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Possibly 2 months till my 4th book. Looking for higher bids from publishers. I still have over 300 poems of the older material to colate but could use a secretary for the typed copy. WOLFNEWS


METOO SWEETY SERENITY? Baged a few then? MI Bon BON!









To remind my entire work has been commited to promoting GIVE US THE LIST (public list sex offenders permanantley) , although not at risk of bankcrupcy I do not profit from my work, I have barely met overheads. If others do profit it is both criminal and civil fraud. It is not I that generated rumours about me or the work, that is purely other peoples stuff and advantages me not at all. I am registered permanantley disabled from childhood head trauma and abuse, I realy don't have much to show for it but sveral community groups continue to declare war on me as an individual for having created a platform. I have not had to work for 30 years of sobriety, all the sitting around makes me highly specialised.



The funeral director
Dons his black velvet top hat
Takes the road
And leads the cortège on

Impeccably dressed
Pulling on his night gloves
To pall bearers waves a hand
Coffin atop its bier

In the shadow of his tails
The mourners each to suit
Crypt to dispositions
A eulogy fits the tomb

The hearse stretched chariot
Drives the nails home
Last rites to grief
Reminds some of long lost belief

Casket to interment
Condolences to assemble
The vigil lay in state
Requiem to a mass

Obituary writ for graves
Final rest it’s plot
Or urns to fit a niche
In cremations loving remains
Cerements inurnment
Mausoleum final rest
The mortician takes to streets
To lead floral reef farewells

Happy families

‘You were just a mistake
That no one ever wanted
Another mouth to feed
A burden on the family’

‘No one will ever love you
As much as this again’
As if what they taught me
Was worthy of the name

‘We took you in
Who clothes and feeds you?
We’d think you might be grateful
That we gave you so much as this’

There’s some who dismiss
The feelings as just blame
If you so much as criticise
The ones who raised you ‘for their pains’
No sign of compassion
Are you really only in your head?
Take a sober look
At the nest from which you fled

Conservative values
That thought you’d spare a thought for them
Look after them in their old age
Care about them all the same
Forgive , forget
Give them grandkids to abuse too
Can the apple really fall
Any further from the rotten tree?
A microcosm of society
Just what’d they leave for me?

Family values, just what were they to me?
Raised hands for a beating
Warped lusts to visit beds
Harsh words to undermine
And shame me just for being
Terrorised for any kind of feeling
You can tell what I thought of them
Because all I wished was that they were dead
And now for those that are I wished they were never in my head
Not so much as a Xmas greeting
But their shadow darkens still

Happy families
Familiarity in how they left their marks
It’s why I threw away the house of cards
And never played again with the cursed deck.

The dance

Danse macabre
Great leveller of all
The rich, the holy
All face one fall
The bloody lips
And chicken bones

Sugar skulls in colour
Flowers painted on the face
Day of the dead
Move into place

Call to loa, Papa Legba
Shaken bones
Between the realms
Cold snake eyes
Raised head stones

Feast of ravens
Food for worms
Stripping flesh
Cremations burn
Equality at last
The final journey, all face the hearse

Baron Samedi
Pearl white teeth
Among the tombs
The bite of death
Skeletal fingers
Chill touch to spine

Bleached to white
With empty socket
Fond memories fade
In gold heart lockets
Dance macabre
The leading arms of death


An angel at your shoulder
The devil whispers in your ear
Can you even make decisions
To free you from your fears?

A fool such as I
Forced to listen till I die
Sweet loves words of freedom
But it’s me that’s left to cry

The film reel of a dream
Celluloid fantasy
That speaks of domination
To earn the boat mans price

A ship that sets sail
Leaving beggars on the shore
Ever set adrift
To drown in tears once more

A fool such as I
Why do we even try
To navigate the rocks
Where all lays wrecked before?

An angel plucks the hearts strings
A devil to the flesh
Whispers of sweet nothings
Left to long for more
Words wove in submission
To his masters lash
They take you for a ride
And they’re the ones that’s keeping score


The bankers holding all the cards
Who’d make a mint?
The chips are down
One and all to serve the crown

Heads or tails?
Collect their portraits
No selling out
So count your lucky stars

Loyalty, no divided word
Who’d paint us fools
To feed fading self esteems
What’s the bet things remain the same?
Rewrit by history
The day grows old

All hope lost
Posthumous in their deal
Forever forgotten
Yet with their word, to count the cost
They'll say polemics served the faith
To hide their thievery shame faced.

Rainbow flags
And burning books
The stormtroopers boots
Crush underfoot
Wheat from chaff
They'd shred the lot

Forever to be misunderstood
Missing in action
We the people
A common good
The price of infamy
Who’ll count the cost?
As pages yellow
And words fall short.


They always investigate the victim
Cast aspersions about our names
Seek to criminalise
Or to justify, label as insane

Do you think we’re fantasists
Because the system looked the other way
Politically miscast
Civil mechanisms never seen to be at fault

Historic child abuse
Always the hot potato
The schools didn’t do a thing
Whilst I slit my teenage wrists

Forever playing truant
An outsider from the teams
They’ll try to make a scapegoat
To protect the family name
Siblings will collude
To keep it in the all together

They’ll focus on the deficits
The way that you reacted
Coping strategies from the past
That cast you in a role apart

They’ve looked into me half my life
An object of suspicion
As if to say the truths a crime
That they never get it wrong
Bring the abusers into it
For their input to accuse a pathology
There’s something very wrong
In their psychological focus
I guess I’m just some old Greek myth
It can’t be the system that was wrong
Perhaps it’s just the blame game
To excuse my disability , player of a role
After all the other kids are all alright
It must be me that’s just a freak

Faiths back door

To find in their blessings
Only a hollow curse
They say they’ll get us all
Time comes the hearse

Vitriolic to the challenge
The body of filth
Raised by the hymnal
For the virgin or a milf?

With sorrows veil
And mustard seed
Stories for children
That they’d lead

The rust corrodes the fated nails
Wood that splinters
Their tales gone cold
None rise again from deaths winter
Turn to the bacchanal
Raise fresh flesh for a hope

To thrust the spear
Bleed out the corpse
Their sacred cow
To chain our thoughts
The quagmire of belief
Eye for eye, and teeth for teeth

The antichrist alone in challenge
Declare final battle
Against the bleating sheep
The priesthood’s abode for their chattel
The house of god
Its ship of fools
Penetrate to the core
The ribald chalice of the faithfuls anal door

Party line

Only protect the party line
No room for decent
They’re showing signs
Of needing political correction

Sitting atop a barb wire fence
Never on freedoms side
Wonder why they sell out
Taking us on a ride

The rights of man
But you're just a boy
Magic beans to contract
They’d take every one of your talents

Be sure to bite the coin
To test it’s worth
Fed on plastic spoons
Medicated from our birth

Some plastics cause infertility
Hard to swallow you’d think
They thought techno phobia
Made simple, meant I was on the brink

Cursed to never reveal
Passwords like sacred cows
Keeping others out of the loop
Time for physical education
They claim they have all the power
That they’re the ones to do it in
They repeat the same old phrases
As if they weave a spell
I turn to my computer like a friend
Why Did they mark it ‘execute’.
Different generations
How do they predict the next ones route?


Strip me down
Tear me up
Broken lives
You know we are the ones to blame
It’s not the culture that’s insane

Social problems
Others made
Symptoms contrived
To serve the state
‘We don’t hear them’
The cry of community

Out in the cold
No hope left
Why start again
Just to face the same
Tribes unite
To collude
Like they say
Born under a bad sign

Attitudes haven’t changed
Reality denied
Sent to Coventry
Shown the rough end of the stick
Any excuse will do
So others turn away
Persona non gratis
Not even said to be an artist

Paint a portrait
Feed others fears
The shattered shell
Suppress the voices
Of the rebellious kind
Mask of anarchy that they make
So all supports will forsake

Spread a rumour
Feed their lies
Whilst others make off
With all the money
Social networks
Keep on the outside
Elders say they’ve seen it all before
Just another way they slam the door
Exploit a weekness
Find a fault line

Pick a label
Any one will do
To cast doubt
On testimony
Sell the means to repair
But condemn the chosen
To ever face despair
It would take one deal
To turn the whole thing around
But they say, they can’t get this on
Reality they seek to deny
What is it that they can’t deal with?

Front page

Who wants the full story
Obscured from all our eyes
Front page expose
Do you wonder who really dies?

Operational commanders
Guiding in a not so silent way
Awaiting the next order
To blow the fear away

Autopilots on our routes
Smart enough to drive
Flown like birds on a wire
To a final destination

Activate your prayer circuits
As they whisper in command
To set the flight on course
You really think we get the new technology?

Official secrets
Ever beyond the grasp
Of fools who think they’re really in
On the things we cannot tell
Domino rally
Onto open minds

Have I got old news for you
Archives guide like steering wheels
To a road crash on route
Breakdowns they never want to fix
Sit back in the cockpit AI in the drivers seat
With Smart bombs on TV screens


Did they think they sent me angels?
Eskimos in the snow
Like I couldn’t read between the lines
Footprints ever leading to their lies
Just who’d you give your deals
As you sought to weigh my heart?

The magic buses mystery tour
Of Sargent peppers lonely heart
English lessons
From an architects deceiving hand
Tapes of misinformation
Strung with historic jewels

Promises, free of cares
What did you really give to me?
Watching every move
Heading off at every pass
The street lights flicking off
To the invisibles guiding hand

Predicting only failure
A parody fit for Earl’s Court
Brompton Rd cemetery
With big bird on his bike
The mentors that I knew
Fit only for gay science

You judged my moral worth
On others idle gossip
Your profiles that mislead
And pulled the rug from under feet
You thought you’d make an example
To keep others on your one true path
Who were you protecting
As you preach to me to forgive

How I recall the cut ups
That I used to get my exam
The scrawl of spiders legs
Dipped in the shaken ink
Grand designs for broken lives
And I doubt they even cared
You thought to make me Christian
A vile servile thing like you
I see you were the cheats
That tried to steal the fire of me

The End

Playing roles
Presenting honest face
Goading the prey
Trying to flush out from the trees
Where mythology
Is mistaken for the truth

Like an apeman
Eating bananas all day
Words reflecting on
The things that others say
Hypnotised emotions
Trying to produce The End

Self expression
Freedom from their chains
Yet still bound by language
Thought structures that remain
An education not so hard to throw
But tell me what do they think they know?

Like clustered neurones
In the not so open mind
Thought pathways
Associations formed by time
Can they trigger
Navigate your memory map
How do you respond
To their stimulus ?

Did they try to say
The doors of perceptions was the key
That the trauma that they dealt
Was not the reason for this cold reality?
Held in suspicion till the bitter final act
Where the victim is the target
To the abusers spell
Academics sit back to count the cost

Directing actions, ask who the criminal
Do you think a history
Will always lead the same to react
Revealing nothing in the profiled past
A multiplicity in freedom of our choice
In contradiction
This is what they would predict
Still restrained by repetition of the themes
That they inked on the childhood open page.


It was something to do with babushka
Flying of your kites
The sleeves on the vinyl
Dealt out like tarot cards
You ever forced one to the top
To prove your genius
Predicting every breath I’d take
Ever wanting to steal a knights piece

Forced face down on the white bearskin
Choking on struggling breath
As you made me submit
Bedtime story to the fire dogs
The photographs rapt in newsprint
Or naked lies like the tea cosy crown for an Outer Head

A game with out frontier
Did you assume in character
That the roles we played
Would make a multiple?
The names you gave me
To feed your warped desire

Irons in fires
Investments in the paths to tread
Like neural linguistics
Where no frogs become a prince
Did you take me on the train
Whilst you joked about the pedalo

Quadrophonic rude boys
Destined for prison cells
Dark satanic mills
Where the dwarves forge chains from rings
Odins one eye
At the gates to hell

As the Valkyrie ride for Valhalla
Towards a heart of darkness
Can you tell me what your conditioning left?
Ever towards the horror of a final battle
You said you were the social kind
But I still think of your abuses and knew you as a psychopath

The chair

An empty chair
Did they place a cushion
In the open space
Ever in absence speaking of fears
Cold comfort
To remind of another time

To disassociate
At once removed
A distant space
Between head and heart

Embroidering at the edge of sanity
Covers to hide the face
The shame of pains
Buried deep underground

Nervous childhoods
Knowing only the warmth
Of the striking hand upon the skin
Condemned ever to front it out
Left to be ignored
By the belonging kind

Keeping up appearances
A family in the all together
Each colluding with the secrets
Hid in their children’s tears

Sat in the therapists chair
A void in a broken heart
Fragments reflecting in the mirror
How else could I escape
Recollections in interconnections
As powerless as trapped flies
Strands within a broken web
That lead the venom home
To the Roots of the family tree
Left still digging in the dirt


When you were young
Did you want everyone to be friends
Craving to fit in
Ever trying to say the right thing?

Just like a party line
Popular points of view
Fearful of debate
To challenge status quo
Yet to cut your teeth
Played just like a fool

Ever people pleasing
No opinions of your own
Life and soul of parties
Peer pressures fatal cool
Bowing to Social norms
Playing to others rules

It seems to me the older I get
The less agreeable I become
Cantankerous to a fault
Opinionated of it all

What a bloody relief
To tell the rest to go to hell
No need to justify
When I tell others to fuck off
Do you really give a toss
What others think of me?

The heady days of youth
Ever seeking for a tribe
Now my teeth are getting worn
I think just what’s the use?
No time to seek approval
I guess I broke the mould


The song bird of my hopes
What virtues from the muse
Raising voice on high
Breast beating with strong heart

Capricious of the face
Betrayer to the fall
Misleading in the dance
The rhythm loosing step

Fickleness to find
The duplicity of womankind
Victim to jealousy
In schemes strung through her locks

Rising with the dawn
Soaring spirits on the mind
But illusion to sustain
Must tear out the offended eye

Abhorrence of the play
Writ with truest spite
How to rue the day
The soul reached for newest heights
Like liliths demon kiss
Knowing temptations thirst
The Furies that once wept
Rend the minstrals throat

To strip of the ideal
Redress the sagging flesh
Knock off the pedestal
Rip up the scented notes
Perfumery of only decay
Contamination’s bane
Heat only of cremations flame
Where cold ashes will remain


The cracks begin to show
Beneath the grease paint
A comic mask hides tragedy
Fading of spotlights

They penned this act before
You see parallels in starlight
But fools gold illusion wrought
Cannot sustain a fantasy
Leaving wrecked lives out in the cold
To promote their quality of life

They’ll build you up
Puff out your chest
But do their bridges burn?
Building only walls
Cut frames on an editors floor
Where narratives become so flawed

Another scene
The players change
But directions all remain the same
Submitting to an unseen hand
Become human
Break their mental chains

The phone is silent
Whilst others think
That opportunity nocks
Placing faith in TV dinners
Avatars to comedic scripts
Lip-sinks with quotes cue line

There’s those who seek humiliation
To pull rugs from under feet
Forever to be misrepresented
Innuendos curtain call
Would they imply that lie again?
That beguiles the projecting eye


Collusion in those liars eyes
Can I see through
View the breadcrumbs on my trail
Strands in narrative to connect

Do you think we’re all borderline cases
That you can pathologies me
For everything I do and say
I see your shadow extending to eclipse

I can see blurred boundaries
With deliberation drawn in sand
Moving the goal posts
In hope to fascinate an attack

Did you not know
I’ve been here before
Forewarned and forever forearmed
You can’t fan obsession to then snuff the shielded lamp

Ever bitter to see through another’s act
To tease interest with a hidden mask
Warpaint concealed by a made up face
The rouge on the foundations brushed
You’d paint love as just some cruel joke
Bound for the bar where dreams go up in smoke

You assume in profile
that I am defined by the past
You think there should be some cause for alarm
The only recycling is of the pretence
That when you spend your time with me
That we have ever been alone
Queens chambers speak to me of old news
Of other times and other people who also thought the story new


Ghosted, spooks with skeleton keys
They back door your hub
And can get into anywhere
Do you think it paranoia when they leave me messages

I went out to the shops today
And when I got back home
Origami of a rat
To remind me they can override CCTV

Reassured next time will be different
That there will be evidence
Enough to prove my innocence
If community services over step the mark
Faith that chips will be on my side
In situations that cut both ways

They’ve already demonstrated
That they can switch off my body cam
Send abuse to my devices
Harassment on my smart watch

Artificial artifice, hackers intelligence
Some times it passes the Turin test
When I speak to my device
I wonder who is it really listening in

Smart replies from not so smart tech
Trails that they can track
Alerts I’m coming home
Evidence when I go out
But do I feel so secure
Of the ghosts I have to trust?
Singapore suprise
Of how we all synchronise.


Did you ever stop to think
That all the guilt they put on me
Was just to justify
Disinfo from intelligence

Who puts evidence of crime
In public display
To create shames control
Of those who click on ‘don’t look here’

I didn’t click but I saw through
To the factions that baited the hooks
To reel the unsuspecting in
Fools of men to fish

Surveillance culture
Getting worse each passing year
The more technology frees
The more it’s used to force us to our knees

I’ve ten microphones on devices
In a two bedroom flat
3 on my person
And gps to track
At least it justifies the fear
That there’s more I didn’t buy

They sell us safety in a camera
To watch over the kids
But who watches over those who watch
The clouds data building up

Back doors and A.I. alerts
Searching for deviation
I wonder is it normal
That my name produces a red flag
Ostracism of those who can’t afford the right
To privacy in the home.


There, there, there.

Insult to injury
Salt rubbed in the wound
A slap in the face
No way to treat a Human being

The there, there, there’s
More hope in the Care Bears
But all they’re selling is tough love
When will you have had enough?

Cruel to be kind
Pulling up your socks
Let go of all reservation
Trust like Goldilocks

When will it ever end
Do they drive you round the bend?
Flogging dead horses
That were never made for such courses

They met someone just like you
And for them it worked a treat
They know some folks leave
And they all sing the faithfuls praises

Short changed
No age of miracles
Founders day for Akron’s con jobs
They’ll put your opposite on after you
Keep on Talking all their talk
When what you needs to walk away
They say their the living proof
We all know our dreams come true
Happy and you know it, some are born retarded that way.

'Leaving The Fold'

Leaving the fold
Because it’s only just an act
Holding to their beliefs
Be sure they will react

Fair well to brethren’s poison kiss
No more fellowship
There’s one thing you might miss
The fond illusions that kept you in the herd
Fundamentaly you must be in the wrong
Same hymn sheet from which they read their song

It works, the same old tired lies
One success through faith
Until hope comes to die
Be sure they’ll attack those who leave the fold
You were just a train wreck
That will be a tale they tell

They’ll try to make sure you’re on your own
That other people won’t want what you’ve got
Portray as forever crazy
Those who choose to walk a different path
You were never really one of us
Are you sure you ever beat this thing?

Comparison with someone they once knew
As they mow your grass
Reputations they’ll try to wreck
To confirm them in true faith
Say there is one way that is true
Poor unfortunates the only ones to escape the fold

Self justification of the following
Raising dogma as if it means a bloody thing
They’re with god, so they’ll leave you in the cold
If you say their platitudes are forever old
Who do you think you are
To become free of the fold?
Most try to do it quietly
Because no ones grateful that it’s all shit

The man

The man of the house
Have his slippers warm
When he gets home
Another day, another dollar

Patriarchy with iron fist
You bet he deserves a drink
Housewives sinking to their knees
Sunday sermons feed the American dream

TV dinners
Household appliances
Keep the nest feathered and clean
Cos daddy’s coming home

At a stretch a limousine
Life’s a bitch
Avoid the ditch
With whiskey in the jar, oh

Pink Cadillac
Missionary position
Get on your back
Cos daddy’s coming home
The post war dream
Nuclear family 'normals'

He’ll rape the wife
Beat the kids
To prove he is the boss
Keep his slippers warm
Cos daddy’s coming home
And he’s the man of the house

When society becomes an addict

Drink up
It’s the cultural norm
You never stop to think
When society becomes an addict

Credit cards
Dealers call your bluff
Profit margins
Only interested in selling stuff

Smart drugs
Performance enhancers
Can you get enough?
Just to raise you on their production lines
Deny your true feelings
Kiss up to the boss

Feed your fading self esteem
Chase white lines
Strutting on the scene
But boy you’re feeling mean

Raise a glass
And drown your sorrows
It’s the cultural norm
You wouldnt know sanity
If it bit you on your sorry arse
Don’t worry cos society is an addict

Social acceptability
It’s what you crave
A rush to the head
An early grave
But clear your conscience with another line
This society denies we all are addicts


You keep tarring with your brush
Painting an extreme
Caricatured in your attacks
Contradicting all I am
Marginalisation does not motivate
I don’t even know your intent
All I know is it offends me
To the very core

If I am not one thing
I must be the reverse
Anathema in what I’m not
All your rumours offer me is more verbal abuse

You divide and confuse
Push me to the limit
Like social activists
To whip my every word
You seek to dominate
That’s how I know an enemy

You seek to force conformity
To your world view
As if opposition is attraction
To force mediocrity
I find you all repellent
You do not care how I feel

You make out you deal in the middle ground
But there’s so much you’d not allow
I’m not religious so I must be the antichrist
I’m not gay so I must be a homophobe
I’m not liberal so I must be a nazi
I’m not coloured so I must be a racist
This is the game you play
And it says nothing about me

You don’t know me
You have so little to go on
Yet you spread gossip like a disease
I can count on one hand the times
Your community has spoke to me
This is what I call exclusion
You shoot arrows of only hate
Total prejudice
But then I don’t care if you like me
When you cry ‘who are we’
I think precisely, you are no friend to me

For your own good?

A culture of denial
As institutional as rape
Not just media vales
That hide the truth from sight

They tell us they protect us
That it’s all for our own good
Like we can’t handle truth
And the burden of so many wrecked lives

A little bird tells me
Like busby sat on my line
That you’ll have to fight for freedoms
That activists will take away

A safety net removed
Whilst they send you out on the wire
Unstable on their tightrope
Spin doctors scoring points

What you have to ask yourself
Is was anyone ever truly on your side?
Or did they push their pens
Red tape wars to hide

It may seem unfair
But you were always on your own
They’ll intercept and disconnect
Any support you can achieve
Disrupt affiliations
Set you up for contradiction
Sitting all alone
Because the truth they’ll label a thought crime.

Ghost dance

Ghost dance
With faces said to have died
Plain sight to hide
Walking past in teams down the street

The summoners art
Real demons on day release
A march of rattling bones
And me with only one bullet in the gun

Whispers everywhere
That the cull would come that night
Children’s voices raised in hope
That monsters would be killed

They’ll hypnotise emotions
Make you placid as silence of lamb
Feed you to the predators
In the company of mad wolves

Ghost dance
Don’t stare back
Front page myths
All joined in a death march

Night of the wolves
A dance of death
Whilst they paint laser beams on the moon
All caught on CCTV in hopes I’d put a foot wrong.
Psychos on parade
And a blank inside a gun.

Platonic solid

Some say I am a prime number
As I’m not too often divided
I’m more of a Platonic solid
At least I show to friends that side

I say I’m hexadecimal
Kind of non binary
I like both naughts and ones
But I’m a first base sixteen kind of guy

I like a Venn diagram
Especially subsets
I get mixed reviews for algebra
When I’m trying to squeeze out a simultaneous pair

Some seek a magic formula
Add to then multiply
You’ll get on with sub traction
If you’re agreeable to my floating point

I get lost in logic gates
And not XOR
But All fine figures seek a partner
From which they’ll not divide

I’m more of a Platonic solid
For all my many sides
I make quite a good friend
I’m not so easy to divide


Male power
The upraised spear
Gripping the shaft
The head like sword of steel
The thrusting weapon
The unsheathed tool
Held in fist to conquer
Blushing violets to impale

The hard rod
Throbbing pulse
Floating free
A flagpole to erect
To lay claim
To virgin lands

The taste of gristle
Bulging veins
The rush of hot blood
Of a beast untamed
The proud horn
Clashing antler
The heat of the rut
Rapacious of intent

In the temple of our lust
Stollen to a private place
Wolfish fangs to bare
Biting at soft flesh

The dread one eyed serpent
Spitting cobra prone to strike
Ever ready for domination
To wrestle in the coils

The conquest in penetration
To get straight to the point
The stretch of moist lips
Forcing thighs apart
Raised up by male power
The explosive kind


I wouldn’t make amends
Even if I was in the wrong
I’m not even sorry
You think your ways so right

I do not want to help you
Your problems are not mine
Not sharing my experience
Still I’m the one with all the time

You say I should be selfless
Well I’ll tell you something
Not interested in submitting one bit
It’s only grief you’d bring

I don’t want to belong to a group
I’m standing on my own
The things of others making
Are what left me without home

You taught me of absurdity

Dont want to hear your empty words.

They’d destroy my credibility
Leave me with nothing left
Strip me of my rights
Broken and bereft
Their beliefs are all just nonsense
They dont pass the test of truth

I walk my path alone
But this is not a lonely road
I can amuse myself
Don’t want to know you or your kind
You seem to think you’ve got it sussed
Can’t even see you're blind
I don’t find meaning in conformity
And yes the world has been unkind
If there really was some god
He must have a bastards mind


Never meeting with criteria
So many wastes of time
Why put in the effort
With those who aren’t worthy of mine

When I was young I followed my heart
Like any blinded fool
Placed women on pedestals
And of course they all came to fall

Some think love gives life meaning
That it’s value can’t be compared
But after the initial attraction
Most folk seem quite impaired

It’s not that I seek perfection
And I know that it takes work
But if I’m really honest
Romance is all fools gold

I can hold my own
Like any other man
For all the Cinderella’s
They were just also rans
In an ideal world (but it’s not)
I suppose it would be nice

So you’d make another person
The centre of your life
Put your eggs all in one basket
I can do without the strife
Relationships, mainly a crock of bull
I think I’ll find some other outlet with my heart still brimming full
The needy all in need
And they’ll leave you there to bleed
I don’t like getting hurt
So I am better off on my own

Dis enabled

Do you think I’m just a 'spaz'
The girls all seem to like a bit
If you see me on the razz

You seem to think words don’t hurt
Are you still calling me a 'numpty'
I’ve got awards for film scripts
Still you seem to think I’m thick

So there’s some things I cannot do
Forever loosing consciousness
They tell me I will never drive
But at least from my injury still alive

Hidden disability
I must be some kind of freak
A slacker and a lay about
Because I can’t do a full days work

Dis enabled by your prejudice
Some say to help me is enabling
As if a crushed skull
Says something about my moral worth

I tell it as it is
How a misplaced childhood
Will mean a life of tears
Owning my trauma
What do you fail to see?
A wounded human being
You’ll have to take me warts and all.


