And how they slew babes
Just to sell them more candy.
With a hay diddle riddle
Roland rats left to fiddle
Once they've heared whats not said
All that mysteries dead
Now Where's that dish we all offered to spoon?
Lick that plate clean brains wired to their moon.

Hard Copy product available for 5 pound from wolfchilde.

©Y2K Mr Peter N Stock Esq.