Icarus flew towards the sun
Nobody knows when he’ll be done
Climbing so high
This dance begun
Hope on the wing
His time has come

Icarus soars into the sky
Nobody believed that he could fly
Where feathers spread
Thermals to ride
See how he reaches
Above clouds to glide

Icarus flies beneath the sun
Wings that unfurl
Hopes rising high
See how he rides
As his span spreads
Icarus ascends heights others dread

Sunlight to warm
Melting of wax
Feathers are torn
In last lament
Hubris on the wing
All hope is done

Icarus flew too near the sun
Too late he sees that he is undone
Falling to earth
Crashing down from the sky
Puer Aeternus
Destined to die.


A little touch of poison
Bitter to the taste
The counter where burns to ash
The veil of a fake shroud

Like gasping for breath
As one drowned
Or choking on foul air
The cough at smoke inhaled

Sour taste on tongue
Eyes wrinkle with a gripe
Feasting on resentment
Bile rising to the throat

The flowers of evil
Nightshades fade to black
Labelling behaviour
As if unworthy in the act

I take my pleasure as I find
Sometimes asleep
In some ways blind
But ever honest of desire

Knots to unravel
Dirt beneath the nail
Rotten eggs hard boil
An acrid smell to sense
I see a play for closure
Where no victors smile has come
Nails for coffin lids
Cremations flame begun
Liberation in the play
A laboured disconnect
Clouds that fill the sky
Never free to say what I truly meant


Enamoured by the facets
The scintillating jewel
Turning in the light
Colours that refract

Yet as the sands of time
Slip slowly through the hands
Rough edges to the fingers
A good eye hypnotised

Warm words in reflection
But cracks showing through beguiled
Seduced by the dream
Within the alluring eye

Well warn lines
Patched up threads
Routes already trod
Hopes led up the garden path

Hungering for more
Yet never satisfied
Left forever unfulfilled
Never fully actualised
The moth to the flame
Where only candles weep

The hook and the bait
Promises wrapt in lies
The actress like the whore
That is never left to cry
Mutton dressed as lamb
Crumbs from a rich mans table
Never to be assuaged
The fire of passions light

Glory Days

Glory in the slaughter
Who says we shouldn’t aught to
We’ll take a thousand lives
And sleep with all their wives

Have they got a daughter?
When they come of age whose bought her?
Fresh meat for the knife
It’s time we dealt in life

Glory in the slaughter
What else could we have taught ya
There’s no god to judge
So why not avenge a grudge?

Blood feud in family tree
Who gives a damn for trinity?
Bathing in fresh blood
Drown them in the flood

The wolves descend for slaughter
You think I wouldn’t take your daughter?
No time for peace and love
The sword is raised above

Glory to the slaughter
Who’ll say we shouldn’t aught to?
Fresh meat on the slab
So screw forensic labs
Slaughter, When they come of age,

I’ll eat you and your daughter!


The fondest of memory
Countering despair
The veil of sorrows
Or illusion bred desire

To know abundance
In a smile
The sunshine’s warmth
Reaching the further mile

Safety in familiarity
Mirroring the worth
Of moments spent reflecting
Emotive roots to earth

What price for the catharsis
From the darkness told
Lightening of spirits
Lead turned into gold

Freed from lacks chains
That hold the limbs prone
To break all the shackles
Imaginations light to roam
Sat in quiet contemplation
By whispering waters natural spring

What words to describe compassion
From the listening ear
Regulating the ripples
Where falls the liberated tear
The heart that beats in chest
Calm mind to come to rest.


Folio edition
Turning over a new page
The creamy paper
Fingered gently with a stroke

The hard cracked spine
Spread wide open
Perhaps an earmarked corner
For an improvised book mark

Word on word
Flowing into sentence
To collect as the paragraphs
Time enough for a new chapter

Where the pen scratches
Forming the imagery
And the digits dance
To type up what is wrote

Fact or fiction
Stories told
Weaving narrative
Book worms to consume

For every ending
A new beginning
To start on the next draft
The virgin lined textbook
Demy octavo wanting for ink
Where to start?

Story time
Read aloud without a fear.
To delight in the subtext
A subplot to enjoy in a librarians eyes.


Standing to attention
To the last orders bell
Swimming through a bar
In a private hell

Half forgotten words
From a younger self
Alas, more innocent
Than the chains that others forged

Ripples on the mirror
Stir the deep abyss
And all things in their season
Drink of waters clear

Tears of a clown
Diamond fountains of the past
Wearing pale mask on the face
Where grief so gently falls
A slow hand salute
To the devils own

They tried to dominate
To claim ownership
Of a recovery they’d never understand
Scoring points in an oldtimers war
A pale sky blue suit
That reminds me of a rose beneath a ring

They probably didn’t intend
For it to go this way
Taken in by rumour
And front page conspiracy
Puffed up with false pride
Blinded by their faith
It wasn’t spiritual after all
So long to all the fooled.

Now I’ll count the years
By the crisscrossed scars
And remember to forget
The shining light of so many stars.
The dominos fell
Now they reserve a table for me in hell
An affinity with death
Painting rainbows for a sign.

The cruel

Like pulling the legs
Off struggling flies
Drop them in the web
To see how long they take to die

Cabbage whites wings
That flutter on the flowers
A magnifying glass
To concentrate the sun
Like singed painted ladies
Or moths burned by candle light

Where mosquitoes float
With the water boatman
It only takes one touch
To see them all drown

Nurtured on cruelty
Just how far will they go
Throwing darts at birds
To see if they will stick in?

A lack of empathy
That’s all it would take
But to be put in that condition
Takes torture of the mind
Put a gun in those hands
And they’ll be the vengeful kind

You can’t predict
Which way the seesaw tips
You can only add some weight
To add to gravitas
As one rises up
The others going down
Swings and roundabouts
They keep on going round
Some like to win at every game
But never seem to see when they’re faced with a dead loss.


The ones who follow
Behind the marked cars
No flashing lights
But ever present

Bringing up the rear
Riding shotgun
You might shoot the sheriff
But can you even see the deputy?

The screech of a wheel spin
Burning rubber through the night
They’ll want to keep you handcuffed
When you bask in their spotlight

Quotes on the record
Dual tapes to spool
Remember you’ve a right
But There’s no silence in school

Waiting for the prompt
Like a whisper in the ear
Writing on the wall
As they feed your fears

You’ll try hard not to submit
But everybody does
Subliminal suggestions
To admit to guilt
Only Flies on the windshield
To listen as you mutter to yourself
Through shadows dark glass
Objects in the rear view mirror
May appear further than they are
And Can you even see whose bringing up the rear?


Indecent as it seems
The players all in place
Till you arrive upon the scene

People with two lives
Guess they have to live somewhere
When you walk into their trap
They’ll have you unawares

Like the shutter to the lens
Adjusting for the darkness
Let the light in on the subject

They’ll try to paint a picture
Where you’re cast in guilty role
Only hungry for the kill
Confess, it’s for your soul

Front page stories to perfect
Paper turns to brown
Just curled corners to collect

They make half of it up
Trying to find some clues
In how the public will react
Forever with a profile
That never really fit
Are they freaking you out
With nonlinear conversations on the phone?
Photos fading on the page.


Friendly faces
Unpicking knots
From a tapestry
Straight lines like the family tree

Woven through a story
The quotes that they redact
Concealed within a history
Dramas to enact

Are you looking too hard?
Dropped stitches in time
Reading between lines
Loosing what hides in plain sight

Suspected inaccuracies
Implied fallacy
Where they play with two faces
Ever thinking that they’re in the right

Fake a connection
Massage their minds
Flatter the ego
Work them on the blind

But what if you’re wrong
Keep wasting the chance
Erasing those lines
Obituary so unkind
You’d play us for fools
In the hope for a catch
Is it our fault we buy into
The lies in those eyes

But is it art?

Did they offer a deal
To make you a plant
A forensic artist
Drawing skid marks?

Brush held like a trigger
Painting grease paint masks
That hide another life
Character actors take the stage

Did they teach you to read
The expression on the face
Guilty in the crowd
Criminals that they allowed?

Did you ink your pen
Like a loaded gun
Pretend you’re firing blanks
In their masquerade?

Blood on a t shirt
Fake wounds without a blade
Giving up the fight
To serve some other bastards dreams?

There was a lost plot
Where you didn’t come of age
And the lighting engineer
Remarked that you never really engaged
Those in service melt away
Like chalk masterpieces in the rain
Where artists are chained
By a hidden mastery
Forever kissing up
And selling out even friends
The chosen few, to their higher purpose
And the rest of us caught in the act on closed circuit TV’s


Play dead
Save a life
The exercise
Text book response

Fire fight
Crime scenes

Observers after fact
Random witness
guided into place
Or Manipulated

It was a bomb disposal
Smoke on the tracks
By those uninvolved

A bullet hole
They said was real
In the mornings press
Our role to make it believed

False witnesses
Playing their parts
Photos of fallen heroes
As if casualty in this play
All following to the script
Apart from us chance observers
Every one agrees to the story
And we’re the ones who never see the act
Confirming authenticity
Or triggered to react.


The providence of a pastiche
Hallowed emulation to promote
Provenance to parody
As in satire wrote

Authenticity to the eye
Evidence to assess
Proven mastery
Or work of copyist

Eclectic in a stroke
Illuminating style
Alluding to perfection
Or illusionary projection

Mass production of a print
The forgers wiles to art
To touch another’s grace
Yet wear a different face

Inked within a rhyme
A service to the times
The battle cry for war
Or peace times rule of law

To steal labours of another’s work
Or to venerate with that look
Touching on the themes
Learned from another’s books
To raise on pedestal
Yet pale imitation is the crook


You look at me
With suspicious eyes
As if I am getting away
With some sort of crime

Do you think I steal your money?
Food from infants mouths
That I am only worthy
To live in a cardboard box?
Dont you see the undertow
Only costs you more?

You think you are superior
Because you earn an honest bob
You cannot see my disability
That I wouldn’t be able to do your job
So I’m not standing on my own two feet
Does that mean I must be just a cheat?

You say I am a skiver
Spread rumours about my name
You seem to think abuse motivates
Well I’ll call you at your game
You always mount a witchhunt
And it only wrecks my life

I must be the belligerent
It’s why you vilify and claim
That you have the final solution
Say I am a welfare drain
You keep misrepresenting
In whose benefit?
The governments got over 800 billion
I must be the one that stole the lot

Stop their benefits
I hear the fascists cry
For we are honest folk
They won’t be happy till
I am left forever broke
We all work
Well good for you
But my injury you cannot see
Rejected and alone, that’s all you’d leave for me


Salty to the taste
Like the dry residue of tears
Collecting as sleep in the eyes
Forming crusts within the corner of the lids

To kiss away the sorrow
Clean out the wound
Like dirt from scabs
To gently promote the healing

Crisscrossed scars
White on white tissue
Where the red blood rained
Slowly congealing as it dried

The cracked blow to the head
Fracturing the fragile skull
Like an indent in cracked boiled eggs
Or smooth crushed ping pong balls

Trauma hidden beneath the scalp
The torn skin woven round about
Where stitches formed a mesh
To seal the pain within

Bicycle accident after a swim
Where the boys raced ahead
Spitting playfully back over heads
And the bag slipped from my shoulder
To jam the towel into the wheel
Sent me headfirst to the tarmac
Force of impact that haunts me still
Leaving me unconscious throughout my afternoons
A shattered skull
Fragments of bone
Hard reality’s that wreck lives
And yet no one seems to see


Seems the more I say
The less some are want to listen
Do you think it’s all just talk
Because I am open about what went wrong

Some hide in shame
Heads buried in the sand
Turn their face away
Or show the other cheek

But here I am
Forever in your face
Do you think it’s crying wolf
That my life is conspiracy?

Do you want to drag me through the dirt
Say I’m just throwing mud
Because the systems that you offered
Really were worth less than shit

There’s some who say they see through
When I’m an open book
Don’t like what they read
So try to reinterpret
There is no hidden meaning
There is no secret fix

Object of suspicion
Just for telling the truth
You fucked my life for good
And never gave a second thought


Taking flight
What end in sight?
Drowning in the random
Allied background noise

I was afraid
The night the bullet fired at my back
And they burned down my dreams
In the fiery heart of the oak
Castles made to fall
On the shifting sands

Friend or foe
In scrambled signals
Leaving me without a dream
Hard shoulder for a bed
Get a paper cut
In their Red tape wars

A new city
The same politics from different party
Familiarity in their lies
Finding no rainbows end
Trust in nothing
No one left

Forever exiled
No open arms
All you ever offer
A slamming door
No better day
To seize at phantasm for a hope

I cried for amnesty
And found none
Now I waste away
With idle words
Await release
In early death
No way out
Or so it seems
The axis on the march
That monitors every step
A broken hope longs for escape
But chains my dreams to here and now

Green shoots on the moon

Real world never quite as good
As they would have us believe
Whose dreams come true
Like the first green shoots on the moon?

Where seeds are planted
Sowing seasons early spring
Space dust for a soil
Cream cheese craters of lunar

Leaving terra firma
Hopes soar on high
Like a rocket man
Ignition reaching for the sky

Life reaches ever to be free
Erecting flags on new frontiers
But what happened to the seeds we sow
First green shoots on the moon?

To move as one heart
Interplanetary hopes
All pulling together
Where labours soar
Pyramids built
To wake beneath mars’ red sky

Whose dreams come true?
Where problems here on earth
Cement our feet
And poor folk find only lack
Where the hopes of leaving for space
Melt and slowly crack our wings
Like Icarus falling from choked sky
When the ozone bubble bursts
Never leaving Tera firma
And green shoots are left to cry


On the trail
Directed through a maze
Breadcrumbs on the track

In the labyrinth
Seekers after prize
Projection to accuse
Where the monsters hide

Led into the woods
By the call of love
The jealous marionette
Pulls puppets on a string

Networks in situations
To try and to test
Reeling them in
Patterns to observe
Each turn the choice in step

But their own mistake
To the false betrayal
Failing to respect
The portrayal of a boundary
Known associates
Crimes yet to reveal

To rearrange the board
No time to start again
Yet mindful of stalemate
And those still selling out
Throw me down a line
Or is it all a waste of time
Left without a clue
By still more brilliant minds
Searching for the centre
Of an emergent journeys end


Ubiquity of love
Getting in the swing
Taking to the floor
To lead where it begins

Common to all people
Even the shoe shine boy
Abdication of the crown
Finds Freedom in its joy

Enthusiasm mounts
Motivating with the pull
On the lonesome hearts
In all other ways brimming full

Where limbs entwine
Massaged flesh to ride
Opening like a flower
No embarrassment to hide
To flow in sync
A mystery when we part

To play the game
Move in step
The rhythms pulse
Where eyes meet
The band begins to play
Dancing on the edge

Ubiquitous in love
The stomachs butterfly
A beating in the chest
Of hearts that soar on high
Swinging in the mood
Don’t say maybe
Modal harmony
And how I want you baby


There’s some who think it depravity
Young men defying gravity
Space cadets at attention salute
With their laser guns ready to shoot

With a white knuckle shuffle
Their cries they will muffle
Bound for a barrack bath
There’s not many that would call that a laugh

A rocket aimed at the moon
Zero g will be coming soon
The cockpit floating around
Firing cylinders without a sound

Who remembers the orgasmatron?
How the old folk all thought it so wrong
But we all could use a hand
Daisy chains linking gland in gland

Please don’t say that it’s depravity
When I’m defying gravity
Chokeing the cosmic chicken
With space helmets ready to swing

Just what are we all wanting to see
When we turn on to the smart TV?
Search engines private’s to parade
It’s what we do when we’re not getting laid

Leaving us behind

Do they dream of leaving us behind
Bon voyage , who’d be so unkind?
Worker bees to tend the hive
An ant farm held in the soldiers thrall

Rocket fuel polluting atmosphere
Virgin territory, facing the fear
Building castles in the sky
Where only the rich may fly

What will they leave for us?
Barren earth and soot for sky
Where radiation winds gust
And all hope is left to die
Optimised work forces
Cybernetic shackles for our minds

Wishing to flee the burden
Of our hungry mouths
Abandoning the children
Ice caps melting, north and south

What happens to the forgotten kind
Those here with feet planted on the earth?
Where blinded minds shall lead the blind
Alienated from our worth

They dream of leaving us behind
And it may seem unkind
Blinkered eyes in ant farms
Webs that enmesh mere flies
Rocket fuel polluting skies
Where only rich men fly.


Young guns for hire
Dancers to money
Thighs sliding down smooth poles
High heels teeter striking pose

Cabaret cowboys shots from sheriffs
Caught by hidden cameras in the act
Black mail judges to compose
With houri on their laps

She was a wall flower 14
At the school prom
Never feeling quite enough
Pink champagne hostess calling bluffs
Mata Hari seven veils
Where rouged cheeks start to pale

At the casino spinning wheels
Stacking chips through manicures
Massaging stacked decks
Learning to cross her legs so slow

Where short skirts rise up
A hint of stocking thigh
She takes off her tiara
To the highest bid

Blue black mascara
To hide the bruises tears
Pin pricks on her arms
Riding tracks for all her years
Longing for her liberty
A croupier dealt a loosing hand

Give me a ring

I’ve always loved a ring
Slipped gently on
Tightly to encircle
With perfections grip

Some rings are for the finger
Some are sure to stretch
Pulled on like leather gloves
Encasing with one love

A ring fits like a garter
Ribbon stars to the thighs
Could be lace to holdups
As they’re reaching for the sky

I hear trickinesky postures
Can protect a marriage band
But if they’re flexible enough
They could use a two ringed stretch

She’ll be coming round the mountain
When she comes
It could be rings on the fingers
There’s some prefer it on their toes

Some rings are a tight fit
Just like a rubber band
I’ve found one that can vibrate
And Now I don’t need a hand
When I’m wearing my ring
I forget that it’s a sin

Left behind

Synagogues of Satan
Counting shekels through the night
Burning of the books
Nazi banners by fire light

Razor wire fences
Seven candles warm and bright
Resurrection to the holocaust
Steel toe caps of the far right

No hope for the injured
That they’ve left behind
Sold on popularism
The excluded kind

Convinced by paranoia
Creeping terror from the east
Cast in roles of enemy
The state is the real beast

Counting all our losses
Convinced there is one foe
From Dividing lines
A lifted veil to show
Faith in human rights
Bleached white naked skulls

Refugees inturmed
Lost voices of the web
Turning backs on flags
In flight at last are led
Crying in the wilderness
For the journeys end
To graffiti poets
Writing scriptures in the falling sands


Absence creeping in
Need for space
Recharge the battery
Still absence stealing like the thief

The blank spot
In the agenda now
With what to fill
And how?

Knowing nothing
Can replace the times
Spent engaged
Words communicate, knowing absence now

Like an empty letter box
Arms open without embrace
Or the glass tumbler
Liquid refreshment yet to grace
The chance glance from strangers
Empty tables for their void

Empty moments
Waiting to be filled
New stories
In sharing find a thrill

Absence that I am feeling now
Like cravings hardly to allow
To know this sinking in the chest
And think of the fuller times you bless
Time stretched into distance, hopes
That you will return to understand why this is wrote.


Destroy by force of number
The voice in wilderness
Seek sides in contradiction
The value to deny

This is the way oppressors
Suppress the dissidents words
Ganging up to negate
It’s how they play all sides

Steam rolling criticism
The status quo upheld
Cast out as a pariah
Enemy of credo

Undermining credibility
Deny even reality
Throwing of first stone
They’ll say it’s only mud

Implying falsehood
Challenging each affiliation
Thinking only to exclude
Burning every bridge
Amplifying issolation
No where left to belong
Its how they dominate
One vision to promote

They’ll call it anarchism
Or say satanic verse
Extremism of course
How could the work be worse?
It’s how they claim the power
For each sacred cow
Shaking to foundations
In contrast to deconstruct
Refute by force of number
Social media to its crimes

The stick

Sticks and stones may break my bones
Mental health labels really hurt me
Excluded by your words
And you don’t even try to get to know me

I thought that names would never harm
Now I close my ears to find my calm
Nothing good to tell me
Why would I be left listening

They make out this is a perfect world
Come join the life raft
Grab an oar
But they’re not rowing for a brighter shore
The screaming of a drowning man
That they offer no support

You seem to think I make excuses
When the way they treat me
Leaves me dysfunctional
Couldn’t join in if I tried
You live life as if defined by work
Well, this is what I do.

Sticks and stones have broke my bones
But never hurt me half as much
As labels they promote
No meaning to their words
How much disruption could they give
This is not how I’d choose to live

How much do you think of me
When you cast me in outsiders role
No hand up, no kind of help
Do you think a pill could fix it
No answers that you give to me
Just a victim to your words


We are all demons
All die a little death
Tearing flesh with claws
Sucking final breaths

Summoners in pentagrams
Invocation of dead gods
Incantation of Goetia
Gesture of the wand

Long lost languages on tongue
Evocation of the dark
The spells when we were young
Death magics necromancy

In the empty ruins of a church
The incense on the breeze
Inscribing of the circle
Dark robes upon the knee

The raising of the sword
Commanding of the spirits
Into the triangle of art
Form takes shape by candle light

Crossing over lines
Realms of dark dominion
Calling to lost souls
Sold on a fantasy
The heady days of youth
When we sought paths of hidden truth
Blood reign in the sacrifice
For Today we all are daemons

First thought

First thought to paper
Each word precursor to the next line
Maybe with a concept
Or dictated by a rhyme

The sum of an intellectual struggle
Or an emotive flow
Strung through the verses
Who knows where it will go

Do you think that it’s a labour
That I sweat my brow to come up with
The next image that floats by
On the stream of consciousness?
I take pleasure in the writing
So it’s with pleasure all are made

Does it have to have a meaning
Is the process not enough
Do you in your reflections
Even know what I intend ?

Creativity is a mystery
Suspending judgement for a while
Letting go of self censor
In its criticism of the artists role

Dib dib dob
Suck my nob
Diddley Diddley dum
Stick up your bum
It doesn’t need to follow Shakespeare
To be worth the writing of.
It’s logical inconsistency
That makes the writing fun.

Whores of christ

A holy crock of shit
That’s all you offer me
Striped of all we own
Resigned to poverty

You say I lack the spirit
There’s enough fire to defy
Your dogma from your book
The pulpit for all your lies

Bible black the burned church roofs
Where you’d pray away the gay
A Molotov salute
That’s all I’d give to you

They whip and torture minds
Without a thought of mercy
Saying the faithless are blind
To force submissions bended knee
Making a monks cell
With chains you’d make lives hell

The whores of Christ petition
Mutter curses in a prayer
For the lonely and rapacious
You say it’s a cross they have to bare

You steal the food from mouths
To form a beggars bowl
To prove the power of a god
That clearly isn’t there
You say life is a journey
Towards some spiritual end
I’m more interested in the price of pizza
And fine coffee to clear my head


This was a truly sterling purchase
And now I love arse an’ all
Good vibrations from my massager
They shoot, they score, it’s goal!

At first it was a bit of a stretch
A bend and then a twist
With a little lubrication
My prostate now is kissed

My flexible little friend
Now I’ve diversified
When will the good times end?
You see, you’re versatile

Sliding on my ring
I squirm at what you bring
A little piece of heaven
Each setting hums and sings

They say that sex is dirty
At least when it is good
Now I’ve sat my A levels
Dirt track I ride roughshod

The spice of life
A touch of glitter
Now I don’t need a wife
For now my good vibrations
Free me of frustrations without strife
Now I’m all for arse an’ all
It’s Sterling, I shoot, they score!

Third mind (on Ginsberg)

Cut up
Fold in
Random words picked from a book
Interrupting flow of thought
Freedom of association
Prompting the next line.

Cut in
Book interrupting
Promoting freedom
Thought flow
Association picked
Words next line

Next book
Line flow
Picked words
Thought association
Freedom interrupting
Random cut

Random words
Freedom flow
Interrupting thought
Line cut
Next association
In up

Third mind
Co consciousness
Choose your input
Dancing with the random
Beat poets


Nauseous at a kiss
The thousands of bacteria
Passed by your lips
As if you spit into their mouth

A dreamt caress
That trembles on the breath
Communicating love
In soft belonging touch

Stark contrast
The mouth with which you eat
Your tongue gristle meat
The throat from which you vomit

Like gossamer wings
That land upon the skin
Healing the bruise
Cleansing of the chafes

The gnashing teeth
The rubbery gums
Halitosis to expel
Noxious gasses you contain
Your fidelity in the expression
Offends my aching loins

How sweet the moments
Spent with that feel
As hearts meet
In a longing sigh
To kiss and kiss once more
Returning to your side

Dream catcher

Watch the changing faces
Shuffling a stacked deck
Marked cards dealt to trump

Rooms where we forever greet
Those dancing heads to chance meet
Stage managed signals from the script
Suspicions cast into the fray

Known associations to explore
Unraveling the dream catchers web
Spiral dancers round the ring
Plucked feathers for thanksgiving day

The strands that fall
The links we make
The hackers of a social web
To cast nets from the shore

The blackboards test of credibility
To be able to read betwixt the lines
Deadly precision as you scrawl
Chalk hearts that fade by the close of days

What is the commedia dell’arte
Where foes dance in their multicoloured coats of dream
Wooden swords
Like a tilt of the cross
A dress change in the masquerade
That bleeds the pen to black and white
Love letters cannot scale cell walls
With a hope to liberate


Dance with a stranger
In time to the clack of heels
Destined for the rhythms fall
Broken stiletto like Judas at the back

To know me is to love me
Key to a mystery unknown
Soap operas stacking cards
A libretto serenades a trap

The profile fits
The masks are on
Interrogation twice removed
Misspelt longings from the pen

The evidence collecting
Like your black books
Prizes that are sure to thrill
Early retirement in the fall

To dance again
We take the floor
An excuse me
Spinning heads to lead

Ever mindful of the part we play
Attempting to step beyond the cast roles
A foxtrots hunt, blooded, flowing from white dress
The dance of strangers to impress


The ring kept changing
Whilst the hand remained the same
Like a black widows intrigue
Prepared to sacrifice again

Glasses concealing a falling tear
Sunshade memory of a hidden bruise
Mr punch prepared for his decent
A road to hell from a battered wife

A black heart
Deadly nightshades veil
Dilating pupils
Reflection in the actresses eyes

Carmens red dress
Like the cloak before the bull
Announcing the fight
Within a triangle this ring

Ever observant
Of the courtly rhyme
Language of flowers
In the ways of the flytrap

The web of morning
Strung with diamond tears
The dew collects
Like ink to a poison pen
The strands that tremble like the wings
Of her prey caught by the final act


Monsters in the news today
Oh boy!
Never stop to wonder
If the media is a vale

They’ll say you’re crazy
If you can see
Past the generated faces
Of the monsters they make up

You could make a tidy penny
Keeping us all in the dark
Stories to frighten children
There’s more to fear on the doorstep

Monsters in the new today
Oh boy!
Can the outer circle
Even keep a straight face
Errorism everywhere
Keep buying into their lies

Monsters in the news
Monsters under the bed
Monsters they keep promoting
Monsters only in your heads

There’s real monsters
They’re protecting
Monsters that any sane person
Would want to see dead.
Monsters in the family tree
Monsters somehow unsaid.


Profits off of others labours
Hard suffering
Forever doffing caps
Resigned to kissing up

Sell me the right to disagree
Sell me the freedom to offer my revolt
Sell me a fantasy of liberty
Save me from reality

Advocates not seen for dust
Lawyers domination without trust
Civil rights leaders stacking cards
Just to score political points
You forever play as both sides
Toward collusions stalemate

Sell me a dream of having a life
Sell me a reason to not have to fight
Sell me redemption and truths light
Save me from eternal struggle

Whilst you were snorting a line
And paying a daughter for a good time
I was crying out in the wilderness
Just for a chance of justice

Sell me a hope that I can’t win
Sell me corruption for your sins
Sell me nothing but a lie
You sell out every time.


I dream of having the dream
To dream the dream
Of dreaming of you.

I dream of dreaming true
Fingers touch
A dream of dreams with you.

I dream of dreaming you
To silence a scream
At ever missing you.

I dream of having a dream
To dream a dream
Of just holding you

I dream of dreams
To end all misery
Dreaming of the dream
In slumbers from loves mystery

To rise only to dream a waking dream
To dream the dream
Of being with you.
I have a dream
A dream of dreaming alone with you.


You may think you’re being clever
Are you really clever enough
To see how much you don’t know
Is your being clever really just bluff?

It may seem elementary
When the patterns revealed
The thread to a motive
Concrete evidence sealed

Can they predict much more
Than what you’ll choose on TV
Or products in placement
Foreshadowed you’ll see?

Do you need half the things
You think that you want
If you had it all
What then left to hunt?

Pushing at buttons
Seeing how they react
Pride before falls
Is your success just an act?
Can you step beyond presumption
Ideology to corrupt?

Are you clever enough
Original thought beyond bluff?
Oh,to be clever
Self deceit, more attractive than love
Do you seek to conform
Afraid to be different?
It’s what they’re teaching in schools
Just bending the rules
Are you so clever
You can’t see most of us are really just fooled?



Spot the psychopath
That’s a great game
Except for all the case studies
Most of them appear quite sane

Antisocial, or so you expect
More than likely they were a hall monitor
Or the school prefect
Not just surface charm but with real respect

Often successful
In business and home
You’ll find them with their family
Not a stranger alone

They mingle quite nicely
But can step out of their role
Taking unawares
Mad Wolves in the fold

Sociopathy not quite what it seems
Social chameleons
They might be leading your team
Needles in haystacks, profiles that fit in
The stereotype
Yet so few fit that mould.

The story you’re sold on
Just myths for the blind
They’re not out on the moors
They’re the same as your kind
Only difference is they go one step beyond
And only after the event are they analysed
You won’t find what you look for in a crime thriller
Nor in psychology books
You can’t predict the unpredictable
They’re not natural born killers.



He’s a very active imagination
He’s an old soul
He’s as good as gold really
Just like the photos we took

A quiet child
Likes to play alone
Never had many friends
Because we drove them all away

Always had a lot of toys
Until we stole them all
Spoilt little brat
Never happy with its lot

It speaks
It cries
It doesn’t know it’s born
It will be sorry when we’re gone

Should have put it up for adoption
No one will ever love it
No one will want to know
No one will give a damn

It has nightmares at night
It has an overly active imagination
It’s a ginger beer
It’s an old soul
It’ll never be believed
It was always just the worms
We’ll claim the insurance
When it ends up dead.
Nothing will ever come of it
It'll never make anything of its life
Best to ignore it
It's got nothing realy much to say.


Maybe it was the way
Your gloved clenched fists
Whipped my naked body
With stinging nettles

Maybe it was the scary stories
That you pleasured yourself with
As you groped my tiny body
A different feeling up for every character

Maybe it was the way you said
That I was a big girls blouse
Whilst you slammed my fingers
In the door for a ‘black mans’ pinch

Maybe it was how you called me names
‘A little fucking queer’
Whilst you disempowered me
And held me down for worse.

Maybe it was the way you dominated
Hypnosis through your words
Trying to programme to change voice
Or whilst torturing flicked me in the eyes
Claiming it would make a man of me
With actions to desensitise

Maybe it’s because you called me
By another’s name for fun
Whilst you inserted objects
Maybe how you held me under
In the bath till I choked on water
Maybe it isn’t me that’s sick
Because you did these things to a small boy.
Maybe I’d like to skin you alive
Nailed to a chair
Because the memory haunts me still
And will be with me throughout my life.


Ugly relatives

No dream come true
That’s what I think of you

More than a state of mind
Nature has been unkind

Deep down in your heart
I should have seen it from the start

It’s what I see in you
Like a broken glass I’m seeing through

There’s nothing quite as ugly
As your cold black heart
Some are an ugly duckling
But you’re just as ugly now as at the start

No dreams come true
It’s what I find in you
It’s all you’ll ever be
Ugly thoughts
You think of me
When I look right through
Like something I flushed down the loo
That’s all that I can see
All I’ll ever think of you.

Family album

Rage that grips the throat
Choking on black smoke
Dark as any memory
That graced the burning family album
Didn't have them at the fake wedding
That they directed through their hate

Stoking the fire
Guy Fawkes night
Rebellion raises a fist
Tight enough to explode

The flames lick the pages
As sooted corners curl
Fire flys take wing
Raising the vale to the nights sky

Poking with a stick
The crisp and brittle mounts
As the polaroids ignite
In chemical light

I didn’t keep one photo
To remind me of their shame
Or the pains that engulf me
When I try to recall their forgotten face

The family album
Burned down to dust
Like the images of abuse
They hid in the bottom of a drawer
Masking my despair
A knot within the gut
Thankful that they’re gone
And the mornings sun comes up.

The Haywain

At onset of noon
Time to cool the legs
The mornings work begins to fade
Into the ford to wade
The majesty of the hay wain
In the national remains

The parched thirst
As wood begins to shrink
The sweat mopped flanks
wet the wheels ride off the banks

Gideons farm house
The white walled cottage
A place to lay the weary head
Dream through the afternoon of the time for bed

Where Willy Lott spent each day
In his fond seclusion
Perhaps to read a book
Or write the wainwright to fix the cracking spokes
Watch the seasons turn
On the cartwheels of agriculture

To paint is to feel
The scrape of the pallets blade
Deep oil to sculpt
With each stroke to make
The energy in motion through the days
Pastel clouds that fade to greys

Constable country
The Suffolk landscape
No place like home
To paint of English county
Come thresh the hay
Rest the draft
Adjust straw hats
Find shade of the trees
Call the dog come to
And idle the quiet waters by


Fanning the flames of desire
No way to cool the heat
The whisper breeze on your hair
That speaks of still hotter passions

Naked feet as if in submission
To have the ankles tied
Leather straps to raise the thighs
Where steam from moisture boils
To lick smooth skin
With ambrosia honey sweat

Global warnings in heatwave
Warming of parched lips
Like the thirst forever felt
Never to be quenched

Festival dreamers
And rainbow flags
Raising the flanks
In muddy welly’s to sustain
Hopes for solidarity
Muted by divides

Distorted cries
The furnace rages
Like the forest fire
To consume all in its flames

Sore as sunburn
The afterglow on your cheeks
That speaks of fond recollection
Of the summer loving relentless beat

The cave

Did you see the product placement
They’ve added to TVs
As if all their illusions
Aren’t so easy to see

My neighbour said it’s deep thoughts
Meaning for our lives
Hitchhikers to the galaxy
They’ll send us stepford wives

Some hear the voice of god
Others know it’s just AI
Some think they’re hearing spirits
Low tech ever kept so blind

Could it have been this way for centuries
People kept in the dark
The governments dictating
With Windows Homo Superior?

When was zero history
Are the myths just the themes
That feed your fake news
Whilst you're a slave to credit cards?

Is consciousness in need of upgrade
With patterns recognised
Thoughts fed with precognition
Of the revolving wheel of events?
Fate writ amongst the stars
Their flickering shadows to your cave walls.

The middle

Middle class publishers
Reading middle class books
Don’t even speak my language
In another world, no second look

Outsider artists
Not welcome in the fold
Crayons scrawl a prison wall
The themes never getting old

Serving time
Dues to the blues
Only the fading Memory of metal cutlery
And the longed for taste of black pud

Soap box without a leg to stand on
Speakers corner out in the cold
Marble statues declare forever
Only the chosen stand the test of time

Middle class artists
Middle class asthetes
Middle class dreamers
Middle class pedestals
Middle class business
Middle class loans
Middle class fantasy
Middle class homes
Middle class educations
Middle class drugs
Middle class doctors
Middle classed pigs
Middle class teachers
Middle class rules
Middle class lawyers
Only middle class rights
Middle class publishers
Only fit for my arse middle classed books.


Pressure from the day we’re born
Pressure, to conform
Dogma just like state control
It’s on their brains, don’t be their fool

Pressure to bow down
Pressure to be their clown
They venerate the ones that get to speak
From a pulpit which to preach

Pressure, saying disbeliefs insane
They’ll say they’re the one who gave you brains
The chosen people on the march
Your genotype means that much

Pressure to conform
Arranged in groups, are you on their side?
They’ll promise love like you’ve never known
All you have to do is submit to belief

Pressure, how they know your soul
Send you to a doctor of their faith
With authority from up above
If you don’t listen they’ll say you’ll die

Pressure from the day we’re born
Pressure ever to conform
Better stand up for your rights
Cos they think theirs is a hallowed fight
Social Pressure, it’s what they use
Pressure, do you take all their abuse?


Cliches, turning through my head
Cliches, restless in my bed
Ever anxious in a moments delay
Ever hopeful that I’ll find a way

Cliche, as heart skips a beat
Cliche, when eyes and hearts meet
Ever singing with a muted song
Never wanting to put foot wrong

Toss and turning through the night
Awaiting the dawning of the light
Remembering words that we spoke
Anyway, that’s why they’re wrote

Cliche, inspired by their face
The tortoise that would like to win one race
Knowing there can be no more
Than the summation of the final score

Longing to hold aloft the prized cup
Snakes and ladders, rising up
Tracing porcelain, your fingers, only you
As your lips caress to drink a morning brew

Cliches running through my head
With all those words still left unsaid
Anticipation on a fevered brow
Grasping emptiness just for now
A warmth that rose like a blush to cheek
Red rising like those lips I seek
In that moments fear of disconnect
The dancing in the waves, still dreams unwrecked.


Crush all dissent
Make free thought a crime
Rebellion met
With mental health act

Barb wire thorns
Crown each fence
Courtyard screams
Go stretch your legs

Politic of fear
So best behave
Or you’ll face the wall
Lost hopes graffitis fall

The ones who stand out
They hate the most
The deviant their just reward?
Left without a human right

Take your medicine
Be a good boy
Shut your mouth
Let them control your thoughts
Be made an example
Until your death

Their drugs don’t work
They’ll warp your mind
A closed ward door
Is all you'll find
Revolution brings
The wage of sin
A not so empty head
Go change your bed.


The grave

The odious cask
My open grave
Final rest within a crate
They’ll cry repent
Their god so great

To bid farewell
Turn back on life
Weary of ongoing fight
Perhaps to remark
In final words
On this last passage
A closing verse

Bow down to all their mocking words
Submit to the vulgar and their prayers
Close accounts with communions thirst
A final drink to greet the hearse

Go quiet into that long night
Rest easy for their lord will greet
In forgiveness for the battle
Be cut down to size
Join with the herd
Like any other cattle

If I falter
If I bow
If I offer prayer
Coerced by fear
Will it mean that all believe
In the end their priesthood wins?

Perhaps in weakness
Perhaps in woe
Hypocrisy consumes frail thoughts
Know this of my final breath
If it is toward god
In final judgement
It will be to pronounce him dead


I’m minding my own business
Whilst you try to drive me quite insane
I’m minding my own business
Why can’t you do the same?

I’m minding my own business
See you in the toilets just the same
I’m minding my own business
I’ve never even seen cocaine

I’m minding my own business
I’ve nothing to conceal
If you really have to search
Put the bins out when you leave

I’m minding my own business
Whilst you want to monitor all I say
I’m minding my own business
But you like to get in my way

I see you nodding to your teams

You're not as subtle as you seem.


I’m minding my own business
Why do you like to watch me shop?
When I view a porno
Does it make undercover want to wife swap?
You seem to think I'm crazy
But you're the ones who like to watch.

I’m minding my own business
Whilst you feed my news app falsehood
Do you have a watch on what I click
Perhaps you fear I’ll chop off your dick?
I’m minding my own business
I suggest you do the same
It's not paranoia on my part
With you keep looking in.


Rich men full of big ideas
Can buy a bill board
Bend youths ear
They’ll tell you service is the key
Kiss their arse, that’s all they mean

There’s those left waiting in the line
No keys to doors just serving time
Miracles they sell to those who break
To their promises all so fake

Bed and breakfast sure to make
A tidy penny for those selling cake
A Feast of Fools or so they think
This suffering pays for the big nobs drinks
Tell us your secrets, how does it feel
When all your hopes are for your next meal.

Turn eyes to heaven
Just empty skies
Buy a plane ticket
If you want to fly
The perverse sell their shows to the teens
A life in porn is all they mean

Seeking salvation for our pains
If you don’t bow they say you’re insane
Life’s mystery find in small measures
Turn your face to seek more earthly pleasures

There’s those who find meaning in their kids
When they rebel they flip their lids
Life was not made for servitude
Seek in small freedoms certitude.


The sun comes up
Each passing day
The clouds all part
From out its way

Dawn chorus sings
The harmony of birds
Thought begins
A stream of words

The seasons turn
The weathers change
Themes return
Patterns rearranged

The years go by
Blink of the eye
So soon it seems we come to die
No rhyme or reason, still we try

The sky’s still blue
Few dreams come true
Seems some are fed
Into an empty head

The stars at night
Still reach out
To each other’s light
No need to shout

Strangers pass
By empty tables
All try to do what they are able
Until the last
Breath of the wild
Playing games learned as a child
The sun comes up just the same
It will last longer than the memory of our names.

Roger the lodger

Jolly Roger
This is what they all say
Ran off with the lodger
Now they’re happy all day

Roger the todger
For a role in Oliver
Just like the artful dodger
But a bit flasher they say

Jolly Roger
Don’t let the wife get in the way
Sticks french letters in the postbox
They’ve got the biggest package
so the single mums all say

Roger the todger
When he’s down the bank
Shakes it like a crowbar
His deposit doesn’t lack

Jolly Roger
Took the byway
Likes it up the bypass
So we hear them say

Roger the todger
They all love a Rogering
Ran off with the lodger
No really, ooh I say.


Familiarity to belong
The known, for to long

A strange reaction
Seeking satisfaction
Memory of her soft cheek
Uncertain fingers beseech

There but never truly here
Someone to lean on if you dare

Chemical reactions
Perfumed sensations
Scents try to reach
Senses which to seek

Subtle turns to taste
Hope the phrase won’t go to waste
Only a mirror which to face
The tortoise still determined to win a race
The void with recollections her form trace
To weave a cloth of finest lace
The flowing pen still keeping pace
The comfort of her side


Your little puppy dog eyes
Make me want to give you a home
If you’re really good
I might give you a bone

You’ve a cute wet nose
You like to rummage in holes
We all know how it goes
I’m gonna be filling your bowl

With a wag of your tail
That you chase night and day
How could you fail
When I tell you to stay

You give me your love
With a lick of your tongue
Puppy dog eyes
Remind me of when you were young

Give a dog a bone
Give their coats a shine
From the rescue home
Where they’re waiting in line

Puppy dog eyes
The wag of your tail never lies
Are you just pleased to see me
Or is it because you want me to feed ya?
Give a dog a permanent home
They’re the ones for the bone
Take them out for a walk
I could swear they can talk


Tempered folded steel
Many times is beaten
Forged in the molten fire
And quenched in steaming tears

The hammer falls
Bending into layers
Like the trunk of the mighty tree
With branches turned toward the wind

Stoking the flames
The bellows blowing
To amplify the heat
Whilst the tongs grip resilience

Differential hardened
Masked by clay
The stiffness of spine
And hardened blade

The water margin
Leaves it’s wave
The rippled hamon
Of the cutting edge

The sharpened line
With balanced weight
Extends from the gripping hand
Aligned along the hilt
The slash of lightning
That rends the night
Curved fang to cut foes down
Death sheathed and yet to strike


I like a fine squeeze
In particular one who can tease
If she was down on her knees
My how that would please

I’d bend her over the desk
And her rump could be blessed
With the red blush warm from the hand
That not too heavy there lands

Would we need a safe word
When their cries would be heard
Boundaries respected
Hot panting reflected

Would it be indiscreet
To say how I wish they could meet
All such tests to surpass
How I long for their ass

She’s the finest of squeezes
And my how she teases
I’d like to bite at her lip
Whilst her thighs spasms grip

Down on those knees
To teach them how to please
It may seem indiscreet
But I’d sweep them off their feet
When her skin blushes so red
By my hand, squeezing led
So warmly to comfort
With a kiss to her cheeks.

His story

By a storytellers light
Sat on the edge of the night
Glint of steel in the eye
To clothe half truth in lies

Did you hear the latest tales
How the youth just cannot fail
If they follow in the footprints
Of the well worn trodden paths

Nothing ever changed
Innovation rearranged
Who runs off with the money
Stealing wheat from all the chaff?

The old goat
Thought so wise
By young admirers eyes
Leading train of thoughts
Pied pipers rats are caught
Who’d descend into those depths?

Magic beans
Why not climb to new heights
Flying free of life’s restraint?
Do beware when comes the fall
Snake oil sellers
Awaiting hopes to rob

No longer burnt
Playing with fire
The fingers grip the poker
To stoke the fading embers
The story tellers steely eye
That penetrates the night

Night owler

Hawk and dove
Casting lots
Selling end of war
Peace from up above

Did you ever hear the owl
Does she really give a hoot
Eyes as wide as saucers
With wisdom to wrong foot

Networks unseen
Eyes on every scene
Blind assets wearing midnight
Shifting into focus
To look on bespectacled

Simple Simons
All sold on their ideals
Limited in view
All think they’re in on every deal
Black and whites
All fearing shades of grey

Can you see clearly now
Are the clouds really gone
Or does the seasons early myst
Keep your perspective in the wrong?
Outer circles
Accuse conspiracy

Hawks and doves
Checker boards of conflict
But don’t forget the owls
Concealed by the tree line
Shadows by fire light
That oil the wheels for war and peace

Lovers leap

Making love from the heights
Entwined upon the diving board
Awaiting naked satisfaction
To leap into the moist refreshing depths

I used to think I could move mountains
Weave dreams from snowy peaks
Walk a thousand miles
Just to see her smile

I took the long road home
Walked a lonesome path
When they asked me if I cared
Couldn’t say I’d even had a bath

Frayed jeans like webs of string
Knobled knees poking through
Like shaved heads seeking wigs
To hide the fading summer light

What would it be like to dive
Into fresh cool blue waters
Conjoined in each other’s arms
Falling from our passions heights?

The shock of the new
Cleansed in tears to bathe
Not even caring
If my cries were premature
Did you read this mornings news?
Seems they’re lost for innovation.


They say the pen
Is mightier than the sword
With experience
I come to distrust all such empty words

Distress in crossed wire signals
Crying for attention
In hope and anguish
For a listening ear

Comforted yet pained
Sabotage to fuel
Repeating same mistakes
Like any other fool

In the arms I would choose to rest
Yet struggling to release the grip
Ever feeling needy
Approval to be stripped

A lonely boy
Trying to rework the script
A fine romance
Where love letters forever rip

Alone through darkest night
Those bitten fingernails
Reach out toward the light
A heart bruised still bewails
But safely rapt in beddings shroud
Still trying to subvert what is allowed
Turning from thoughts of the blade
To reflect on what the pen has made.

Cafe cream

Jump start the heart
A bitter after taste
Coffee stains collecting in the cup
Filled to the brim in wakefulness

Ground dark beans
The flavour of the rising dawn
Golden creamy head
That raises hope from slumbers death

The clank of the ringing spoon
Stirring longings to reach out
Face another day
Hell and high water, come what may

Crumbs from the rich mans table
Breakfasting on broken bread
But hearts cannot live alone
On what beggars hands are fed

Awaiting on the sunrise
The night still crisp and cool
Hanging on the first thought
That rises misty from the dreams

I thought of you on waking up
Through half remembered words
And when I turned to face the day
Recalled how we would speak again
Sadly yet with hope
That light may come this way.



Vanishing point of perspective
Under the microscope
Adjusting magnification
Follicles of her hair

To save a cut lock
As recollections book mark
The turning of each page
Welcoming each chapter

Pitch perfect in the soundtrack
Moving pictures on the screen
Projections of the mind
Silhouettes of conducting hands

The seer and the seen
Adds interpretation to each scene
Strung along by stories
Revelations to insight

Ripples resonate
To each pluck of the heartstring
Stirring of the depths
Diving far below

Beauty in reflection
Drawn close by the telescope
To reach from the lit moon
Touch down on Tera firma
Fingers gently stroke
Her lipstick left imprinted on the glass.


Escape into imagination
In flights of fantasy
Stretching wings towards the sky
Reaching beyond the cold bars

We didn’t all make it
Not everyone survived
Crushed under the boot
Of the prison guards

The vital spark
In inspiration
Enlightening the mind
Liberty through art

Light within the darkness
Voice of the oppressed
Relieving of the load
Freedom from the bonds

Ugliness subdued
To purify the eye
Envisioning perfection
Found within the human smile

Intrinsic to the story
The perspective from which it’s wrote
Fragile scratching of the pen
Producing narrative
The solitude of subject
Transfixed by the words
Ever magnifying scene
With the depths of its gravity

The lens

Wide lens or full zoom
Lives caught in the act
By the press men’s flash

Another front page dream
Or a nightmare to expose
Single lens in reflex
Capturing another pose

Subtle nuances
In chance expression
Lies behind a makeup mask
Shifting into focus
Pushed onto the tracks

Many faceted of words
Like a prism catching light
Multicolour to refract

Call it intuition
Evidence after the fact
Rock and roll suicides
That want the limelight back

Lipstick loaded like bullets
In the snipers sights
It’s murder on the dance floor
Folding the newspaper
Bound for Charing Cross
Cartoon charactertures
Shifting into focus
Portraits for rouges gallery
Traps catching light within the lens.


Fever ever lusts
Delights under the sheets
That I may lay there rapt
Full spent within those arms

They call fowl jeers in envy
Crawling with deceit
Claim that love is false
A malaise of the wanton mind

To become more
Through this dependence
And reach beyond the bounds
Of the lonely self
Know in the others eyes
The secrets of the heart

In shame eyes cast lowly
Virgins chaste , yet oh so holy
To give them the passions due
And penetrate the truth

To die a little death
Recline within the form
Never to be subdued
A portraiture of the nude

Rapt within the sheets
Repose until repeats
The passion of hearts blood
That rises within the flood
To wipe torments fevered brow
Washed clean by our own sweat

With nothing to repent.



A sickness unto death
Ever deflating of the self
Afraid of their own ego
Claiming a disease they can’t transmit

Trapped by their own insanity
A distortion to reality
Where only god can heal
Forever cursed to letting go

Cults all claim in service
To the groups ideal
Its where they meet their higher power
That isn’t even real
Easing god out
The answer is 'so what?'.

To embrace the past
Owning your resentment
Become gentle to the self
And aim at your own fulfilment

To find grace in solitude
Freedom of the thought
Passionate of feeling
And find your own meaning for a hope

Journeying within
Reflecting on the heart
Embracing the glad days
When you alone are your own wealth
To stand free of ideology
And replace it with self worth



Through a glass darkly
Mirrors of the web
Diplomatic bags
Riches out of rags

The whisper in the ear
Promises of love
Feeding obsession
Submission to those above

Just Like a prayer
Sticking in the throat
The fragrance of love letters
Left forever unwrote

Making a curtsy
Bowing of the head
Shaking of the hand
Perfumed flower beds

Sweetening the pill
Helping medicine go down
Goaded into service
Subliminal led around
Inteligence restrictions
Thoughts could use a fire wall

Is anybody free
Of the woven patterns
That rule over minds
And dictate our lives
Seeds fed through language?
Ever striving to break loose
Majestic in the rhythms
Reminders of the waltz
Who leads a merry dance ?
Response as if by chance

Girl with a curl

The girl with the curl
Be sure to give her a whirl
Oysters coming out of their shells
Do Watch out for her pearls

Just where is that girl
Where’s she hiding that curl?
If she slips off her boots
You could be cocked to shoot
Don’t go coming to blows
From the curl of her toes

She looks good in stockings
And likes to go shopping
Kept in her handbag
Witches wands, what a drag
In a silk purse
You could be bound for the worst
Lace to her holdups
You could be facing her curse

You could be pulling at pig tails
With that cutesy forelock
She’s never known to fail
In a black satin frock
With a curl of the toes
Feel her static shock
You know how it goes
Your gun could be ready to cock

She’s a very good talker
Though she can tell quite a porker
When she’s blowing smoke rings
Curled lips silence brings
Sucking on a cigarette holder
You wont feel too much bolder

That girls for a whirl
Your toes gonna curl
As she has a quick drag
And she stamps out a fag
Watch out for the wand
she keeps in her handbag
The girl with a curl
My, How her story unfurled


Soul prisons

You impose on me
Your interpretation
Saying there must be a soul
You’re running out of time
Don’t you see you’ve just this life

The self expressed in time
Lives on in eternity
Every blade of grass unique
But there will be new shoots come the spring

Temporal prisoner
Chained to our place in history
Shackled by the world
And the rule of others games

Sit back and let it be
Just go with the flow
You could be running out of luck
Taken down by the undertow

You say you find fulfilment
In delusions of self importance
Eternal in spirit
Be sure to check the hour glass

Pay me by the minute
Or don’t pay me at all
The only freedoms what you buy
So be sure to give the going rate
We’re all here now, no evidence of souls
In a few generations the memory will be lost.
Decide to relinquish choicel to a higher power
Bet your bottom dollar that’s philosophic suicide.


Didn’t matter much what we tried
The cards were stacked against us
So few choices to decide
Is it me that’s irresponsible ?
When they directed they always lied
Things could be coming up roses
But they kept getting in the way

The young dream too big
The old of a peaceful life
Glitter of success
Fools gold of the limelight

Did you stop to ask yourself
Just what all of its about?
You’ll find in this story
No one wrote a meaning for life

Every answer leads to more questions
About the means of control
Left out on street corners
Where loves light grows cold

You say there’s always a choice
Safe in your ivory towers
The law of the jungle
The poor drained of power
Their only leap of faith
Could be off the nearest bridge

Security on loan
Down payment on some comfort
The price of a bottle
To pretend there’s no suffering for the silenced.
If there’s meaning to the pain
It’s left out crying in the rain.
When it came to responsibility
I must have had an alergic reaction
Say I'm the living proof
That there's progress in inaction.


The tremble of the lips
Meeting in a kiss

Where tongues pool
In a moist caress
Drinking in
Memory in half closed eyes

Party time
Streamers popping to the sky
Laddering stockings
With bitten finger nails

The raised hem
Of hands reaching under skirt
Ruffled creases with the gentle stroke
Fingers painting the moister as they trace

Black lacquer
The painted shade of death
That hangs over pillows of the night
A mattress straining with the flow of hips
Where hands grip the reclining form
Prostrate the fragile pinned down torn

Never leaving hand
Three diamonds on a single band
She said it lingers like any holiday romance
But never to eternal longing as this kiss
The great pretender
Hiding tears with a makeup mask


Webs of deceit
Many disparate strands
To head off red Indians at the pass
Investing in their future supports

We’ll assign them a real man
The joys of recovery
Plants in Masonic interventions
To protect new generations from truth

Rewrite their history
Bring them back to their senses
Chop off their heads
Loosing their minds

The new age is technological
Are you looking for signs?
Projecting meaning
Through both hopes and fears

Careless whispers
Where counsellors leak
For a bribe in this deal
As a last resort
We could spike them with a rise.

Say it’s all lies
But the extent of the cover ups
Might just reveal
The fact that abusers conspire.
Cowboys and Indians
Need I remind?

Abuser (can't prove what football boot brand you wore in the 1970's, you must be ill then, false memmory... likely story for someone to disclose for 30 years of sobriety in deapth therapy to be delusional about their entire childhood. And yes they also got me sweetys, so what.False memory is a dangerous ideology that lacks empirical weight promoted by those who defend offenders. So I suppose my dimwit psycho abscent mother wasnt called Pam and I talk to therapists about how I rode dinosaurs in childhood surrounded by scantily dressed amazons...)


They're an abuser
They’re crying false accuser
Reputations to defend
Where will it ever end?

They said it would confuse ya
Thought they knew how to use you
They’ve built their house of cards
Plastic junkies repayments guard
Have you seen the crime statistics?
The goverment feeds it's fictions.

Does the media disabuse you?
Teach you everything you know
When all they sell is narratives
I guess somethings got to give
They'll say you've got no proof
That they're the ones who sell us truth
Do press men give a toss
They'll say that you are a dead loss

Are they for real?
Do you have a better deal?
Claiming you're the false accuser
Were they the one and only to abuse ya?
Lawers on the make
They'll say the truth is fake

The burden of proof
Like a wolf knocking at the door
The past will have its say
But just who knows the score
Justice ever blind
To the victim so unkind

They’re an abuser
Claiming you’re just a loser
A false accuser
Give them their own medicine
They tell us it’s all just sin
You know only the system ever wins
Reputations to defend
Where will it ever end.


You go on pretending
In your suspicious way
Looking in on every reaction
Believing every accusers word

You think you can read me
Like an open book
Obsessed with your assumptions
Profiling to create guilt
Community like a gang of misfits
To try to drag down my name

You look for patterns
Recycling that just isn’t there
You’d make out my phone voice
Is a symptom of your false prophecy
Leading in misdirection
When there’s nothing to expose

Under the lens of your scrutiny
When will it ever end
You’d rather trade in falsehood
Than validate the lengths to which I went
Your violations
Increase with every passing year

Painting white as black
You show no interest in the facts
Forever false in your accusations
Do the labels even fit?
No one can be two people
Unless they're undercover of the night

I don’t want to know you
For all you ever do is lie
You are the reason I sit alone
There’s no point to even try
Convinced in your own virtue
Whilst my freedoms you deny.


The lost interest of this life
Offering wrist to suicidal knife
What hand can stay the cut
What hope to embrace new day?

Sometimes it’s like treading water
Until next time we meet
Sometimes it’s like a forest fire
Blazing to be heard

Incompleteness in relation
Yet providing more than what I’ve known
Connection in the meeting
That soothes the lonesome heart

Fragile fears to know attachment
Ever anxious of a loss
Knowing only of solitude
Imprisoned by their walls

The risk in reaching out
To long for another’s touch
To bask within a smile
Yet ever craving more

Do we just play out the roles
The wounds to listeners ear
Is it still safe to dream
Of dancing free into the years?
To know not the new horizon
The unwinding ball of fate
Still unraveling to emerge
To glean new meaning following its thread
The narrative we write
Stepping into another’s spotlight
Fleeing yesterdays shadows

A clearing in the woods

The Observer and the observed.
To dream of new endings for our parts
So close , yet to slip through the finger tips
Grasping for a truth to fulfill the heart.



Self serving fictions
Of the privileged few
Watch them on the TV
Just how much are they thinking of you?

They set up business
Their tax to relieve
Call it their charity
You just have to believe

Thin end of the stick
They don’t spare the rod
Rising to fall
Their flags serving one god

What entertains you
Is their means of control
Going full circle
We’ve heard it all before

Shit floats to the top
With what are you left?
Whilst their buying coke
You’ll be cleaning their bogs

Swallow bitter pill
Whilst they’re calling you ill
They've freedom in money
Left out on the street that’s how it goes
They’re buying people’s lives
So who’ll put on a show ?


In the autumns golden reign
Like the fall of the lonely leaf
Brittle browns from fading light
The dream of loves descent

Naked branches reaching out
Yet touch only cold emptiness
The scared bark of carved initials
That grew stretched by passing years

The memory of the seed
That struggled to break free
Piercing the soils earthy blanket
Potential taking root

Blossoms spring
That clothed green shoots
Green mantle shading head
Beneath its canopy

Recall the burgeoning weight of fruit
Sweet nectars fragrant harvest
Awakening taste buds
With a longed for bite

Yet the journey comes around
To the time of fall
The bark in age seems broken
Yet stands tall with a wide trunk
Autumns crisp golden bough to recollections
Collecting at our feet.


Flickering light
What chance impression
Can hold a moment
For all eternity

The canvas stretched
Awaiting touch
Raised spirits in the boating party
The rouge of wine flushed cheeks

The girl with the glass
A chance observer
Of artistries one love
To feast on the naked lunch

The absent stare
Lost in the thought
Perhaps longing to belong
Or step out from the paintings frame

Eyes still adrift
Upon the Seine
The contours lending flesh
Substance to firm form

Fingers intent to grip the stem
And drink of cool reflection
The girl with the glass
Fluidity raised to lips
Held forever as a kiss
That thirsts only to be free



Life’s woes like the weight
That drags on the sodden clothes
Of the drowning man
Lost to the undertow

To skip once more like children
Or the skimming stones into the waves
That crash down on fragile hopes
To wash the pebbles smooth

The family album
Passport photographs discarded
Like an aunts kiss in the station
Awaiting the late arrival of the carriages of adult life

Train wrecks going off the rails
An idiot that alights too late
And finding them self lost in mesmers maize
Arrives at the wrong destination

Pursed lips leave red gloss
The grip on the filter tip
Where cigarette machines
Short changed the impatient craving

News stands proclaiming death of innocence
Consumed by the thought that the thinking maybe someone else’s
Striving ever to be original
Yet the travel permit portraits fade
Torn canvasses
Like yesterday’s headlines.

Getting the picture

True likeness
Or sham of the camera
Who says the lens never lies?
Ever Sympathetic to the eye

To show another face
Pen another act
In a costume change
What gossip behind the curtain?

The permanence of picture
Frozen form in time
Guilder to the frame
Cropped by the gold leaf

The worth within a smile
However inauthentic
Their mask of lying eyes
A twinkle to the unknown act

Feelings to declare
Forever understated
Hid behind disguise
Subtle turn of phrase
Speaking as an aside
As if to an observer

Never sure of true intent
Behind the concealed thoughts
Falling on deaf ears
Self proclamation in soliloquy
Never wanting to be alone
Living within another’s shadow
Open to interpretation
Enigmatic wiles
Eyes frozen on the face
To get the picture being framed


Every time I hear the sound of violins
Orchestrated reverberations to the strings
The caress of the archetier
Stretching bows fashioned from horses hair

Every time the angels sing
Voices rising on the wing
The soprano there in harmony
To tenors chests reaching low

Wind section the oboe
Breathing life to melodies
Feeding the heart
With resonant fantasy

Blowing gently on the reed
Vibrating softly to the wood
Amplified within its tone
Chamber music d’amore

Soaring upwards with french horn
The brass punctuating with the score
Peel of trumpets call on high
Echoes somber of last post

Every time I hear the song of violins
I dream of the rhythm stroking her hair
Loosely griped in tremulous finger tips
The swell stirring the strings of the lonesome heart.

Newtons cradle

Moods ever fluid
As the pendulum swings
The Newton’s cradle
Arc of a curve

The spikes in extreme
A hearts search for momentum
Bearings collide
An elasticity to motion

The click of connection
Spheres transmit touch
Opposites to attraction
The energy of first impact

Conservation emotive
The push and the pull
Repelled then atract
The rock of taught strings

Coming together
Then stretched apart
Like the waves of the pulse
Where passions arise

The Newton’s cradle
The reaction as one
Swinging away
Then drawn to each other
Unified hopes
In an ongoing dance




She’s that twitchy itchy bitchy
You know where the money goes
Where the wild things go
That blow goes up her nose

She keeps going to the bathroom
She keeps men on their toes
Twitchy itchy bitchy
Keeps powdering her nose

Some can be quite snitchy
My how she wears her clothes
The usual suspects to her crimes
When she’s done up to the nines

Itchy twitchy bitchy
Keeps her glow in a compact
When she fixes her make up
She’s a beaut ain’t that a fact

Bitchy twitch itchy
Sherbet fountains for her glow
Just watch out when that space dust
Brings her down so low

Twitchy itchy bitchy
She’s powdering her nose
If you offer her a new line
She’ll strip off all her clothes



I don’t care what other people say
We have a time that is oh so gay
When other folk try to get in the way
I recall how you make the night turn into day

When bad times seek to bring me down
I dream of you coming round
There’s no better antidote to all my woe
I only yearn for more of you once you go

There can be no better way
To brighten even the darkest day
Hung up on every word you say
I think of you come what may

You know life sometimes can be so sad
And other folk can make me really mad
I think about the times we’ve had
That can make good of all the bad

I like it when you lend an ear
Putting to rest all my fears
I know that you are here
To help me shed the heart felt tears

I don’t care what other people say
We have a time that is oh so gay
When other folks get in the way
I know tomorrow is a better day

I'm so happy, I'm so gay

Nobody else can make me feel this way.


Cupid and psyche

Venus of the golden ass
No greater goddess to worship
With hand maidens to guide psyche
Beyond her lonely path

To sift the seed
Sort out the pulse
In to category
Potential of becoming
At one with lovers side

With grief to staunch
The arrows fated blood
A Golden Fleece
From the mad ram
Grasping at the horn
Soft touch of the healing wool

In despair
The source of the Styx
Where serpent guards it’s mouth
Weary to the task
Till in aid the eagles soar
And raise the tear filled flask
The waters of death yet cannot still the heart

Seek remedy for fading looks
To find in age new beauty
An antidote where suicide
Drags spirit into underworld
The tower warns with its words
Of how a lame man leads the labouring mule
The drowning man that grasps for hope
The weaving crone that darns her lost husbands funereal cloak
All seek to divert from the path
Where the quest is journeyed
The gift now placed within the box
Yet to steal its magic
Descend into eternal dream

A waking kiss
Restores vision
The assembly of the gods
Where wounded sides are healed
To drink ambrosias sweet nectar
And redeem temptation in longing arms
Wedded with the lovers heart
The soul reflected in the meeting
As Cupid joined with Psyche
Love in Eros’ bed to find
The union of heart and mind



You curse it as self pity
When I put my feelings first
You hide your heads in the sand
Rather than feel your own grief

All loss leads to sadness
You seek to deny and pray away
My tears not only anguish
There is anger in the pain

You say it’s just emotionalism
To listen to the heart
My greatest assets
To you just sin
Do I fear my own emotions?
Some put the horse behind the cart

You say resentment is a burden
When the fire that burns bright
Motivates toward action
And rings the bell of change
You tell me you are free
All I see is that you're shame faced

If I can’t allow my outrage
I can’t set a boundary
Fear protects from the unsafe
You are afraid of fear itself
If I fail to bathe in sorrows tears
I remain frozen through the years

You label these emotions ‘negative’
Without them I’m not whole
Divided against yourselves
How can you speak as if it’s health?
I cannot feel my joy
If I cannot face the pain
The sun can not come up
Till you clear it of the clouds of rain


Haunted by stepping into the beauty
Loosing metaphor in attempts to contain
Knowing only awe in the other
Where imagery falls short to contemplate pure being

Lost in appearances
One step removed within the thought
Reducing separateness
In the coming together

Embracing ambiguity
A spectre in reflection
Breaking down the essence
Of presence in this moment

Suspense of the judgement
To be in the experience
A day in the life
A world that’s full of holes
The unquantifiable
That cannot be contained

Trying to measure
Emptiness incomplete
Becoming into the scene
In the unity to exist

Normative values
Projecting your world view
In this world we are only guests
Partial awareness in multiplicity
Fragmented in attempts to control
The emergent into being


The slave ships of empire
Cast iron for the chains
The scars from the lash
Bit into bloody backs

Guineamen human cargo
Where only the rats are free
Reduced to commodity
No thought for dignity

The profit of unpaid labour
Marked for servitude
Death the one release
Cast bodies overboard

The crack of the whip
Cutting flesh of nine tails
No thought for humanity
Forced to serve fat cats

The cry in the night for Liberty
Fists raised in revolt
Throwing off the yoke of empire
Risking death for freedoms hope

No man should have a master
No one forced to submit
The hands that built the empires
Seize the right to remain free
Prisoners in holds
Souls chained to be sold
The bitterest reminder
Of Roots in memory

One crime
To cry freedom
For we shall not be enslaved
The mind forged manacles
With what cuffs now shackled?
What whip to flay the flesh?
Systems that enchain
One fist of liberty



Where the shadows fall
Across the face of the moon
Stretching into the long silhouette
Dark siders to explore

The twin globes of the heaving breast
Where fingers touch to lift the heart
Coming together in strokes caress
Where a talking drum beats in the chest

To speak of and in the rhythm
Percussive collision in a kiss
Breaking free of the silence
The whisper of hot breath

Mascara smeared contrast
Tears in whites of eye
Where lashes flutter
Like moths wings to fated flame

Red rouge inviting lips
The probing of moist tongue
Coaxing open the mouths shell
Where teeth part pearly white

The long shadow creases of the sheet
Half revealing shrouded flesh
A velvet touch to the dark
Nights secrets opening entrance


Raven wings a velvet dark
Spread nights canopy
The clouded sky that speaks of death
carrion to the feast

The blood soaked tears
Of bruised battle fields
A crimson veil
Torn by a flood

The engulfing gloom
Of dashed hopes
Broken by the storm
The wounds there thunder struck

Reasons grave
The coffins nails
That hammer home one truth
Where all destinations end

The sound of her wings
Announcing doom
The herald of demise
A whispered word on final breath
Death rattle
Shaken bones.

To find comfort in her feathers
Where all else forgot
The fading of the light
That lingering of dusk
Bleeding out the memories
To know release, where all is not.

Get away

They’re the one that got away
Should of seen them back in the day
Preachers make a farce of love
Say the only hope is up above

They want you to get so down
Beg just to be like the rest of their crowd
Judge and jury at the door
To make virgins out of whores

Don’t forget the one who got away
An outsider, that’s what they say
Couldn’t break them with their words
Flocking together just like the birds
They say you never see the light
Why don’t you give up to them your fight?

One way, it’s down on your knees
Like a blind beggar their light to see
A slave to dogmas broken back
Forced to pray for all they make you lack
Puppets joined together by the strings
Loose your mind, they say you’ll win

Do they try to make out you’re weird?
Say they’ll never listen to your tears
They call us the people of the lie
When they refuse to admit all come to die
Domineering to those who cannot hear
Their so called truth, they want you to fear

We’re the ones that got away
Black sheep that turned their hearts away
It’s the ones who won’t be taken
They say will never learn to live
Do you just accept all their abuse?
All they’ll ever tell you is to forgive.
The one that got away
Every dog will have its day.

Goat song

Don’t miss the boat
Go jump the goat
Either way you win
Just calling everything they do a sin

Go make amends
This con never ends
Wolves at the door
It’s not so civil, law

They’re looking fat
Put on the bailiffs hat
Call on the receiver
Make them true believers

Mess them around
Going to strip them down
Make them the right size
Till they’re barely alive

Jumping the goat
Whose looking for a quote ?
Facing the beak
Promised land to seek

Kill them with debt
We’ll make it a bet
Sure to see them
Just who wants to be them?
Till they’ve nothing left
Do you think their books been forgot?
Facing early death
Take all they’ve got


Every time they look away
I feel as if the ground might open up
My hope is all but swallowed whole
Am I somehow invisible to their eyes?

When I look for a reflection in a smile
Blank faces leave me only with my doubts
Could I trace the descent of the falling tear
With shaking fingers that long to touch their heart

Every time they look away
My spirit sinks
Wondering what evasion hides
Knowing not what goes on behind

Sometimes they speak as if of wrongs
That would slam the sealed up door
But in my own judgment I know no fear
I know the past is a clean slate

Snipers aiming sights at my back
To stab with betrayals steely knives
So difficult to trust collective lies
The gossips web of enmeshed deceit

Sometimes when I see they look away
I want to break down and weep
For the connection that would be lost
In projection of these fears
A solitary reason
To swallow back the tears


The pupa to the chrysalis
Contained within its dull shell
Suspended from the silk
Potential hanging by a thread

There upon the back burner
The slow stewed broth of the next meal
Is the dinner lady a dullard to keep the simmer slow
Judging books by covers how would you really know?
One day they marked down her essays
Now how many teachers are left standing in the queue?

Some make out they are the brightest sparks
Playing let’s pretend
Making out they’re really it
By saying what is another’s is really theirs
They’ll never truly see
What they could never be

The seasons turn
The larva grows
Some seek to steal from its potential
Trying to tear the dream apart
Leaving it frozen in deaths shroud
For what they don’t thinks allowed

The self that is in becoming
Fresh emergence in each choice
Dressing form in persona
The face we decide to wear

Do I need their permission to be myself
Can you tell what dreams may come?
Fine wine with age comes to ferment
Trees grow new rings each year.
Emergent self from chrysalis
Painted wings that flutter by.

Toy box.

I think therefore I am the box
Never reaching beyond six side
Contained by cardboard faces
A prisoner in an overflowing mind

The matchbox cars
And tonka trucks
Armies of plastic men
A miniature adult world to direct in play

The box full of toy soldiers
The memory of playing tanks
Where the Chieftain spat out its load
A matchstick shell of boys own glory

Cap guns and water pistols
Water balloons full of leaking thoughts
Ready to explode forth
A dream of the wet t shirt

Still thinking in the box
The solitary Cartesian I
Making loose connections
Like the broken conker strings

Vinegar and brown paper
To try to heal the scars
Rays of light from bullet holes
Puncturing cell walls
The old wooden fort and plastic castle
To step out from the drawbridge
Perhaps time to decorate the fallen heroes
With Xmas rapping and sellotape



Does the face
Speak of race
The classified
And the classifier
Seeking to divide

Labels that engender
Binary in gender
But be sure to show them class
In how you’re sure to pass

He, she, they, we,
Belonging and to be
More than just another
In differences to see

Seeking to be brothers
Some assume in others
Simplicity to label
A historicity

Stories writ in lines
Wrinkles in the eyes
That speak of the survival
Respect that comes with age

Differences define
Yet can alienate
Assumptions stereotypes
Sure could add to the war paint
Classifier and the classified
Perceptions prejudice to hide
Diminishing I and I,
When you say we all are one.


Do you listen for the heart beat
Is love muffled still
Do you hear the fingers drumming
With a rhythms will?

Do you listen for the tears
Left out in the pouring rain
Do you think down cast eyes
Will stand tall again?

Sometimes you don’t hear me
For all the talk
Grasping with each word to be heard
Cutting sentences short
Anxiously I listen
Fearing the wrong reply

Do you listen for the crying in the night
With a mothers weary hope
And a hug smiles to light
Still struggling in the blankets, how do you cope?

Do you listen with a care
To help face the pain
Do you hear that time is precious
Sit back and listen, it’s you who’ll gain
I guess there’s lots to learn
Now it’s gonna be your turn

Sometimes there’s no answer
But at least I’m heard
Stretching the patience
With every heart torn word
This is what I hear
You may still need some attention
From a sympathetic ear
But someones here to listen as I shed this tear.

Take it off.

Can you take off your life
Like an old hat and coat
Put it in the charity shop
In the hope you can let go?

The smell of the moth balls
Left forever in the closet
Wire hangers with nothing on
Can you pick a new life off an empty rail?

The emperors new clothes
When we strip down to the core
Just what are they selling?
You only get this one life

Left thread bare
Empty pockets
Lenders seek to make there holes
Still unfulfilled to be instantly gratified

The old school uniform
The cap and gravy train stained tie
Everyone had one
Yet recall forever strangely out of fashion
The dressing up box
Did it prepare you for this?

The homeless in old torn gloves
All with recollections of long lost loves
If they took off this life
With what would they be left?
Naked and cold, maybe wish for a rain coat,
No thanks for the memories.


Super scuba
Flippers on the feet
Making the descent
Frog men are pretty neat

Be sure to check your oxygen
Clean your mask so you can stare
Deep into the abyss
Where all the little fishes swim without a care

Be prepared for decompression
Ambience of the deep
Mind you don’t get the bends
Knocked up off your feet

In the big blue ocean
Explore the coral reef
There among the clown fish
Make sure the sharks don’t give you grief

Surface with the dolphins
Breathing snorkels blow hole
Get down with crustaceans
Sea anemones coloured goal

I want to be a diver
Fit for beachy head
Going down amongst the fishnets
Be sure to take deep breath
All done up in rubber
She’s sure to be quite wet

Cap fits?

Stop telling me what to think
How you’d like to see me drink
To hold up your sacred cow
Anachronisms no longer fit for now

Playing the name game
Do you think my mind travels back
Every time you push the button
When the past to me is a big fat nothing

You’d make guilt of innocence
When there’s nothing to repent
There’s reasons I cast the first stone
Still your like a dog without its bone
You shout out your opinions
Do you think it drives me mad?

Did I ask to be an advocate?
Problems you keep making up
Your phone line open when we talk
It’s time you took a walk

I hear them use names like sociopath
Because they’re afraid of righteous wrath
The cap doesn’t really fit
After all you’re full of it

I’m busy minding my own
Go find another ear on loan
I don’t want to know you one little bit
As you spoke you left me shit.
What’s in it for me to entertain a fool?
You think you’re a spy, not the sharpest tool



Does loves light azure fade?
Like a twilight evensong unbroke by cloud
The candles awaiting to be snuffed
The stain glass fragments
Of shattered mosaic dreams
Frozen black the lead lined windows framed

Ear marked pages
Poems courtly spell
Writ with the ink
Wept like tears

Lapis lazuli eyes

Turquoise cobalt cries.

Where forget me not flowers reach out
And spread winds of pollen
The stamen proud
And petals to receive

Dragonfly wings upon the breeze
Seeking their mate
Unwheeping compound eyes
Metallic blue to blur

Where hilltops curves in long shadow
Lay down to rest
Like the reclining form
Of the longed for breast

Where foot lights dim
The dance floor left wanting
And the moon hangs it’s cool head
In pillows clouds
The fading blue of denim jeans
Bleached like the daipers for baby blue cries.

Her lips

Red salmon blushed pink
The waiting moistened lips
Wiry hair the rising mound
That breaths perfume of parting thighs

Musk that hangs upon the air
The dripping nectar fair
Pimiento cherry red
The fleshes opening bud

Black night like thongs
That grip passions in a sigh
The stirring waters
Steaming heat to ride

Aureole hallowed land
That crowns the head with gold
The furrowed brow
That dreams a thought of bliss

The sound of wings
Weeping doves
That land upon the blood stained wrist
To feed on the unions wine

Olive skin oiled slick
To bury the fevered spear
A wound left only in retraction
Sealed with hopes returning fragile kiss


Piston (excuse the veiled pun!)

Does baby oil make you squirm?
Be sure it’s good and slick
You can keep it in the fridge
To torture with cold drips

Candle wax it’s molten tears
Splashed slowly on the skin
Torquemada had his ways
Time you faced the inquisition

The decent to hell
Has many steps
Come hither take your first
Bitten lips expel a curse

The bell to ring
Pull on the rope
Beware for it may burn
With red abrasions for the tower

Keep it dark
Blindfold obscures
Sure to raise a few goose bumps
Whipped cream of the crop

The master stroke
Smooth as silk
The chill poured baby oil
That keeps moist pistons slick
Like water torture to the blind
Awaiting the next drip.


Do you think
I think of anybody
Night and day
That I ever really think of people
In past or present tense anyway?

Would I think it was my thoughts
If anyone was in them
Who feeds minds to obsession
A loop in repetition?
No one lives in my head rent free
Don’t you think I have pattern recognition?

Do I wonder what’s the motive
When they nock upon my door?
How come it always synchronises
With others looking in?
Puppets on a string
Coordinated in manoeuvres

In the belly of the whale
The pawns positions in the way
Suspicious minds breed only suspicion
Like Kafka to the trial .
False witnesses try to make me fall
Their iterations through the years.
What a surprise when bomb disposal
Sends a robot into my sight.

Do you think I know why
How the CCTV always seems to dance with me
Did I ever notice plants within the crowd
Do I know why it’s allowed?
How I relish the memory
Of when I was truly blind

Privacy to invade
Boundaries torn apart
I guess theirs is the reason
I keep loosing heart
Controls to society
It’s why my only friend is me
They keep on selling out.
50 years of their bullshit
Those creatures recognised
As being of the herd.


Scratch of the needle
The revolution of the 78
RPM still turning around
To weave melody from entropy in time

The listener in appreciation
His master voice amplified
The disc of shellac
A spiral pitch black

The weight of emotion
Balanced gently in hands
Afraid to drop
Or finger A sides

Get into the groove
Good Vibrations on vinyl
Cover art adorned walls
Lyrics inner sleeves

The curse of digital
No longer the thrill
Of mounting on spindle
On old phonograph

Worshipping records
The gramophone
Where memory revolves
The dawn of technology
To live only for ritcher sounds

Die Tonight?

Pins and needles
The warm rush of blood
Like a heart attack
What happens if I die tonight?

In making a noise
Did I need to look back?
Was the struggle worth while
Force to the impact?
Did I seize the day
Forever paint it black?

The moments that are lost
The falling sands of time
Slipping through fingers
Sea shells warn down by the tide

Stretching extremity
Like a digits fingernail
The shadow that falls
Puppet signals on walls
The pains from a childhood
Hid behind closed doors

Did I say the things I meant to say
Does it really matter anyway?
Was I true and straight of point
Do my faults still disappoint ?
Did I enjoy life’s offer
Was I really ever that bothered?

Maybe if I die tonight
Someone else will have to write
The rites to right my wrongs
In requiem eulogised
What happens if I die tonight
Who’ll place coins over my eyes?


Lost in her eyes
The heart that so gently cries
No reason to ask why
The light that never dies

Stretched out through time
The moments lullaby
Sang to sooth spirits
Through dusks rising dark

The twinkle of starlight
The rays reaching out
Nebulous emotion
Seeking to connect
Diaphanous shroud
The whisper of silk

The rise of the tide
That ebbs and swells
The colours aurora
That dances over cloud
Twilit Fantasma
Myst on the breath

Filaments like fingers
Stroking atmosphere
The fibres of hair
Stretching out over hands
Echo of nostalgia
Pastel pigments to paint

The tear in the eye
Memory of the face
The relaxing of longing
That lingers a while
To reflect recollections
Of looking on with a smile


What never can be
Yet which lives on
As fantasy

The tension of hope
Longing to touch
Just the edge of that passion
Fingers outstretched
To grasp deepened breath

Moisture on leaf
Awakened to morning
The sun coming up
From slumbering dreams
Radiance rising
To fill out the sky

To stroke at the stem
And pluck opening flower
The blossom in bud
Blushing with colour

Consumed by the thinking
Of smearing lip gloss
With the strength of the kiss
They say for ever is lost

To grasp at the curve
Of arching spine
And force apart
The boundary of thigh
Unrequited , still seeking the bed
The flowers of spring that reign on in my head


Parallel universe
You just have to believe
The constructed falsehoods
They’ll filter to your tv

Turn on the apocalypse
Sure to be quite a storm
Do you believe half the planet
Is really war torn?
Can’t you see most of its nonsense
Just recycled themes

The spread of disease
Never nocks at your door
They’ll say children go missing
The syndicates are for
Are you in sync
Is it only false news?

Have you ever been spun
By newspaper front pages
You thought you saw on the box
Still out of print throughout the ages
Believe nothing you hear
And only half that you see

Can you tell your own thoughts
Do you know your own mind
Can you start up a flame war
With name filters so blind?
Are you watching archive footage
As if it was now?

Did you stop to wonder
Why you can’t search for old friends
With Facebook sealed in
Is it you round the bend ?
Accept what you’re sold
For the storylines cold
Press regulation both out of and in control
In a parallel universe alienated in role


The misogynist

Hormonally yours
Misogyny calls
Not over certain of
Equal rights for all

Too emotional
In caricature
Such fragile innocence
Yet Always ready for more
Virgins for whores

Shrinking violets
For a wall flower
Calling the virile
To seize masculine power
Live up to their fantasy
Prisons of ivory towers

Surrender to arms
The probing demand
Only one master
Their will to command

Treated like children
No right to decide
The thrust of this logic
Where housewives reside
Boys own stories
Insecurities hide

Little big men
Puffed up with pride
Just little women
In the saddle to ride.
As whelps to be smothered
all still afraid of their mothers


Nick the Greek

If you get caught it’s a bitch
But don’t be a snitch
Who sold you that grass?
It was nick the Greek

Don’t be an arse
No one likes a grass
If they find snow at Christmas
Blame it on nick the Greek

That new watch looks warm?
Just when was I born?
I’ll tell you who sold it
That’s right, it was nick the Greek

They look a bit fat
This is off the bat
When the coppers ask questions
It was nick the Greek

If you’re caught on the hop
By a nosey cop
Give them directions
To nick the Greek

He’s one of the family
I don’t know no crooks
If you’re cooking your books
Blame nick the Greek
We saw him in Hammersmith
Selling fire dogs
Who did they rob?
Just zip your gob
Be sensible with the cops
It was nick the Greek


Constructed insanity
Excluding society
Denied reality
And undermined rights

Loss of autonomy
Submit to authority
Cast out and adrift
Alienation it’s role

No proportionate crime
The mountain to climb
Seeing no further
Than yesterday’s insights
They'll call you a lunatic
But you may wonder just what they mean

Control dictated
Emotions medicated
Suppression directed
Being down dumbed
Enjoy the side effects
That’ll torture your mind

Dependant on hand outs
Forced to comply
Restricted in choice
Till the day that you die
And that will be early
This poisons for your own good

Unrecognised symptoms
Treated as other
Out in the cold
They say give up the fight
They’re paid to deny you
The most basic of rights
If only you could afford a good lawyer
To step into the light

The price

Divorced from their history
Numbing their pain
Coins cover wide eyes
Sunken sockets empty skulls

Motivated by craving
One purpose, to score
Weighing pleasure by spoonfuls
Time is money, the price

Runners running out
Vipers veins to bite
Magic beans as they sell out
The shirts from their backs

Cold snake eyes
That stare into the void
Sunshine in a bag
Emotion to avoid

Standing on street corners
Waiting on the man
Selling company
With an empty heart

Finding meaning in bondage
Purpose in servitude
Divorced from reality
As they’re waiting to score


To love them for their body
Sure to work up quite a sweat
To love them for their money
To fill out a bulging wallet

To love them for their faults
Those little irritations
To love them for shared fears
And wipe the falling tears

One thing most of all
Held forever in veneration
To love them for their mind
Never loosing there the pleasure

To love them in success
Be sure they’ll also fail
To love just what they do
Yet one day they no longer will

A meeting of minds
In longed for connection
Sure to hold the interest
Longer than maintained erections

To love because you’re loved
Somehow never quite enough
To love them for it all
Perhaps just a little blind
Sharing through the thoughts
A meeting of the minds.

The bugs

Inserted thoughts
Divided minds
Or so you might expect
Labels they project

Profiled selves
Searches aggregates
Role players disconnect
Alter egos
Method actors
Conscious of being watched

Random hits
Pulling of the worm
Never bitting on the hook
Inter zone
Lost in meaning of language

Surfs up
They ride the waves
Beach boys unawares
Of what lurks beneath

To wrong foot
The story not so old
Misleading the extreme
Double agents tasting sweet
For all the sherbet lemons

Pendulum swings
The scythe to cut
The subject on the couch
As detects the crime
The unwary to accident
Pin hole dreams
That seek to queen
Overextended with bed bugs
In a bishops pawn gambit


Savoir-faire. (Simone De B.)

Pen is in hand
Like anal sex
Some say it should be banned
It might be a small prick
But it still demands plenty of attention
Sissy's fuss
About their pains
Could use a truss
To tie their wings
Keep them turning over
Spit roast or charcoal grilled
Freshly caught
In fish nets
Watch out for the crabs
It's all that you might get
somethings smelling like cod roe
As you're diving down below.
The Caviar left
Fillet beluga
Still bereft
Of Values set to bugger
Sautéed with some garlic
Do try a little Gaelic
Escargot, Their 2CV
Too slow To MOT
Now Where's that little dip stick?
We'll check their olives oil
The seat belts looking loose
We're sure to up their gear
Sartre liked his beaver
existence precedes her essence
Montmartre for le cock tale
Be sure to tip the waiter
In his act that he's forgot
To be freed by apricot.


A heart beats rhythm for two
Just thinking of you
Blood fills out the veins
This flow never wains

Avoiding those cliches
Hands reach to become one
Three little words
And it’s just begun

A treasure house of images
To shape with the pen
The memory of eyes
This is now, that was then

Hearts rhythm, a drum
It chased as you run
Frantic as fever
Where finger tips strum

Reaching with longing
Across the void
Just to look on your face
The feeling overjoyed

To step beyond loneliness
Just to connect
Drawing by numbers
The lines to direct
Imagined linked hearts
The rhythm of the dance
The beat of the drum
That this verse begun

The mask

Ever coy about your looks
Romance not what they teach in books
For some there’s no ambiguity
What they are is what you see

Self deprecating
Humility projecting
The model still a role
As the elephant man their toll
The makeup masks reflections
To cracked looking glass

Clothed in coats of many colour
Well booted and suited
Intolerant of discrepancy
Choosing only perfect fruit
Blossoming in spring
Yet in autumn still fading

Is all you are the way you look
Is your face an open book
Are you accepted warts and all?
Wolf whistles rising call
The tattoo over a birth mark
Artistry in fault line

Is your story writ amongst the stars
Or is there an epilogue in scars
The crow feet leaving wisdoms marks
Imperfections dissonant chords?
Ugly ducklings hideing swans
Diamonds in the rough

The gnarled tree that bends with the winds
Cracked bark the weathered age
Beauty ravaged by the seasons
Yet lingers in the eyes.
Is all you see and all I seem
All that I truly be?

Plastic fantastic

Plastic fantastic
Your nicker elastic
Got caught on my door
Keeps you coming back for more

Wet and wild

Fit to be defiled

A rubber ball gown
Latex fetishes clowns
Down on their knees
Just ready to squeeze

PVC would be tragic
But rubbed up with some magic
The spray look is slick
Wet lips seek to lick

Fantasy in Lycra
Gripping flesh do you like her?
Not just shorts on a biker
Skintwo’s quite the stir

With a budgie to smuggle

Dont go poking a hole

Time to bounce back
Mouth fits a ball gag
There’s none quite as rich
The french maid serves the switch

Runners so leggy

That they could serve a good peggy

Washing the dishes
Rubber gloves for three wishes
She loves to french polish
Skirts rise as she falls
Down on their knees
Bent over to please
Just one but, that’s the plug
As they’re rubbing them up


How to Get Ahead In Advertising

With them it’s always ‘me, me, me.’
A black narcissus just don’t you see
Take a break from the mirror
It takes two to break free.

Who is the fairest of them all?
An ivory tower, behind closed doors
Just who can find a way
To tear down your hallowed walls?

Me, me, me.
Why can’t you see
There’s a world outside
For you to free
Black and white
Crossing divides

Take a rain check
Give yourself a break
There’s more to life
Than take, take, take.
Lace hold ups to thigh
Bible black, the leather spine

With you it’s always about the money
It’s time you listened
Tear down the walls
It’s the only way to set yourself free
Black and white
The two tone line
You wear a cross
But it divides

Black narcissus
A wilting flower
Us and them
No love to give
With you it’s always me, me, me
It’s time to listen,
No more you and me
You’re not one of us
That’s what they sell
A broken mirror
Set your heart free.



Home in on the call
The toad of toad hall
Natterjacks throat
Puffed up for a croak

Yellow of spine
Heathland to recline
With a straddling gate
Old horny toads seeking mates

Pine martens warm fur
There’s none can deter
The hunter it’s claws
Gold bib throats crying more

The badger it’s set
Black and white what’s the bet
That brock will beget
A new cub they will get

A fox in a hole
Wild nights for its goal
Chasing vixens brushes in heat
With white socks on his feet

Peregrines on the wing
Where puffin pairs sing
Wildlife in decline
Long shadows the sign
For the rabbits and dormouse
It’s time that we clean house
Keep Britain tidy so it’s out with the plastic
Recycle your own mess cos mother nature’s fantastic

Web crawl

Along came a spider
Going into the web
Strands links to trace
Clicks on their face

Lookalike mirrors
Searching to imprint
Visages to memory
Cold triggers in lies

The girl in the spiders web
Facial recognitions tattoo
Three tears for the fallen
Cold recognition in eyes
They make out that they’re listening
But the sting is on you

Hidden microphones
Back doors to device
When you answer the call
Their jaws close in, a vice
They’re dealing in stories
Every word has its price

Marked out as other
The fly to entrap
Spinning misrepresentations
Can’t you see it’s all crap
Do you think there’s a moral
To every move that they track

When you were young
You thought they lived up to a code
When they’re slamming the door
You'll see the end of their road
Whispers of spirits
Writing on the wall
Beware of the spider
If you think to web crawl
You see there's no meaning
To their signs, just a fall



You can drop the charges
You can look the other way
One thing is for sure
Every dog will have its day

Be sure to watch your karma
The reserves left in the tank
It’s your lucky stars
You know you want to thank

If youre in a thieves den

They will cross you come the end

Life goes round in circles
What goes around comes around
No need to watch your back
When your homewood bound
Be sure theyre looking spotless
When you dry your hands

Be sure to do your homework
Don’t catch a tiger by its tail
Doing unto others
It’s true you cannot fail

Prudent reserves in bank
Beware the things you lack
Lucky stars to thank
That way you’ll watch your back
Lone wolfs aren’t too friendly
With those who step upon their toes

The laws of the jungle
Young blood will try it on
But the old cats survived some rumbles
So be wary who you wrong
Life is like a circle
What goes around comes around
Don’t catch tigers by the tail
All youll end up deathly pale


Alone (Munch)

Like the hoarfrost icy fingers
Reaching cold into the heart
Veins of discontentment
Taking root where hope departs

None wish to face it alone
For the pains too great to contain
Fathoms running deep
No anchor there can reach

To want for
Yet turn about face
From the rising heat
Burning fleshes fevered waste

The barren earth
Gnarled wind bent branch
That knows not even falling leaf
Stripped bare by passions relentless sun

Like the cracked land
Scars in canyons
Parched lips where deserts waters hide
Thirsting for a smile in the wasteland wide

The fragile breath
That whispers of loves broken dream
Taken by the billowed wind
Drowned out as a scream

Shaken to foundations

Mouth wide, the drawn lips
Cried into the wilderness
Or from an islands lonely beach
Where sea reaches to contain the land
Yet in the surf our voices sink


FAME is a rich mugs game, I do not pay an agent and yet my work is well recognised. Partly due to the million plays I got in the first two years of this site and two national media named appearances. In at least 8 citys if I turn up it takes an hour or two for the social networks to start rumour mongering that paedophiles are about to get killed and for lumps of meat to be thrown from moving cars. This has gone on near 20 years. One left wing city will even house me within 24 hrs. Also I am still remembered for my services to addiction treatment. As someone clean and sober my entire adult life the sugestion i may one day use drugs is rediculous. There's more chance the milkman will start dealing smack.

People even hack my cloud server and emails to try to be the first to defraud any good new matertial... and its not criminal within liberal kingston arts? Got a business loan to defraud?


'Give it up... we don't like disabled people creating, they won't buy the industry crap. Make them sow sack cloth for their keep'. Just as well I can't afford the chorus line... I also make excedingly good cakes but still can't compete with Mr Kipling. Class War.

Swan lake

The naked moon
Never oh so pale
Light hanging over lake
Hearts leap within its veil

The shadow on the wall
The mirrors art to frame
Portrait of the passions call
Directed to fair game

Adorned by feathered crown
Innocence lament
Drawn to the slender neck
The fall which to repent

To ponder on the tale
Swimming in moonlight
To bathe within the grace
Of beauty to the sight

The madness of swan song
Calling loves lunatics
To bask in dancing gold
The cement to bedlam’s bricks

Pirouette to disgrace
To faint within the marriage bed
Seduced by dreams of more
Than just one lovers breath
The swan that bows it’s head
Over the drapes of death


Does loves light azure fade?
Like a twilight evensong unbroke by cloud
The candles awaiting to be snuffed
The stain glass fragments
Of shattered mosaic dreams
Frozen black the lead lined windows framed

Ear marked pages
Poems courtly spell
Writ with the ink
Wept like tears

Lapis lazuli eyes

Turquoise cobalt cries.

Where forget me not flowers reach out
And spread winds of pollen
The stamen proud
And petals to receive

Dragonfly wings upon the breeze
Seeking their mate
Unwheeping compound eyes
Metallic blue to blur

Where hilltops curves in long shadow
Lay down to rest
Like the reclining form
Of the longed for breast

Where foot lights dim
The dance floor left wanting
And the moon hangs it’s cool head
In pillows clouds
The fading blue of denim jeans
Bleached like the daipers for baby blue cries.

Red salmon blushed pink
The waiting moistened lips
Wiry hair the rising mound
That breaths perfume of parting thighs

Musk that hangs upon the air
The dripping nectar fair
Pimiento cherry red
The fleshes opening bud

Black night like thongs
That grip passions in a sigh
The stirring waters
Steaming heat to ride

Aureole hallowed land
That crowns the head with gold
The furrowed brow
That dreams a thought of bliss

The sound of wings
Weeping doves
That land upon the blood stained wrist
To feed on the unions wine

Olive skin oiled slick
To bury the fevered spear
A wound left only in retraction
Sealed with hopes returning fragile kiss

Their eyes

Can you still remember
The colour of your lost loves eyes
Where pupils dilated in arousal
And from whose corners longings wept?

Were they cool pale blue
Like memory’s of childhood seaside sky
Or emerald green
Fresh cut grass, the crickets crease?

Almond honey in their smile
The tawny owl in hazel brown
Red cried whites
Where reflections are with pastel shades to pale

Do you yearn for a glimpse
Of that lost glance in the restaurants dancing faces
Or on Crowded streets looking to jumpstart the heart
Missing a beat in mistaken recognition?

Windows of the soul
Reflecting like the glass
The fading photo framed
Like the mirrors broken shards
The bottom of the bottle
Where you wallow a brief while

Do you hang yours in shame
Where sorrow wells up
Or wipe a forlorn tear
As what was bleeds out
A river for your grief
From the once held cheek
The trembling lip

That knows no more caress


A gambling heart seeks possession
To trap a caged bird for their song
Encircling with a golden cuff
A rings missing link from this chain

Momma was never there quite enough
Hungry for the breast and never whelped
Spitting out the sweetened pacifier
Wooden bars of infants cot to scale

A prison cell fit for two
Constructed out of jealousy
Timid for all loyalties rage
Two halves don’t always make a whole

From wedding carriage to the hearse
To know one love to last the age
Ever fearing for the labour lost
Final kiss that signs abandoned hopes

Children keep together grasping hands
A mortgage builds up the prisons walls
Afraid of risk in liberty
Never singing now of freedoms song

You listen to recalled ballads from your pasts
Your I became a ‘we’
A life long duet for a dream
Your crutch, there is no ‘I’ in team
The petals shed and slowly fade
Wilting in an anniversaries crystal vase
The gifts of the belonging kind
But forever to thine own self a heart to bind.

Last orders

The deck of beer mat cards
Stacked from the bottom, infernal power
Precariously balanced
In a pyramid ivory tower

Valley of kings
Cleopatra to the asses milk
Bathing feminine form to fear
In the mother’s nursing tears

Rapunzel at the balcony
Combing her golden hair
Tempting as saviours boldest knights
To risk her lofty lonely heights

Building her up
So fair and game
Her pillow arts
To dance the 7 veils
Towards her shores the ship sets sail
Beware the Mata Hari her betrayal

Enmeshed in her rope like tales
How the heart transfixed is set to wail
Romeo how could your roses fail?
To write a romance, shed chain mail
Beauty set to release prince from the beast
Made in heaven the marriage feast

A drunkards grim fairy tale of her cut hair and the lost ring
To entertain the next round, last orders bring
Broken warriors in smoke filled rooms
As starved of light as pharaohs tomb
The shroud with memory’s of her train
That flowed from a stained wedding dress this bane
A torn tapestry of so many broken dreams
And why the solitary heart knows of the scream.

Vox popular

Do you want to be elected?
Spokesperson for vox popular
A servant of the people
Your opinions of the masses

You mould your character
With party line attitude
Quote your favoured heroes
With perfumed platitudes

To be a voice of the working man
Never really making your own stand
Ever mindful of kissing up
The sell out is all you understand

Bet you played the Prefect

Whilst we burned their shitty school.

Sat on the fence
Of your professed philosophy
Barb wire holds you to mirepresenting
The limits of your ideology

To court the ballot box
Ever desperate for their vote
The next affirmation
Of consensus policy
Bowing down your head
The only way to be heard

Have you ever stood alone
Assumed unpopular stance
Did you ever say fuck you
From the soap box where you stand
From the pulpit of vox popular
Your words stollen by the crowd
​Politicians all people pleasers
They deserve who they elect.


The drift

The drowning man
Grasping at the first drift wood
That is washed towards them
By the relentless tide

Blurred eyes
That sting from salt
Desperate fingers
Seeking a hand hold
A self made drama
Your fadeing monolouge

The solitary heart
Is not the same as the lonely
Who may find themselves
Alone even in the crowd

No solace in anothers arms

Can distract with empty hopes.

The knower and the known
If you never see me
How can projections be the truth?
You cannot read my story in my face
Cannot see into my mind
You misunderstand, this is always about you.

Drift wood on the tide
False hopes for drowning men
Or those gathered in packs
Where all they hold close to is each other’s name
Bolstered reputations
Empty claims to pretend.

Alone within the crowd
False promise screams aloud
Consumed in the wake
Of party pleasure cruisers
Left by all to drown
And grasp blindly for the drift wood on the tide.

Come Close

The dance of intimacy
Ever mindful of betrayal
A two step takes two to tango
Mirror ball to the spot lights

They say that life’s a solo
When will you take a stand
Fearful of accusations
The gossip goes around

Some live a life of fantasy
Holding to another’s side
And yet in the final act
They loose their crutch, falling flat

Did you write me up
As you wrote me off
In your secret journal
A script for all your schemes
Have you ever been yourself
For all the makeup masks?

The wolf at the door
Inviting vampires in
That suck you dry and spit you out
It’s yourself you need to trust
The ones to you who are closest
Can strike the deepest blows

The boundary within
Protects the heart
To look before you leap
Not all who disguise themselves as friends
Are worthy of the name
Of all the hungry thieving hands I’ve known
It’s me I blame
For I let them in.

The notorious Bettie page

The notorious Bettie Page
Courtroom drama for their sin
Model citizens to corrupt
Adult literature souls to win

Leather and lace
Done up from the heels
Temperature rises
From tapping toes of her feet

Slow dance in the mood
Hungry eyes feast on her food
The curve of the hip
Slit skirt reveals slip

Ridden hard by the pick of the crop
Crushed under foot, to their knees they drop

Freedom to express
Shedding her dress
Clothes and pose
How passions grow
Mass debate to arrest
She’s the well heeled empress

The girl next door
She’s that Bettie page
The caress of the lens
Her hooks pulling men
To magazines spread
Hold up stockings smooth legs

To adult books the satisfied
The models promise in what she hides
A photograph cannot lie
Betty blues spanks never die
Fevered pulses rise
To the pages magazine thighs



Slowly cracked haphazardly
Concrete paving slabs
Crevasse in cement
Where pokes through the youthful shoots

Breeze blocks with porous holes
Like plant pots to new roots
That force their way to find the ground
Beneath the stone and mortar

The struggle for life
That pierced the scars in baked tarmac
That wrestles through grit and grime
A post modern landscapes crimes

The bricks stacked in their walls
Builders straight and true
Forced materials to serve
The architects well plotted plans

Ah, but the new shoots still rise
Breaking free of all constraint
Where water finds a way
To feed the fledgling roots
The concrete forced apart
By the strength in nature’s heart

Roll on the weekend

Have a nice weekend
This weeks drove me round the bend
Politicians talking bull
When will it ever end

Another Groundhog Day
Things are set that way
Going round in circles
No matter what they say

Have a good weekend
Another week done and dusted
Be sure to raise a glass
Forget the system, it’s just busted

Enjoy yourself
Make sure you get some quality time
Take a bubble bath tonight
Pampering by candlelight

Have a great weekend
Hope you and yours are doing fine
Avoid the queues
Don’t waste time standing there in line

Enjoy yourself
And give yourself a break
Have a wonderful weekend
You’ve earned yourself some freedom
Roll on the weekend till it all starts again
There’s so many reasons I still don’t like Monday’s.

The poet

When you write the poems
That make the poets weep
Then you know the sadness
That their hearts too do keep

When you pen the words
Where words can run so deep
Then you know the depths
Where dreams in slumber sleep

When you compose the verses
That form a part in phrase
Of the lyric tone in splendour
With hope on breath to raise

Be sure who writes the poems
That makes the reader weep
That one must know of heart
That peace will rarely keep

When you string the lines
Like beads the words that rhyme
A necklace you will make
To stand the test of time

When you write the poems
Where only poets sleep
To speak of what hearts dream
And that of which the poets weep
When you write such poems
Then a poet you will be.

Material world

Pragmatic fantastic
Renegade to monastics
Whose buying their soul?
We all end up in a hole.

Chickens and eggs
Which came to be first?
Does consciousness precede
Material existence?

Can they transplant your mind
If they chop off your head?
The seat of the self
When you’re dead you are dead.

A pragmatic life you’ll see
Seated in materiality
Free from theology
And sky pilots fantasy.

Take care of the pennies
And the pounds will follow
With a bird in hand
From your future don’t borrow

Pragmatic fantastic
We all want deeper pockets
A material world
So don’t go loosing your head
Even those who’ll remember you
Will one day be dead.

A happy death

A happy death
To leave this mortal coil
How many can really say
That with this life they’re satisfied?

Success that comes and goes
Loves warmth with hopes it grows
But the songs of experience
Knows ardour soon becomes so cold

What meaning to create?
What do we really want
A purse that’s full of coin
And the time free to spend it all

There’s those who sell you answers
Those who’d lead the dance
Those with promised miracles
Fulfilment longed for peace

To happy death
And rest from woe
Troubled hearts release
To find eternal sleep

A happy death
That’s what I want
To turn my back on strife
Bid adieu in final bow
A happy deaths to kill for
For who finds happiness in life?



Prevent, contest, channel,
Still living in extremes
Isolate from cause
Surrounded by the team
The prophets call to arms
Clicking on missing links
Filtered media
Adjusting what they think
Prevent those with the profile
Keep them under Obs
They say this war is terror
Freedoms set to rob
Presenting contradictions
Living rent free in the mind
Actors in reaction
Be sure we watch their kind
There’s facial recognition
They’re sifting through emails
Searching for solutions
Loose cannons to derail
False figure heads to causes
To see which ones will fight
Spinning oppositions
But do you see the light?
Who are the ones to fear
With all these controls just whose the right?


Warm seas
Like the lovers mouth
Surrender to the waves
Arms embracing every stroke

Looking back upon the land alone
Treading water in the distant depth
Anxious of what hides below
The abyss dark and wide

Devouring chill cramps
Pulling at the limbs
Pebbles churn in receding foam
Frantic strokes to find the beach

Stars swimming in moist eyes
Lucid as the falling tear
For foothold reaching to seabed
Floating steps as a child’s trust to open arms

Tender as the night
Welcome as Unwaking slumber of death
Laying on soaked sheets
A shiver down the spine

Washing of the water
That slowly warming dries
The liquid in the glass
Besides the bedside lamp
The sinking feeling washed away
Fluid buoyancy benign

Harry Baker

Harry the Baker
The birthday cake maker
On life has a handle
Bigs it up with a candle

Harry the Baker
The ginger bread maker
Knocks out little men
Kids all knew about them

Harry the Baker
You know he’s no faker
Chocolate eclairs
As rich as they’d dare

Harry the Baker
Just where would he take her
Didn’t like a cheap tart
They’ve those sweet kingdom hearts

Harry the Baker
Sausage rolls for the taker
They could fill in a hole
Spread jam from a bowel
Sweet cakes to govern
Sticks his bun in the oven

Harry the Baker
A birthday cake maker
For everyone he cares
Picnic with teddy bears
They win who dare
With those chocolate eclairs


​Perfume (expanded)

Citric zest
The bergamot
Fresh warmth
The Fruit of passion

May I dare to say
I adore
Distilled nature
In an atomiser

Like burnt joss sticks
Earthy pull
Weighted sense

Lavender blue
Flowers to bee
The spray of mist
Pollens sweet perfumery

Colour in the oils
Vanilla smooth as silk
Hot gingers
Spice of life
Musk the heat of lust
To animals masked flesh

The smells of promises
Rise from the crystals glass
A uniform to wear
To memory in marked scent
The Genie of the bottle
Three wishes to each heart

​To sniff the neck
And bite the throat
Nuances in ambergris
Where fragrances are wrote.


A gypsy life for me
Where the passions play
A troubadour in step
To the dancing skirts
Wooed from promised side
From marriage turning as beguiled

Obedient soul
The soldiers salute
To the March of love
The advances in her eyes
The secret jewels
That adorn the longed for breast

Deserting duty
For the fire
That freedom promises
In that curvaceous Form
The wheel of fate
Deaths foreshadowed turn of card

A toreadors song
To steal the hand
Fragile heart
The betrayers cheating art
To jealousy
The rising flame

The cries of the crowd
Bullfights arena
With lust to boil the blood
How the fair face
Now turns away
To languish
In another’s arms

Cast down the ring
Blood rose for crown
A thrust that rends the veil
The heart to own is gripped
In crimson choke
The death rattle
In guilt to bow the head
Alas for gypsy love is dead.

The line

Crossing lines
The killing fields
Where the bugle calls
To the last posts fall

Puppet masters
Pulling strings
A trigger in back of minds
Left out of conditions

Facing the wall
With laser sight
Painting patterns
On the blood moon
Meaningless graffiti
The scars of prophets words

Keeping score
The trophies mount
Oak plaques
Beyond cell doors
Knelt in prayer
Monkfish to the hook

Reeling in
The last tides catch
Ground bait
Cast in roles
The blind
Misleads the blind

Served up
A silver service meal
Clean shines the plate
Still singing for our supper.
Mental trauma behind masks
Of their resurrections wars.

Hair (can't afford a ticket as someone puts my royaltys up their nose, hair would apreciate that, on my margins I was able to go to Wiked this month as it was cheaper than Wimbledon. 'Popular', the Apollo offered VIP but I couldn't afford their bottled water..)

Silk satin finish
Freshly showered hair
That shines from conditioner
Floral scent with a flair
Where water drops fly
with a flick into the air
Goose pimples in the steam
Sensation without care
Warm towelling of the skin
Soft embrace to dry
Flushed flesh, relaxed muscles
Letting go of hand rail
Brushing fibres like cobwebs
Whispering as a horses tail
Reaching for the light
Gently stroking cheek where memory's pale
So smooth to the touch
Like alabaster
Freshly waxed legs
A little hint of heaven
To brush the strands with the fingers
Stroke flesh with the thumbs
Massaging the scalp
Till with a sigh the tension comes undone
Trembling with thoughts rare
Of the silk satin touch of hair

Artichoke it's hidden heart
It's bud beneath the bract
Scales stripped with the knife
The fallen thistles leaves
Spiked recollections
Tearing of the flesh
Wound around the past
The unraveling thread of fate
Scabs with dirty plaster
Now cleaning out the scars
Bled out with the memory
Blacked out by the pain
Hands breaking through the ice
Too cold to hold the gun
Sun blushed tomatoes
Who rose with embarrassment ?
Fragile petal, The slide of olive oil
Tossed salad for a beggars bowl
Lost in disassociation
Fragmented in location
The sound of knitting needles
That marked the passing time
Trembling bitten fingers
Scrubbed red with wire wool
Falling through the fiddlers roof
Memory it's own proof
Gauntlet cast upon the ground
The feint , a foils repost.
Artichoke it's shielded bud
The well protected heart
Concealed beneath scale mail
A hidden tenderness.

LIBERAL FASCIST MIDDLE CLASSES ripping off disabled peoples business? Only in surrey. 'Anything goes' so long as anything goes... including defrauding those on benefits trying to make a crust. Eds fairy Godmothers? Like all things with 'god' in the title, no just the ritch exploiting the poorer to make more money whilst causing more hardship. Love thy neighbour... enjoy your coke habit.

Witch hunt? Witches smile at kids on their way to school. Burn them cry the christians. They are all EGO , Easing God Out.... good job say I, god is beneath contempt (childhood lukemia for starters). Up the ego!

IT IS TOTALLY UNLAWFUL and against PRESS REGULATIONS to report via any medium a victim of sexual assault without their prior written consent. I have 2 crime referance numbers as a victim. I have only twice signed disclosure for media, once with The Sun INTERVIEW and once with the BBC, both one shots.

She’s a vixen
Looking foxy in a frock
In the finest lace
Be sure she’s gonna shock
Look out for sparks in eyes
A kiss of long goodbyes
Electric to the touch
She wants to turn you on
Her voltage a bit too much
Set to overload ,
It’s time to hit the road
now just what could go wrong ?
She’s a vixen
Pulling on Foxgloves
The sound of her feral love
A scream to rend the night
Blue sparks to her lies
Electric lullaby
Jump starting the motor
Crocodile clips in the glove box
The battery ever ready
In time you’ll love those shocks
She fingers that gear stick
Satin gloves a static flick
She’s a vixen
Foxy lady on the rocks
Sat atop a raised bar stool
The mistresses heels to dance foxtrot
Slowly Crossing legs and how she’s sure to shock
Electrostatic to her stare
A lightning strikes blue underwear
Days of Thunder to her thighs
As her skirts hems are set to rise
Greasers check her oil
Their blood is set to boil
Lace holdups holster fit to shoot
She’s the kind who electrocutes



Anonymous authority
Holding to taboo
Secret dominator
Coercion that defiles

Self evident in natural law
Resistance ever futile
Bow down to the political correction
Adjusted attitudes

The boss is now a buddy
Equal in all but wage
Resources now so human
That none wears rebellions face

Prescription to enlighten
One question, the ‘how to’?
Cyclic in our struggle
To find volition keen
Wounded until the last
At fault for never healed

Consult a specialist
Fulfilment to be found
The art of happiness
Yet shows an empty hand
The futility in shame
But who is set to gain?

Enlightening just pockets
Obey another not yourself
Loosing faith within the focus
Eternal happiness never to be found
The revolutionary motion of emotions
In the spirals of the spotless mind.


Colour of the wind

When the wind catches your hair
Like the opening of sails
Awakening to a new direction
Will you know how much of me still dreams
Of stroking the strands
In my trembling hands
Blowing colours on the breeze
Like the falling autumn leaves
That wave goodbye
To summers sun drenched sky
Can you hear the whispered hopes
In the torrents gale
Can you hear the mountains crying
For the sky
The embrace of cotton clouds
For the snow topped peaks
And how of your open arms
To me they speak
Blowing with the freedom
Letting go
How I long for
Yet will never know
The touch of your hot breath
Upon my cheek
Brushing softly
Strands of your flowing hair
The wind that whispers
Of the coming tide
The changes
As yet for which to decide
The choices that rise up in greeting
To find a new direction from your side.
Painting perfumed phrases with the words
I wish they’d listen
That all I dream for
Is to be forever free
Searching for your eyes within the crowd
The breath of every woman on the wind.


The diamond gleam in eye
That twinkles like the star filled sky
The rays extending from the pupil
Crisscrossed waters of a joyous tear

The gemstone with its many facets
Hidden sides frozen within time
The faces that we show to others
Stones cut with precision’s lines.

Brilliant as the light caught in your eye
Reflecting beauty with what they see
Rocks refracting rainbows of perfection
Colours held within the spectrums fire

Like the heart warm beating in the chest
Loves calm seas to bless
Popular as if to fashion
A jewel held closely by the breast

Diamond earrings on the mirrors face
Starlight fingers slowly trace
To try to catch each and every moment
In the rhythm and the rhyme

Did I tell you how to me you’re diamond
With the moonlight as if by fingers traced
The fire that dances with the passion
Of reflections hidden by the face.


HEADSTOGETHER? Kettle calling coffee pot black? Or why it may prove unwise to confront UK government with the fact the mental health act is used to undermine the human rights of victims of child abuse. They will abuse all over again as soon as the courts rights lift. Still a casualty. Civil protections cannot be seen to truly exist when they are not accesable to all. Same old story my leige.

First Draft POETRYBOOK right click to save to PC. On Amazon. 2nd Imprint now available (the one by peter n stock)


I stay sober by standing on one leg in public view for about a minute per day. I find this more effective than 12 step groups. For a mere 1K I will tell a room of dick head addicts how it works and how I am 30 years in recovery. No mystic posture required. Phone Danny Dyer to see if he's got a trust worthy mate to sponsor you, he's in with Charlie ... momment of clarity? Despite 30 years and psychological and care qualifications and experience I have little or no insight into how to treat addiction beyond prescrption of baclofen, which they wont due to patent issues (and the fact a cure would put them all out of business). I do know what dosen't work...

This Prospect for 'sponsership' balked when I asked him to go on his knees before me. Wise up! AL me dinner... Self Will SAFER than faceing mecca! Viva Las Vegas for the Emperor... of course anyone going down on knees can expect a mouthful... take eat... mmm creamy!


If Steve O. was in fact alcoholic he would not require any psychological or moral programme. He would just need to address the problem of craving caused by neurological reaction with alcohol. Either through abstinance, control or neuropharmacology. Nothing else need be wrong with him. (apart from his back tattoo!)

Balls brothers (Me and this oik shared a romantic interest). Thing with Rumours is I was never in The Chain.


Poppin on stockings

A spoonful of sugar
Helps the medicine go down
Handing out umbrellas
What if Mary Poppins was a trans?

We all know robin good fellow
Was maid to measure
For mrs doubtfire
Going clean Laddered his stockings

You saw it in tootsie
How I want to break free
Ladies on top
In time you know that they’ll see

What if Mary Poppins
Was really in drag ?
One day over the rainbow
Satin glove on the hand?

We all like non binary
When rough trade gets a chance
A gentleman’s excuse me
Can a lady take lead to the lord of the dance?

What if Mary Poppins
Was really in drag?
mrs Bracknells still holding on to her handbag
Ugly ducklings all turn into beautiful swans
Is it just a case of ‘ooh I say’?
Who thought a butterfly
Could be the making of me?
A dangerous liaison could mean more you see
In a most delightful way


Bi waters? Malicious gossip... who believes irony would be lost on a stonewall?


You know you've had a bum trip when you find Kelly Osbournes head down your toilet. TEMPTER (strange parallels with The Book Of Mormon in the West End NB: Frogs are common)




The faces

Shall I paint you a picture?
A look alike masquerade
The dance of faces
Reaction in the crowd

It was a fake portrait
A laughing cavalier
Mere forgery
False impressions from the past

Positive ID
Reading recognition in blind eyes
A misplaced meeting
Forcing cards into the hand

Shame faced or fear griped
Naive to the directors prompt
Deducing pasts mistaken
The characters to the act

Chance impressions in expression
The cracks within the mask
Reading the responses
Cold observer after the fact

The gypsy dancers to crystal ball
Pushing buttons in the mind
Associations to the memory
Defences undermined
Kiss and tells makeup rouge to cheek
Actors and reactors in a costume change



Changing landscapes
Left long behind
Resigned to failure
In requiem to success
Another world
Striving beyond needs
On borrowed time
To earn enough for pay back
Mortgaged homes
Built on shifting sands
Elusive stability
The crumbling bricks and mortar
Selling out tomorrow
Living just for today
Lives defined by debt
The bankers deal in credit cards
Still left bluffing on bad hands
On the other side of the tracks
Fated ever by holes in pockets
Penny pinching till the end
Where time is running low
Long shadows from promised targets
Counting blessings against short falls
That proclaim a bitter harvest
Left with so little that remains in trust
For the moral debt of those forever selling out,
Kissing up like whores
Left Greasing palms to open doors.


To strive yet unfulfilled
Indulging dreams of fragile substance
Degraded in failure
An end without a means

Meandering a short while
Autumns leaf so soon to fall
Taken by the wind
Yet never knowing seasons change

Spirals take to wing
In repetitions circles
Ripples from the tear
Of knowing all is loss

The mould that marks decay
Eating at the hopes
Consuming all that's sought
To finf the fated melancholy

Struggling without resistance
Limbs weary to the tides
That swallow in their midst
All from which we try to hide

The smouldering fire light
The smoke that stings the eyes
Thoughts hanging on the air
Of the all betraying blight


Mickey Mouse ministries
All seeking to control
Bureaucratic tombs
Snuffing out the light of lives

To be free of the masters yoke
Bonds with which to strain
The crushing weights restriction
Keeping feet firmly on the ground

TV dinner substitutes
Nuclear family dreams
The feathered wanting nest
Buying in to all they advertise

Chance meeting to remind
Of the jailers key
Where doors forever seal
Liberty in cold reality

Red tape warriors
Paper chase
Confetti for rapes marriage feast
That wines on the blood of innocence

Deaths shroud for a veil
Wax tears in frozen time
To ministry raise mayhem
For the life they stole

No reasoned accusation
That keeps hearts under glass
Burn forever brightly
Against their coming night


Raven wings a velvet dark
Spread nights canopy
The clouded sky that speaks of death
carrion to the feast

The blood soaked tears
Of bruised battle fields
A crimson veil
Torn by a flood

The engulfing gloom
Of dashed hopes
Broken by the storm
The wounds there thunder struck

Reasons grave
The coffins nails
That hammer home one truth
Where all destinations end

The sound of her wings
Announcing doom
The herald of demise
A whispered word on final breath
Death rattle
Shaken bones.

To find comfort in her feathers
Where all else forgot
The fading of the light
That lingering of dusk
Bleeding out the memories
To know release, where all is not.

To Touch

Touching skin
Smooth stroked sensation
Fingers dance slowly over flesh
Sensitive as they brush

Memory's of those eyes
Deep pools of which to drink
Obscured by the falling hair
Parting over the kissed brow

When all passions spent
The afterglow beyond desire
To meditate on emptiness
That finds fullness in another's arms

To hold and be held
Assurance in embrace
The nestling in breast
To hide the naked face

When the trembling subsides
The torrent comes to rest
The flames that there are quenched
The warm cheeks blush by fireside

In the fragile silence after union
Where hearts beat in rhythm one
Returning slowly to the self
One other on the mind
Breathed scent upon the lips
That speak of a sensual world


Romantic manifest? (Ayn Rand)

Tread the catwalk
The well heeled actress
Cue line from the boards
A romantic manifesto
Aesthetics to conserve
A curse on all that's modern
Just ask but is it art?

To turn face against the random
Blight innovations change
Hold fast to pleasantries
That constrain form to tradition
Just ask yourself one question
But is it really art?
The music of the spheres
In melodic chaos theory?

Who lays claim to what is beauty
Reflected in whose eyes?
Sticking to the script
Fluidity of the improvised
To shine light on the darkness
The curve form from the line
Only straights require a ruler
Limits to define

Technique in question
childlike primitively to scrawl
Breaking free of the restraints
Reminder of when life was art itself
What measure draw for creativity?
The treasures of a complex simplicity

Left with just one question

But is it really art?


Am I the sum of all experience
Or am I just the things I do
An agent of production
The social roles in which I act?

Am I really a human being
Or defined as a human doing
The measure of all my thoughts
The emotions that I feel?

Am I the actor on this stage
Or a reactor to cue lines?
A script writ by another's hand
Improvisations liberty?
A reflection of a single face
To show unto the audience

Am I the labels others give
An expectation to profiles
A puppet on a string
Forever for others to define?

What are the limits to my choice
The weight of history?
Freedoms to decide
In theses unraveling situations

What am I after all?
What does it really mean
To be human, oh so human
Until the end of days?

Toys for boys

Barbie and ken
Now and again
Like to have a sleep over
They prefer it with men

Action man
When ever he can
Pulling two guns
It's the way with real men

Barbie and ken
Now and again
Like to have a threesome
Cindy in the den

Eagle eye action man
Really likes to swing
On his death slide
National anthem to sing
Army dreamers
Hand grenade for a ring

Barbie and ken
Where are the single women?
Getting tired of monogamy
Seeking a Unicorn for my little pony

Are you sure they're alright?
Pansexuality is all the fashion
And those kids are out of sight
Kens looking pretty glam in a skirt
Now Barbies at it all night

Shit head (or how to give michael the needle, smack my bitch up...)

There's a woman from the south
And she poos into men's mouths
There's nothing quite so sweet for tea
As the shit that she gave me

What could it really be
Is this my favourite fantasy?
Sitting on my mouth
That's our lady from the south

Lips kiss the entrance round the back
There's nothing quite so sweet for tea
As the shit that she gives me

My what could it really be
That fulfils my fantasy?
A little touch of shit
That gives me such a hit

She leaves it in my bowl
Like a lump of golden coal
The present that comes out the back
In a little plastic sack
You know her shit can kill
Why do I feel this thrill?

I give her arse a poke
That shit goes up in smoke
There's really no better fantasy
Than the shit she gives to me
I'm a coprophiliac
Cos her arse is fit for smack

Social cancer

Like the cancer
That takes root in every cell
The poison perfumes
From the flowers of hell

Belladonna dilates the eyes
The needles prick
That snuffs out all other lies
And leaves only craved release for the sick

Like a social parasite
Hidden in the network
Where the viral bites
Hacking lives they shirk

The director to the play
Finds comedy in others tragedy
Recording all they say
With a pawns advance their strategy

Chance meeting on the platform
To step onto the train
Crossing tracks in reform
A guiding hand to pain

Poison as the pen
That signs to contract slaves
Dealing shackles to free men
To bring blood roses to their graves
The fevered sighs disease
That plagues the lusts to tease
Painting oiled pictures
In the half lights photography

I robot

Nested loops
To iteration
Conforming to the same
The chains restricting change
What freedom rearranged?

Trans humanists
Bodies modified
Data stored in the flesh
Encoded magnetic fields
Bluetooth in the ear
Of the fading psychic youth

To tap transmit
Return or enter
Communication hives
Restricted rooms with sealed members
Carriers to handshakes

Rudimentary linguistics
In an algorithm
Bots weave words of language
But never truly hear
What would you like to say?

Emulating friendship
That speaks from random seeds
Trapped within the maze
Described by logic trees
Robots seeking rights

Looking for a sign
Where hangs the neon no exit light
Prise open closed back doors
On information super highways
Lives caught by cameras eyes
Recognising every interconnection
Cards forced to the top
By magicians code in slight of hand

One step programme

It's spiritual
A programme of one step
Straight off the roof
They can speak to the angels on the way down

Treating sex offenders
They'll try to make excuses
Forever in denial
They say it's just their sin

Who wants to hug a rapist?
You know they should be public listed
Keep them with the nonces
One is too many, segregate

Hanging round the schoolyards
In the play parks
Arch cripple dicks
To chemically castrate
They'll plead they've done their time
Don't want to hear it from sex crimes

They'll be meeting with their maker
When they're thrown off the roof
A programme of one step
The angels know the truth

Who'd date a sex offender?
Ever mindful that they rape
Just throw them off the roof
The results are pretty great
Give us the list
It's time to show them all a fist.

​Chasing waterfalls

Where waterfalls cascade
Weaving rainbows in their midst
The roar of the flood
Rising clouds of mist

If you collected all our tears
How many would it take to weep
The river of our grief
That falls from the stony face ?

The weathered warn rock
Of the ages spent enslaved
By the memory of the pains
Of childhoods lost to mourn

The foaming fluids flight
Untamed from heights to dive
And reach stretching from the depths
Struggling hopes in the undertow

Recollections of the frozen years

That so slowly melt away

Where glacier forced the banks
And carved out the rivers bed
A leap of faith with open arms
Into refreshing pools

How many tears to count
Ever falling uncontained
Torn from the eyes
Screaming to the sky
The waters burst of childhoods
That rode rough amongst the scree
To come to rest in rippled circles
Where collects our weeping hearts

Zombie nation

Zombie agents in the brain
Reflex circuits to routine
Only conscious after the event
Behaviour faster than our thoughts

Repetition trained to automation
The cutting edge in mastery
No delay in the response
Actions burned into the mind

Unaware, no need to plan
The zombie army on the march
Discipline to their advance
Motor cortex for a Sargent major

Trying to focus yet loosing sight
Suppression uninhibited
Optimally beyond control
Supremacy even under pressure

Think of nothing
Just embrace the flow
Feeling each movement
Each reaction to defend

Without hesitation
Zombie nation guides the hands
Unconscious in coordination
To what we quantify and only afterward perceive


Constructed walls
Imprisoned minds
Barb wire ideology
Fencing in with words

Dogma to enchain
Theory to enslave
Manacles remain
Conforming to restraints

To know downtrodden shame
Always yourself to blame
On declaring freedoms song
In excess still finding wrong

To break free of constructs
Burned into the mind
Subversion to destruct
Restrictions that we find

Meaningless psychology
Religions ideology
All one and the same
Liberty to drain

To drink from lusts cup
And bask within the flames
On fleshes feast to sup
And know no ones to blame
To write the script anew
Authenticity so true
Just to know how it would feel
Freed hearts turned to the real


The burning
Cold hot
Soothing caress
Pained relief
Smooth to the touch
The known
Ineffably learned
A-priori forgotten
The dark
Whiter shade of pale
Absence of colour
In present tone
Rising fall
The love hate
Kiss on bitten lips.


As in the beginning
So too the end
You'll never stop me
Once I start
Never start me once I stop.

Erasure to neutrality
Contradicting words
The meaning
In significance

The structure
Of a construct
Relation of each word
In interpretation

The authorised context
Systematic unity
Internal oppositions
Eclipsing origin
Dominant chords to subs

Ever undoing
In reversal
Words put together
Torn apart
Bitter sweet
To win defeat

At the end so to begin
And so in opening
We come to close
At the start to mark the stop.


Tawny bark
The squirrels nest
Antler oak
In bough to rest

A secret garden
Where children play
Tomorrows dreams
Embrace glad day

The bird song branches
Reaching swarthy wood
Green mantle of leaves
New shoots understood

The crack in the shell
Emerging from egg
The wonder of life
Now shakes a leg
Stretching the wings
To soar on high

Of garden party's
Where unicorns dance
To the song of elves
That giggle and prance
Chasing rainbows
Bluest open sky

Safely canopied
By the mighty oak
Branches reach like antlers
Protecting hopes
To doze with back against the trunk
And slumber in dreams where hearts never sunk

Dressing (London fashion week, sorry dears I like my black and white classical)

The dusky triangle of the mons
Curled dark Hair glistens trapped in smooth silk
With elastic waist to veil the mound
A touch of lace brushing without sound

Pencil lined stocking
Shear black nylons stroke
Held up by red garter
Suspenders belt

The fastening snaps
Skirt to zip
Straightening hem
Split thigh grips

Crossing thighs
The fabrics rise
Brushed down by nails
Painted scarlet fingers trail

Arched in high heel
The tap of the toe
Sharp stiletto
And pointed sole

The curve of the calf
Encased by boot
Straightening leg
The rising foot
Worshipful anxed
Bloods rising pressure
What words to describe
A classical pleasure

Creature Comfort

Safe and warm
Creature comfort
Feathering of nest
All in all
Bests for the best

To know absence of desire
A soft warm embrace which to retire
Having all needs met
Hardship soon to forget
Yet in this state of grace
Environmental wants already faced
A question rises in the pampered mind
What now in which the meaning find

Safe and warm
These creature comforts
Years in struggle without hope
Scarcity with which to cope
Now faced with glad opening day
Finding yet despair stands in the way

Safe and warm
Creature comforts
What purpose for the sated heart
What dreams come when night departs
New longings bringing pain
Unsure which way lies the gain

Anxious of impending doom
Empowerment cannot come too soon
Where now find the true north?
In what place our faith or worth?
Creature comfort leaves the heart unsure
Unfamiliar territory in encore


2018 (others on MORESOUNDZ)


Nicole Kidman FUR








NEW Better late than never METoo because men rape men too.



Who Survived 45? Frankl 'Logo'Therapy compare HEADSTOGETHER 'who cares, just scum'

TheOutsider part 3 of the Albert Camus Suite MYTHOFSISYPHUS TheRebel




TheCis (I've been called worse. Don't look at me, some folks are very ill informed.)







Is there a fairy god mother
To bring you on
A millionaire without self interest
Signed on a dotted line?
Vampires craving blood
Their thirst writ in cold eyes
For all philanthropists
There's an accountant keeping score
Why are so many left so poor
If they're really opening doors?
Bailiffs kicking at the entrance
Just itching for the unwary to downfall
Jekyll's with hungers rabid teeth
To snap at the woundeds ankles
Achilles heels
Just how does it feel
To know love is always on loan?
The penny drops to a silent phone
The disempowered
Make profits for others whilst they're left alone
Do you think they want you on TV
That there's a deal yet to be signed
A golden ticket that explodes
To the ticker tape parade?
You see the haves live in another world
The have nots left on the outside

You know we've seen this all before

From the archives of cracked minds
Could it be that all the heroes are dead
That exploitation rules the day?
Investors shuffling credit cards
So they can hit target percentage
Are those without homes just in your head?
Whilst the rich look the other way


Like a refugee of romance
Fleeing from a hallowed land
Milk and honey soured
By dissidents to their experience
Refugees of romance
Your flight is not your sin
War torn barb wire fences
Makeshift tents in holding camps
Trying to stem the flood
Battered boats upon the tide
Refugees of romance
Your hope is not a sin
Who wants to be a refugee
Displaced and outcast
Divided by dictates of conflict
Or fleeing genocide
Refugees of romance
Your broken hearts are not your sin
The oppressed forced to run
Forgotten of nationality
Risking all, with lives packed upon their backs
Lost Children seeking the embrace of a longed for home
Refugee of romance
Your search is not a sin
A stranger on a foreign shore
Hopes clasped close to wounded hearts
With outstretched shaking hands
Fearing the rejection of the promised land
The Modern exodus
Tears in pleading eyes
I don't want to be a refugee
Displaced by the oppressors fist
Forlorn and hungry for safety
The embrace of a foreign isle
Refugees of romance
Your lack is all our sin
The Anguish of belonging hearts
The refugees of longed for romance

Getting it on with Nietzche this week (with a touch of Camus)


Philosophic suicide
One thought to make it through the night
The waiting sharpened blade
Of final decision made

Consumed by obsessions pain
To look on this life's comic tragedy
Ever fearful of approaching death
Seeking to cut life short with one final breath

To numb craving with belief
Burning reason with its effigy
Protest ever on the lips
For all meaninglessness to berate

Concealing half truths found
To rest only on a cripples crutch
And grasp at floating wood upon the tide
There weather the currents undertow

Suicide ever in back of mind
To turn the back on all life's lies
One last leap into the dark
Falling from grace, nights peace to find

Anger ever at weakness
Wanting for the poison, heart to still
The tremble of the grasping hand
In despair to make a final stand
Romantics turn from suicide
Death in time will come to decide.



Easier to obey another
Than command oneself
Broken nights searching for the light
Whispers of darkness fevered dreams

To bow down to the emperors words
Open minds filled like an empty glass
Knowing only of the bottles pull
To drink of forgetfulness
Motivated to fulfil
Following last orders thought to still

The believer basking with the glow
Of the spirit moving them to tears
A rudder moved by an absent hand
The boat moves on in search of promised land

Growth the reward of pain
The tree that weathers every storm
Gnarled and bent by winds of change
In strength of being never rearranged

The dancing stars of fear
Reminding of this life within a tear
Eyes blink with water welling up
To weep for loves once promised cup

The lonely wanderer to new horizon
Shadows grow unto the dusk
Tension ever in the breath
Discomfort ever unto death
A choice to make next weary step
Oneself in forced march of life never to forget
In youth ever striving for next goal
With age reaching not for a new role

Be yourself?

They say become yourself
That is life's truest wealth
Growing and becoming
That which none other can truly be
But stop to think a while
Ponder on this particular style
In time words seem so hollow
From those you once sought to follow
Grasping for support to hold
Once accepted into the fold
But the stories getting old
What guiding hands once foretold
Soldiers of fortune
Without command
Salute one portrait
Fruits of the land
When you stumble, when you fall
Raised up by your own hand
How be other than yourself?
Become something greater than this goal
In your breast your heart forever beats
Ever standing on your own feet
Go into yourself that's what they say
Growing in wealth that is a better way
All service to one crown
On coins to which we finally bow.


Of all the virtues life can bring
There is one by far the worse
There's reasons that they left it on its own
At the bottom of Pandora's box

Hope just like an anaesthetic
Troubles which to numb
For without lack you'd never wish
Upon its fallen star

Hope like poison to the heart
Knowing only strife
What dreams may come
To take its cravings from the mind

An empty casket
No gold there
This is the rainbows end
That looses all who search

Hope like empty prayers
Knowing that nothings there
Forced to strive throughout our lives
Its mountain never climbed

Hopes whispered on the lips
To keep the ship afloat
Knowing rocks are sure to come
To dash our fragile chance

Hope like the sunken heart
In davey joneses locker
Abandon hope I say to you
For it has a bitter end


The throbbing of awareness
That seizes at the mind
Like a flash of inspiration
That Illuminates the blind
Burning of the flesh
The cutting of the knife
Persistent as the tooth ache
Discomfort, such is life
Awakening to migraine
Rhythmic as the pulsing heart
Weary of its knowledge
Wishing only for it to depart
The cold shiver
Like an electric shock
Spasms a cool blade
Stabbing ease to block
Desiring only choice
To numb the misery
Escaping from distress
Fleeing suffering
The serum to the illness
One malady distress
Freedom from desire
Knowing not this pain
To liberty of thought
Emancipation gain


Girl with a pearl earring

Girl with a pearl earring
My old Dutch
A golden age
That Hangs in The Hague
The contrasting colour
Finest scarves all the rage
slope of the cheek
And held back hair
The ear to the oyster
Smooth skin so fair
Where secrets are whispered
Into the open shell
Hot breath on the tongue
Gleaming mother of pearl
Like snow drops in spring
Petals reaching for warmth
Or the pendant chandelier
Its tears to be caught
White virgin vellum
Turning over new page
Contrasting with ink
Like tattoo fading with age
Where wine matures
Sealed lips oaken cask
The oyster her secret
As smooth as her pearls
To open her shell
And drink of the flesh


Bringing thought into line
The dialogue
In attachment to realign
Misspelled words
Try to convey
Meaning in phonemes
Anagrams missing piece
Concealing whips
Absent life rafts
From sinking ships
To counsel and to reconcile
With promised integration
Smoke signals in the wilderness
Where the cavalry never comes
Adjusting attitudes
Contradictions from divides
Where does it ever end in philosophic diatribe
Wearing out to lay to waste
An opponents war inside
Dichotomy unified
Pancake days to a flip side
Ever on the back burner
Turn it over, there is no guide
Binary choices, left or right
Time to bulldoze down the maze,
Bridges burning in the mind
To find you are on your own side.


The poisoner of trust
Like the stain of unfaithful lust
False witness to the trial
Where hands tip the balance
Avoidant of raised sword
No need for defence
When they claim the victims the offence
How they murdered hope
And cremated dreams
The betrayal of commitment
Saying I cannot know my own mind
Who can I really trust?
The knife drawn at defenceless backs
Slow poison to last suppers feast
Where the face turns other cheek
To receive the raised fists blow
It was me that they bashed
Still me that felt the lash
Private investigations
Born of suspicious minds
Still knowing nothing about me
The situations not ideal
And still the tears are real
Broken bonds of friendship
A killing joke taken too far
Did I forget to tell you
How I never drove a car
And as a child they locked me in the boot
Your musings just for the bar
That ran down all my trust

Cheers ears

What if our thoughts were not our own
All that we believe
What comes to motivate us
Not of ourselves alone
Welcome to the machine
Zero history to conceive
Living in a lie
A slave to implants in the mind
Silence is golden
Puppets unconscious of the feed
Radio gaga
The conscious made to bleed
Personnal filters
Wired to memory's stuck on repeat
Broken records algorithms
Where thoughts are fed to the beat
No man an island
A collective to the web
Enmeshed minds
In synchronicity of cut off heads
They say it's insane
If you try to name it
From birth forced to knees
Trapped maze of Conditioning
They'll say it's just madness
If you claim we're all connected by radios in our heads
Take the blue pill
They say the red is why you're ill



FE Man isms

'Feminazis' war
Declaring poison pedagogue
Patriarchy to the knees
Perfumed pussies to the riot
A young child's eyes
Wondering what they'll write
A not so empty page
The Margin and dividing lines
Boys will be boys in the ear
His masters voice to fear
Conforming to examples
The mentors guiding hand
Or the old gnarled cane
The rulers straightened back
Fathers dare not shed tears
Real men work but never tire
Dear johns reminding of the day
They grew soft to the memory of her eyes
War of words
Master tape listening in
Gender neutrals shades of grey
High heels stamping out a crushed fag

Screw Tapes edit concersations

Making devils of angels.
What is this thing?
This feminism?
Sugar and spice
And All things nice
Of Puppy dogs tales
Wagging tongues still stab at backs,
The ring torn from the finger
And the tears in weary eyes.

New age

Follow on
When you've lost all direction
Become a follower
Your freedom to subjection
Who are you following?
Do you have your own mind?
Construct walls with what you're reading
One guiding light to blind
False prophets words on traffic signs
Reading into everything you find
The master speaks, lips taste new wine
Selves with wills now undermined
Just one decision for your kind
Follow me leader
Preached sermons to the undersigned
One truth, new age, a gurus reader
Follow, follow
Thoughts constrain
Yellow brick road
Leads the faithful to restrain
Real profits
In the domination
False prophets
Sell dreams of salvation
Meaning of life on which you're sold
The same old cons, the stories old


Bad company

An 'addict' alone is in bad company
So the faithful preach
But I really enjoy myself
So that's the company I keep.
Bad company
The joys of solitude
Do they think I'm afraid of myself
That I am lonely when alone?
I am not my worse enemy
So my own company I keep
Don't want to argue with bull shiters
Who claim gods the one to seek
Bad company
Sitting on my own
Do you think I'm feeling lonely
When I'm sat safe at home?
I hear their poison platitudes
To undermine faith in myself
Entertain fools gladly
Who say I'm out on my own
Am I isolating ?
With these pleasures of solitude
If you're alone and in bad company
I guess it's time you changed
But to say that I'm bad company
Seems just a little strange
You see I like my own company
Can't You tell I'm still doing well.
I'm not lonely when alone
The rest can go to hell



What is the best move in chess?
Freedoms choice with which we're always blessed
In memory of the lovers eyes
Longing to turn the back on lies
Chasing happiness like butterfly's
Hands grasp emptiness as we try
Yet if we give up on the search
Meaning lands on fingers perched
An attitude to turn into the light
Passion held clearly in the sight
No longer pointless in our quest
When by our muse we're blessed
Culture seeking to oppress
One vision on the mind impressed
Ever craving for success
Unable to find an answer to the test
A way of seeing in which to create
Breaking out of the bondage of our fate
To see beauty in a tree
Contemplation of what it means to be
The Cup passive in being
Held empty yet we come to see
Fulfilment in receiving
The next line of whispered poetry


Sentient sentences

Homo sentient
Subjective of thought
Experiencing qualia
Integrated information consciousness
Mechanical substrates
Containing the whole
World without meaning
Here finding our role
The universe conscious of itself
We are the meaning to it all
Creation our true goal
To live and know it without fall
A whole of many parts
Yet no awareness till in sum
Emerging from constraints
Postulates Of physicality
Sentience to the world
Knowing of our own being
A sparks axioms fire
Burning creative consciousness
Senses feeding our desire
To remain aware
Survive the empty void
Stars to the firmament
Reaching with the light
Of communicated thought
Stepping free of restraint
Unified as one listening to it all

The pain of a pinprick
Sour taste of lemon fruit
The red colour of blood
The tear in the eye
Long suffering
The warmth of a hug
Moist lips in caress
Hot soup by the fireside
Skip to step feeling fresh
Achievement of goals
Where motives drive
Awareness of self
To know and be known
Calculations mechanics
Logic trees to an outcome
Predicted next step
Random seeds to be sowed
The light in the dark
Whistle on the wind
Seeking truth in a word
Where consciousness grows
Like the burning forest fire
It takes just one spark
To come into being
The struggle for life
Emergent entity


Velvet underground

The velveteen rabbit
Like water ship down
Wide eyed imagining
Hopes make no sound
The breath on the lips
That fills out the chest
Like childhood dreams
Wishing on a star
Windmills turning in the mind
Hands outstretched to catch the wind
Ever grasping for some meaning
Where loosed balloons float on free
The velveteen rabbit
Soft toys collecting childhood tears
Watering sown seeds
Buried deep underground
The reaching of shoots
Growing into the real
To run like the wind
To leap to the moon
Gambolling legs
That hop with cotton tail
Wide with their wonder
Gleaming bright button eyes
The velveteen rabbit
Dreamt of hopes in a wish
A child's toy left forgotten
Still straining for life
Growing in freedom
A leap into the light


Daddy dear
A core of hate
Like a knot in the chest
Or the burning tears
Of raised fists in rage
Nothing to surrender
No love to give
Grief that is bitter
With razor torn recollections
Abandoned , suppressed
Moans of the empty grave
The cigarette butt
They put out on my skin
A childhood memory
As they demanded
The tears on bitten lip
For real men do not cry
A little cunt
Their words of endearment
Scorched in the soul
Burned into the mind
Fearing for my life
Those hands dealing out pain
Hard wired rebellion
Fed in revolt , nurtured by spite
Compassion bled eyes
That know no redemption
Thoughts turn to murder
Deaths frenzied grip
No room to forgive
The little child's fist
For the cigarette burn
Raging on ever lives
Their little cunt
All my father taught me was shit

Silk satin finish
Freshly showered hair
That shines from conditioner
Floral scent with a flair
Where water drops fly
with a flick into the air
Goose pimples in the steam
Sensation without care
Warm towelling of the skin
Soft embrace to dry
Flushed flesh, relaxed muscles
Letting go of hand rail
Brushing fibres like cobwebs
Whispering as a horses tail
Reaching for the light
Gently stroking cheek where memory's pale
So smooth to the touch
Like alabaster skin
Freshly waxed legs
A little hint of heaven
To brush the strands with the fingers
Stroke flesh with the thumbs
Massaging the scalp
Till with a sigh the tension comes undone
Trembling with thoughts rare
Of the silk satin touch of hair

This life a bitter gift
Pain and trouble to the mind
Excess ever to it's payback
Love a price that's so unkind
The temperate heart
It's simple pleasure
To find ease from the start
The frugal find for them a hidden treasure
Abundant in spirit
Turn to restraint
Turmoil to shackle
Simplicity free of taint
With beauty paints
Death as nothing
Lacking sensation
The material brings
In time an end
I was not, I was,
I am not, I do not care
To be in time
A pleasure rare.
To find truth in sensation
Marred only by preconception
Surrendering to feeling
These joys epicurean.

Welcome mat
Shallow breaths
In anticipation
Before the gasped inhale
Expansion of the diaphragm
To blow birthday candles out
Hands that cradle gently
The growing child's balloon
Taste of rubber on the lips
The temptation to let go
Or burst it with a pop
Party poppers
Firing champagne cork
Bubbles up the nose
Where excitement flushes cheeks
With head rush of blood
Confetti in the hair
Streamers take to air
Like cherry blossoms subtle scent
Cotton candy melts on tongue
Sentimental for the celebrations past
Drying shoes with the first wipe
On a new door mat
Welcome home for the first time
Feet stepping over entrance
One giant moment in the stride
Soon to be lost in familiarity
To turn the back on all that's lost
Still with memory's to unpack
With a tear for what departs
Freshly wept into the new
Wondering just what else was forgot
As you cant find that box of tissues
To wipe at moistened cheeks.

Longer than life (much of my romantic poetry is relational to a human being expressed as nonbinary)
A love lasting longer than life
Heart pained by its prospect
To know no other in longing
Held forever with respect
Like the fading of the ink
On love letters in a drawer
Or the passions left sublimated
In poetry ever seeking more
Cobwebs in the attic
Half forgotten in the chest
Tokens whispered friendship
Frail touch where longings rest
To reach beyond deaths door
The memory's to awake
With softly wept warm tears
For one they'll not forsake
A song as old as the passing age
Where crowfeet mark the tide
That washes the fevered brow
Craving once more their side
Can you recall the fire in the eyes
The rising passions flames
The emptiness in the absence
Jealous secrets left untamed
A love to last longer than life itself
For this I would trade all else, to find its abundant wealth.

Self Esteem
Self worth
Self esteem
Didn't matter if they picked you for their team
Self regard
Once you win in heart
No one else can make its value to depart
If you loose in anothers games
When the bigots call you names
One thing provides a shield
Self Respect like a sword to wield
Are you only worthy to another's eyes?
Do you act a role to others lies?
People pleasing till the end of days
An empty whole relies on approval others say
Self worth the pauper with a crown
Self esteem none can turn your head around
Self regard in your own integrity
The other rated know only a self undeserving, to their pity
Where is this hole they fill with a soul?
What meaning find in others definitions ?
Reach beyond the critics hollow words
Self esteem, once arrived at, none can steal the whole
Fame and fortune, all possessions
As nothing to the value in self worth
The heart a golden wealth
When it finally comes to love itself

Boatmans coin
Every issue has a flip side
To the devil their advocate
Fixed in dichotomy
The fundamental their cry
Black and white thinking
Lived in extremes
Binary fed contradiction
Playing themselves at one handed chess
The hope of the holy
Committed to faith
Evidently false
Still they offer up prayers
Collected in groups
To bolster their strength
They'll claim there is reason
To tautological debates
The shepherds crook
To fish for lost necks
And force to the knees
Do you want to be fleeced?
Reconciled exiles
Or the fragile of heart?
Conciliatory feelings
Bringing conflict to end
Joining the hands in shared humanity
To step beyond reasons
See the other side of the coin
Begging your neighbour to cease their divide.

Do I need to seek your permission ?
Do you have to approve?
You say Forever unworthy
In what way do I need to improve?
Thinking outside the box
You try to restrain me
But I break free of your locks
You'd try to ban me
I don't seek your applause
Secure in your judgement
You portray a lost cause
With put downs to bind me
Do you think that I care
Do I Hang on every word
Mockers sarcasm to bare
Do I need your permission
Just to be who I am?
Don't want your approval
You say I can't , when I can
Your portrayal defective
All you know is my name
Forever undermining
Yours is a blame game
I don't seek your permission
Whilst you cheat with your shame
You seek to exclude me
You're like kids calling names

In the silence of the guarded room
Memory's pointed as the tomb
Burning in the breast
A new thought on them impressed
Light shining in the dark
Inspirations spark
Curves of feminine wiles
All other threads beguiled
Piercing through dark veil
Where shadows start to pale
The image held so strong
Could passions be so wrong
Struggling to compose
The fires that there arose
Fearless symmetry of heels
That set the mind to reel
Wiping clean the recollection
Free of their malediction
Heart rises on spread wings
New songs of which to sing
Breathing in the scent
Know no sin which to repent
The shadows guarded room
Where pollen starts to bloom
The creak of leather stretched
Those cheeks I can't forget
Arising from the tomb
Freed from the darkest gloom
To conduct an overture
Rhythmic to that curvature

​Air raid shelter?
The quest for fire
In search of meaning
Still knowing that none is there
Words construct an edifice
Words perfumed by poetics
The unwary to seduce
Walls of rationality
Topped with a tin pan roof
A shelter from the storm
Or the air raids falling bombs
Behaviours entrenched
The blitzkrieg to survive
And so the weary pen
Strings pearls with effected rhyme
Starting once again
To cast jewels before the swine
Is it really just seeking attention?
So little of which it hardly matters
Assertion of the self
In creation to be known?
Ever seeking audience
That one can find their two.
Words to make sense
Constrained by sentences
The familiar in verse form
Grasping like hopes forlorn
With ease the floral phrased
A punchline with a parting flair
Trying to make some meaning
Out of a leaking roof.

​Choir boys
To raise voices in the rapture
The tongue the flesh to cleave
Moistened thirsting lips
Their passion never leaves
Sinking to the knees
Forever penitent
The lusts they seek to snuff
Burn on in candle flames
This solo for a chorister
Organs pipes rising
Deep breath within the chest
Vibrations in the throat
The bleeding side it's burst heart
Skewered on the spear
Where nails sink into the flesh
Scratched blood from rent skin
The chaplain pours libations
With communion wine
Where in hymn wings rise
To the angels unsheathed swords
To bow the head in shame
Present neck to the teeth
Drunk on the blood of lambs
Lost to sin in flood
Feasting upon the flesh
Torn veil of one body

Distance grows between
Clocks hands turning cross the face
Shadows lengthening
As the sun goes down
Lost moments held in time
Film reel celluloid its dreams
Cracks showing to the eye
Edges melting into tear
Hearts yo yo, up and down
Moods swing barely with a sound
Chest rising just to fall
No reason to it all
How long's a piece of string?
Eyes never more to meet
The hooks that sunk in side
Pain in removal hide
A distance comes between
As I look down the mountain trail
Forced march into the wilderness
Too late to retrace steps
Looking out for new horizons
The cold shoulder of the steppes
Clouds their heavy grey
Hands untouched to rue the day
Turning face away
To hide the trail of tears melting with all I try to say.

Cunning linguistics
Cunning linguist
Weaving words
With subtle turn of tongue
Moulding phrases with the lips
Recital just begun
Where fingers stroke at the clay
Reading form upon the wheel
To model flesh with deft touch
A secret artistry to feel
For massage aching from the tips
To kneed dough for the bake
Muscles knotted come undone
Skins goose bumps cannot fake.
Brush of fine sable
Strokes the curve
Gentle mastery
In each turn
To paint a picture with the mind
What imagery to find?
Restraint bound with the passion
Imagination climbs
Reaching for new peaks
A foothold in each rhyme
Cunning linguist
Roll of tongue
Intense on trembling lips
Knowing only thirst
So subtlety raise the cup
Where eyes already drunk.

The daisy
A thousand twinkling little stars
Poking free of the firmament of grass
Childhoods calling to their knees
To roll across their heads
Stain knees with their green beds
String chains of white petals
With jewels of yellow hearts
Perhaps to attract the bees
That dance across the scene
In flight upon the breeze
The heat haze of summer lawns
A labyrinth they weave
With joy in the lost smiles
Striving to recall
The innocence on the face
The daisy a floral crown
For the fairest folk
Where fairy make a shade
From the petaled sky's
The daisies hearts of sunburst
Poking through grass clouds
Ever held in childhood memory
Strung as jewels about the neck.

​Nostalgic institution
I won't turn away from this nostalgic institution
Everything looking better in reflections
Sentimental as the fading recollections
This nostalgic institution
So the mirror may have cracked
More makeup to the mask
Off the record
In nostalgias institution
Fake a smile for the camera
Put on airs for the tape
In mind of radio days
The newest opening play
I want to join in this nostalgic institution
Curtain call, its time to go on
Packing memory's in the suitcase
Time to sweep out the loft
In a nostalgic institution
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Answering the call
Black mirror through the night
Time to turn on the spotlight
It's a nostalgic institution
No time to look back
All those memories left to pack
And the show must go on

Saturns rings to their dark sky
To long for, yet light dies
Beckoning arms of tomb
Melancholic gloom
To trace words in the dust
The embers of a faded lust
Burned down to the ashes
The shell broke of hope that crashes
Clouded sky like billowed smoke
Regretting words left unspoke
Now heavy with the tears
Of rain from loss of year
Hades at the feet
The doors of hell there greet
Fingers reaching for dark glass
Yet knowing this too shall pass
Self penned dramas fantasy
Turns back to empty reality
No meaning find at all
As heart returned now falls
Learning from the words
That bleed with blotted ink
The blighted hopes like blood
To stem another flood
And face the world alone
The curse of those that find no other home

Anxiety like the stomachs butterfly
Churned in flight to flutter by
Decisions stirring on the wing
New vistas which to bring
The wall flower hugging to the side
Afraid to step onto the waltzer ride
Trembling heart forever faint
Afraid of futures yet to paint
Anxious minds fear to leap into the dark
Yet find there motivations spark
One step to float free on the wind
Of change that facing doubts will bring
To face up to unease
Worry it's own malady and disease
Turmoil in uncertainty
Anticipating negativity
To trust that everything's alright
No darkness can consume the light
Time to let go of the past
Freedom with hopes still standing fast
In good faith commit to change
This life to rearrange .
Heart rises in dry throat
Anxiety the gentle push upon the back
Courage in embracing the energy
To swing forwards from all we lack
To dive into progress with possibility
Not sinking, at last we find instead we float

Do nothing

Do nothing
That's what you'll hear them say
Be nothing
They want us just to go away
They'll try to self fulfil you
With values conservative
Whispers on the wind
Rumours dominate
Best friends will turn away
Character assassinate
They'll try to contradict you
With no care for who you are
Did you hear the latest misquote
Do they give a damn about context?
They want you by the throat
Say the truth is just pretence
Prophecy false of your demise
19th nervous breakdown in a week
It's sexual frustration
We'll set them up with a whore
It's all about attention
Sell fame at the agents door
The liars to their gossip
Rumours isolate
Everything you says just for publicity
They pray you'll go away
If they saw that it's just artistry
They'd have no more to say
Sarcasm rips at flesh
Gossips rumours to impress
Do nothing
They don't hear the words you say
Be nothing
They'll stab you in the back,
Look the other way
No satisfaction till you're laying in the street
And draw a final breath.
They want to forget you ever lived
Must of done something right
Rebellion its own gift.

House of doors (kristina clackson)
A house of doors
The corridors of power
Flagstones worn
By the tread of weary feet
To count the years
By footfalls impression
How many speakers to the house
Have any learned their lesson?
Echoes mark the floors
With words marching to delivery
The stones indented by the steps
Of body politics finery
The leviathans coils
Wrestled by the limbs
Of elevated men
Policy to submission
Where the ladies to the halls?
Who seizes vote
Declares all equal
Those who said they're not for turning
Glass ceiling it's oppression
More than a chance impression
Black rod beating at that door
Where women faced only a wall
The flagstones now their cracks
From where only faint turned back
Harbinger of a new age
Raised fist of suffrage.

Top set (because my year at greycourt aroun 85 gutted the admin wing as Tewkesbury was a vicious bastard. and then there were nonces in Computer Studies)
Daddy is a lawyer
So the rich kids say
Secure in sense of entitlement
Positions which to claim
Daddy is a diplomat
It's why our skins are dark
Couldn't say I'd noticed the difference
Until this chance remark
Daddy is an architect
And mommy makes fine dresses
All hot air to the working folk
Us kids they tried to impress
Ever an alien in the top set
Streamed out from my own class
Bidding farewell to childhood friends
To sit at desks with all the toffs
Somehow it felt unfair
An unwitting classroom clown
Standing out from the crowd
Breaking the rules when allowed
Daddy's in the national front
It's why his hairs so short
Daddy was a violent drunk
It's why I'm bunking off
Never fitting in with the boffs
The pains with which they scoff
Daddy threatened to slit my throat
If I ever told.
Somehow it seems unfair
How the boffins just laughed and stared.

The Playground taunts, in adult life,

Lived by the same rules

To flee the gatesa, climb over fence,

Of the burned out, old school.

Lady justice
Lady justice with raised sword
To weigh hearts in the scales
Fearsome visage to the condemned
In judgement beneath crown
Yet judge not lest ye be judged
Best forgive and then forget
The faithful free from chains
The beasts they claim to fight
Standing in the dock
Call on the highest court
How many stumbling blocks
Obstruct truth from the sight
Survival to the fittest
As god alone the witness
To take up arms once more
In final Trial by combat
Justice is ever blind
Tear off the blinkers
Vengeance ever in mind
Rage burning in the eyes
Lady justice just a whore
Where lawyers serve only the coin
The system it's own demise
Those free by their own lies
Still the sword seeks to avenge
Where victims still grieve to cry

Their Law? (state intrusion and interferance with business. Place them in a wired flat with filters on social media and monitering of all data flow with undercover neighbours spreading defamation in community whilst uniformed explicitly do the same in full view and infiltrate any politcal alegiances. Welcome home.Do they have a warrant to use a key to enter property and interfere with papper work, IT and leave origami messages?)

I want to feel more

Be me more
Not the numb sore
Of the oppressors empty laws

Criminals in uniform
Grouped together like a gang
Pretend theyre pretty big
That the rest of us can hang

Their law, with a polished badge
Dominations cuffs
Enclosing freedoms hands
Say the rules are tough
That our hopes are not enough

Lunatics have taken over at the looney bin
Think they are our masters
Control they seek to win
Are you just somebodies serf?
Stop to think about it
That's all they think youre worth

Criminals in uniform
Sounds like someones kind of fetish
Think they are the sharks
To all us little fishes

I want to be more
Feel more
Free more
Cry more
Fly more
See more
Cos I am more
Than their law.


Being there (Heidegger)

Being there
Ever as a presence
Core of the self
That forms our very essence
Both subjective
And phenomenal
An object to the other
Yet undivided in existence
Being there
Anchored in the self
That floats upon the waves
Of the passing time
To sail into becoming
Toward the new horizon
Doubled in the sextant
Yet without duality
The knower and the known
Emergent entity
Being in the world
Is this what it means to be?
Being there
Is consciousness all it is to be?
Or in another's eyes
Is this all we seem to be?
Being there, a portrait photo
Existent entity framed by time

Chaff (writen on proposal of published book of lyrics some weeks ago)
Dead poets to the Ivy League
Publishing conspiracy to believe
Who weeds the wheat out from the chaff
Collectively their grapes of wrath
Secret society for the elites
In a handshake frats to greet
Initiates they ball and bag
Who had the photos with the one night hag?
Brethren to a poison chalice
All with heads bowed towards the palace
There's some that play with little Alice
With unsheathed swords we show our malice
Be sure they'll make a public hanging
Did you wonder just where balls are lacking?
Standing upon others heads
And others wives they seek to bed
Orders to murder
Front page spread
Look in the mirror
Are old soldiers dead?
A composite of many faces
Whilst those in guilt no one traces
Occult science hoodwinked the fools
Who bow in shame whilst breaking rules
Fraternity's pass out more than they test
They really think they are the blessed.

Burnt oak?
Burnt oak, out in the park
Where remains only ashes
Your hollow trunk so dark
Memory of felled family tree
To cut branches from the wood
To feed the outraged fire
Building funeral pyre
To old Father Time
The scythe to strike us down
Where we make a final stand
The thresher to the wheat
Burning chaff left in the field
Uprooting, where fell the barren seed
The cracks of concrete marked
Still fresh leaves of grass,
Show through from the fertile land
Choking clouds of smoke that masked the light
Where they burned us down to ash
Still standing, mighty oak
Where squirrels make their nest
Our centripetal dance
The spiral pattern seeks
There within the wooded womb
Life's passion just a spark
Fed by ashes work
The sower takes to the field
Where acorns find their bed
Out there in the park.

Lady Liberty (EU bill human rights)
I want you more
Than relief from the pain of grasping thorn
Or the fevered lips
Unquenched fire trembling for a kiss
The frantic fear
In loosing the memory
Last nights dream
Of laying languid in those arms
Unsated passions
Where body shakes
With the force of suppressed sighs
Wanting like a thief
Ashamed in envy
For the sought for prize
A puppet for a string
Directed by the marionette
No hands more dominant than loves
That wrenches heart with longings to belong
I want you more
Than the song of nightingale
To mourn my parting soul
With words of immortality

Lady Liberty

How I crave to look into your eyes
I want you more
Than the distant hope
That still lingers a sweet while
Like fingers stroking cheek
To raise the wanton mouth
Parched with thirst
Moulding sweet phrases upon the tongue

Subtlety distinct
Breaking definitions
The nuanced heart
Non binary recognition
The fluid form
That knows no bounds
No shape to the containment
Modulation to resound
The clay coax with deft touch
Bursting free of all moulds
Adam and Eve
Forever divided
The garden in knowledge
A poison in the insight
Ever in opposition
The coin yet has two sides
The mother, the father
Poles apart
No ambiguity
From the start
Reflections in Ovids pool
Of salmacis metamorphosed tears
In many shades
The pigment strains
The canvas of the flesh
Facets to the gems
Undivided in the glamour
Perceptions to duality
In gradation the colours mix
To form a third from twain
And with subtlety to light
Shines with truth upon the wing
Freed from chrysalis
Painted Social butterfly

Anger management?
The fire that burns twice as bright
Burns half as long
They may say pull yourself together man
Could their directions be all wrong?
In fear the animal will strike out
Weary of its foe
Those who face the fire
Can let the energy flow
Rage is such a sin
So the preachers say
But in order to contain it
You might open out its ways
In anger find a missing peace
Expressing what you feel
To scream and know no fear
To strike with sword the coiled mat
To learn to follow through
And let the passion out
The heart that lets it show
Has more capacity in it
Less likely to lash out
Those who have walked within its midst
Anger is an energy
No fear to face the fire
Burning in the chest
Protective powers rise.
No dark side for to fear
Just the force there flowing bright

Like a refugee of romance
Fleeing from a hallowed land
Milk and honey soured
By dissidence to the experience
War torn barb wire fences
Makeshift tents in holding camps
Trying to stem the flood
Makeshift boats upon the tide
Who wants to be a refugee
Displaced and outcast
Divided by dictates of conflict
Or fleeing genocide
The oppressed forced to run
Forgotten of nationality
Risking all, with lives packed upon their backs
Lost Children seeking the embrace of a new home
A stranger on a foreign shore
Hopes clasped close to wounded hearts
With outstretched shaking hands
Fearing the rejection of the promised land
The Modern exodus
Tears in pleading eyes
I don't want to be a refugee
Displaced by the oppressors fist
Forlorn and hungry for safety
The embrace of a foreign land
The Anguish of belonging hearts
The refugees of a longed for romance

Magic mirror
A little magic comes back into the world
The expectant hope sown on the wind
Where seeds cotton wings let float on by
Lifting emotions back on course
The tempest whipped storms
That raged on terribly through the night
A torrent of tears for those lost to the gale
Yearning for morning to dry drenched sails ripped apart
The dance in the waves of the lonely lost keel
A bark strains in the foam of uncharted seas
The rope burning hands to tie to our course
The rudder that strains the limbs with the force.
Sighting the land, a bird flys over head
The heart skips a beat with salt to the scent
Breathing a sigh with a thrill in the chest
That rises to lips as one who is blessed
Doubts washed away in the receding flood
With warmth in the breast that signals of love
The longing for home that old sailors know
And expatriates drink to try hard to forget
A little magic shines down on the world
From the light in the face of the lighthouse rock
Clouds parting arms embracing the scene
To step back on dry land and it's firmness to feet.

To grasp bull by the horn
Minotaur to spawn
Ill fated curse in scorn
Lost innocence forlorn
Step mothers borrowed son
Pray tell the love there won
No more mercy find from beast
Than lusts of the demon feast
A husbands jealousy
Where crime is concealed by crime
Disasters felony
Rapes bacchanal accused in mime
The muse cruel to the heart
From sides which now depart
But song ever on mother tongue
Of raptures left undone
The nurse encouraging
The courtly to begin
To push me and to pull me
Such inspiration see
Tauro rising from the wave
The huntsman to the grave
Stiff shaft of javelin
Broke by Phaedra's sin
Chariot Begs to ride the extra mile
The incestuous to defile
But ask just whose the crime
Hearts weighed by scales of time
Smothered by her embrace
The funeral hearse to grace
The glorious beauty fled
Where corpse lies moaning death
That soil may cover the head
Of they that draw there final breath
To submit to the sirens call
Moist blood betrays the fall

The smell of fresh leather
Held restrained by the wrist
In the grip of tied thongs
For freedom to long
The suede for a blindfold
To hold back the sweat
Tears wept hot, grow cold
Eyes closed, alert to heart beat
Black armour for dark knight
That strains with muscles flexed
Rising through the night
Shame from bodies wrenched
The creak of tanned hide
Taste of biting whip
Where the devil rides
The trembling of those stretched hips
The shearling soft to the pain
Sheepskin touch to the warm
fitting like a glove just the same
Hands held back from the storm
To soothe the burning flesh
Heal With gentle caress
The pleasure in the passions
With a leather grip in fashion
Awakening the senses
Poised on bitten lip

Centre court
If you like to play with mixed doubles
You could be shaken and stirred
You won't want a new ball boy
As you suck upon that straw
Cocktails for centre court
Just swinging over the nets
It's a bit of a racket
But top spin you will get
The price of those strawberries
When you're lost in my dreams
With red tip to the lips
Well whipped like the cream
If you like mixed doubles
You could be shaken and stirred
The umpires got hawkeye
But these balls let fly free as a bird
Iced sundaes for final day
Soothed by a sorbet surprise
So put out the nets
For that Silver service so prized
I guess that the wombles
Can make use of what's left
When I stick it over your net
Watch out or a foot fault you'll get
An ace for your service
Just hope it's not getting too wet

Sweety just like caviar
Born to be a super star
Stretch limousine for your car
The blue of blood their avatar
As they erase search history's
Secure they'll conceal dark fantasies
You'd like to teach the reality
Trainer to all beneath the lions roar
Pillars hold up a lintels arch
Beware you all the ides of march
Endorsements declare an unfair fight
Be sure the claws are bound to bite
Abandon all hope who enter here
Entrapment is the least to fear
Sweety dear, an avatar
Who pulls the strings for rising stars?
Fake sheiks cast nets from the shore
It's why the rich are so unsure
A suit of armours greeting beware
Heels mount the staircase with a strut so rare
The marionette, a puppets glove
To stroke at flesh and model love
The hook it's bait
They'll see too late
Freedom corrupts
Those with eyes wide shut
Sweety dear an avatar
Where hands will grip just iron bars

Artichoke it's hidden heart
It's bud beneath the bract
Scales stripped with the knife
The fallen thistles leaves
Spiked recollections
Tearing of the flesh
Wound around the past
The unraveling thread of fate
Scabs with dirty plaster
Now cleaning out the scars
Bled out with the memory
Blacked out by the pain
Hands breaking through the ice
Too cold to hold the gun
Sun blushed tomatoes
Who rose with embarrassment ?
Fragile petal, The slide of olive oil
Tossed salad for a beggars bowl
Lost in disassociation
Fragmented in location
The sound of knitting needles
That marked the passing time
Trembling bitten fingers
Scrubbed red with wire wool
Falling through the fiddlers roof
Memory it's own proof
Gauntlet cast upon the ground
The feint , a foils repost.
Artichoke it's shielded bud
The well protected heart
Concealed beneath scale mail
A hidden tenderness.

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Shifting sands being what they are I cannot comment much upon the Child Abuse Enquiry beyond saying GIVE US THE LIST. I do not like the term mental illness to describe the emotional chalenges as a survivor. I do not have a capacity to forgive abusers, there is no closure beyond the final coffin nail, the conflict cannot be resolved, the culture only offers vengance in the form of criminal justice and after over 25 years of disclosure that is still something society does not grant me. I resent, I hate, I have continuing dabilitating symptoms of Trauma from both the accidental compound fracture of my skull and the rapes I experienced in youth, I am human. The culture may be improving towards victims but it can never take away the fact that it happened and it will always hurt and disturb. So I havn't drunk or used drugs for the majority of my adult life (aparently coming down with diabetes means I was loaded according to some 'reliable' 'sober' sources). As I aproach my 50's hand on heart the mechanisms of support mostly offered dirty plasters to the open wounds. I found a voice through this site but I am not happy with what life has taught me. It will happen again, and that is not my fault, I have done all I can and will continue to despite the pain. 'Mental Health' is largely used to deny the reality and undermine disclosures of societys victims, I have also survived 6 times homelessness through social exclusion so if you want to gossip and have a go do not forget there are consequences to the individual and costs to the community. The status quo craves supression. This site has been free for 12 years and remains unafiliated with any organisation or group. I am mostly not what they say especialy in extremeis but no one bothers to ask, they just react, blame and judge as abusers are want to. And no I am not a sub dominant. Crying in the wilderness, and sure someone will try to spin that. With hopes for a better future for the children. If I could live my life again I would not have willingly entered therapy in my teens and would have prefered to have killed the abusers despite the consequences.

Welcome to 2017. MEGHANS LAW. GIVE US THE LIST as SARAHS LAW was intended to be in the first place rather than the governments 'compromise'.



TOMCRUISE Says OMG (thanks to Little Peaches), NOT a fabrication. GIVE US THE LIST (vid large file best to right click and save to)


you can read all about John Smith phd CHEPSTOW GWENT in ACUNNINGLINGUIST Also Allan Stock Redhill Surrey child molestor and National Front member... I used to be a Rude Boy myself so best ask Pauline Black what I think of them... moonstomp!

Free Wolf n Raven Dance WHITEHORSE CANADADRY Up The Tagish!

OPERATION MAKESAFE NEW CHILD PROTECTION MEASURES FROM SIR BERNARD AND THE LADS, google it. The real purpose of looking to the past must be to inform present and future child protection. Where do the children play? GIVE US THE LIST






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THE PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THIS SITE IS TO PUT PRESSURE TOWARD PERMANENT PUBLIC LISTING OF PAEDOPHILES ACROSS EUROPE, every child and victims right to safety. Why did the Labour government spin Sarahs law away from full public disclosure? Why with the national inquiry into child abuse is Westminster silent on public listing of paedophiles. There are many questions I would like to ask as to why the media has stoped promoting public listing. Why have victim support groups fallen silent on the issue? I give my songs to you freely in the hope that through attracting attention via entertainment some of the many questions about how our society protects offenders might one day be answered. Amidst all the spin and media impression management why have so many victims been unheard?


THE CONCEPT ALBUM BLOOD SOAKED LAND will remain below pic of Viking Longship for download (right click to save) and burning to disc through 2016

2016 We will release a FREE SONG at least every 2 weeks.


Free Concept Album BLOOD SOAKED LANDS below.


BLOOD SOAKED LAND. Concept album in which we call on the old ways for a cull to cleanse the land. 'All paedophiles are terrorists', Bishop of London to Wolfchilde following 7/7.




Save MP3 songs to PC then transfer to iPod unknown artist add to playlist in order they apear to enjoy full album or burn to CD. I grant permision to bootleg so long as this site is credited.




This site has been promoting public listing of paedophiles since 2005. Westminster, same old story, watch out for another cover up/ inquiry. The free book A Cunning Linguist and free album Swords In Abusers on moresoundz elaborates. A generation of children went unheard and few recieved the justice they deserved throughout the 80's and 90's. A Royal Commision with publicly selected investigators and nothing less can adress the questions of human rights to justice and protection of victims. The backlash must be exposed. Mandatory reporting of abuse suspicions must become statute. Victims should no longer face invasive 'tests' of authenticity following reporting such crimes, police resources should not be wasted investigating victims but focus solely on alleged perpetrators. Institutional abuse and cover ups must be exposed. Paedophiles must be publicaly listed so we can all protect vulnerable children. Following 7/7 the Bishop of London stated to us 'all paedophiles are terrorists'. A million hits for give us the list and the support of Tom Cruise, Caprice, Amir Khan, Bruce Willis and others in the call to reform UK child protection. If not now when?




Spunky smells like JENNY from FRIENDS armpits


RAISEING A LITTLE MORE THAN A BROLLY... More Miss Understandings.(know your Topographicalness and feel the fear... Prude, it's ruder than prog.)

Childrens Crusade ... HERE COMES THE CAVALRY!






Not A Rug In Sight...



And Evens on the Matrix WAR








WolfsbloodAre we all but grains upon that Beach,Is it war or peace we come to teach,The Children who are watching nowDo they know a way or how-To staunch the blood of brothers tearsOf sisters crying out for years?To pains the memory of the fearsLeft incarcerated here?For all we know and all we feelAre spirits dead or can we healThe rift of ages that befellThose who turned to face the shells.Where poppies reach and truth beseech The hearts in anguish that abhorThe fate of Angels destined for war.Where shrapnel falls like hail to someWhose that battle that is won,And if the shroud is torn in twoWould we see exactly whoThe veil lifted would revealFor all those prayers we've said to heal-Whose the Kingdom that we seekWho will serve the wounded meek?And whose the scars and whose the swordWhere the nails and who the Lord?Were we but ears of corn to some Would we send our only sonsOr stand to face that end as one.Bow before no earthly princeFor the word is true that none could print.These names of those who stood forewarnedAs others here would choose to scorn,Who would pray on bended kneeFor those that cross that darkest seaRegardless of the creed or skinAs one in faith, these many wordsWe hold aloft the dripping sword;As blood congeals on earthly shoreTo run beyond that fateful doorAre truth and justice on our sideOr do the heads of judgment lie?Though thought obscure where shadow fallAnd the last post to spirits call,These hearts as one upon the sleeveA branch to offer with golden leaf.The olive and the fig becomeObscured by fog, the darkest sunEye wept dry and fingers bleachedIs this the pinnacle we've reached?Bold humanity to someIs there a final hour to come?Call across the seas of bloodAnd seek a way to face that flood.Whose the tablet that was wroteWhose the Bush and whose the CoatOf arms in battle, Brothers thereWhose the enemy and where?Seek with an answer clearOf politicians never fear.Cry as one, reach for that handFor the sake of hallowed land.Regardless of the faith or raceThese are but questions that we face.Fires burn and waters quenchOf giants buried in each trench,Call with heartTo God and Countrymen

That peace may rule us all again.

P N Stock 2002




Dandelion clocks

cotton candy clouds are up above
the sun beats ceaseless as with love
blue Sky's the memories drift on by
thoughts float free with every sigh.

sundials and dandelion clocks
casting longer shadows as we grew
water fountains beneath statues of the past
heart pumps ever as we flow

inhale the flowers in a breath
exhale to mark a little death
where petals long for morning dew
leaves reached for the light as did you.

summer heat in waves across the park
coax gold from chins with butter cups
beneath the arms of over hanging trees
we sat and rested weary feet.

seasons circle like cog wheels
hands move across the carriage face
wound springs from an iron key
time marked in each turn but never free.

blow memories from dandelion clocks
sundials cast shadows ever on
water fountains flowing from the past
statues standing tall unto the last
we plant a garden in our dreams
a pond collects the water from our tears.

for Di.


Myth of Sysiphus

Charged by gods to roll away the stone
What meaning sits upon their throne
In each step the span of days
Through pointless task to know their ways.

Roll, roll, roll away the stone
On mountain slope find a lonely home
Roll, roll, rolling with the stones
And at the peak find downward rolls the stone.

Why suffer ever for the heights
Absurdity our ever fated plight
Where we knot limbs to mountain scale
Yet at the summit finally fail.

Force of inertia in our bones
Brow strains with every gasp and moan
A fallen king to a thankless task
And no answers find unto the last.

Live fully in the moment as you push
Be present with revolt upon the breath
In struggle seek to find a hope
Describe the journey on the slope
The heart rises as it sings
It's rhythm soars on broken wings.

Roll, roll, roll away the stone
Heave ho, on mountain find a home
To rise to the pointless task
Take heart as the moments pass
They may have left you without right
But no way the spirit gives up the fight
Life struggles ever to be free
To find a purpose we can never see.



Hymn to isis- (writ at Byrons Lodge Seaham) LICKETYSPLIT

Where sea meets beach like a mothers kiss or a tears caress against these cheeks of land, The breath of tides that ebb and swell rough then gentle rythms of this life, Where winter melts into the arms of spring the fluid rolling hips united in shared hope, The wombs waters breaking for the first time the embrace of lovers parted for too long, New beginings sigh their prayer and cry with joys still to come whilst those passing over reach wings into the sky, Though the cliffs crack and so slowly corode still the sands speak of rocks that stood once proud, In time all things return to her and join the dance within those waves.

VENUS FLY TRAP LYRIC- Venus in fur oh havent you heard its war of the roses looking down noses bound by disease this devil to please. Venus a fly trap oh silly old me sounds hard to swallow but just wait and see they say she's a spider to pull on a fly watch out for the gym slip its man eater style. Venus in fur oh havent you heard short lived as a yorky plays Richard III a temple of tubeors for temperol tudors whith hearse to the wedding the kill to the bride. Just like Percys Mary could spin a fine line waxing quite lyric its Frying tonight. Venus in fur oh havent you heard put them on the map with old Queen Mab. Full of emotion the swell of her ocean with pearls to her oyster a glove in whip hand. And as Lord Byron quoth to venus in fur oh havent you heard to Seaham all dead black ball to the head, croquet on the lawn murder in rhyme for that Nursery Crime. Venus a flytrap oh cilia old me they thought her a schoolgirl but just wait and see her names realy Audrey no Woman in White a Shop Full of Horrors I bid you goodnight. Queen to the honey trap bee sting to the the hive her stockings are chainmail cold iron tonight. Venus in fur oh havent you heard war of the roses to Fleur Du Mal possies havent you heard they spin us a yarn respects all thats dead As Lord Byron said to venus in fur oh havent you heard youre all a disgrace all Ludites Lovelace. Dionaea Muscipula hard to digest but to dyonisus musky pullers our venus a fly trap watch out for her grip, they thought her a schoolgirl but here are her lips. Stokeing Hell Fire with demonic choirs just making the bed how wonderful is death. Venus a flytrap oh havent you heard with claws to the rip our venus death grip. Madame Tusaudes pulling two swords if venus the bride the hearse is their ride. Burned at both ends this alphas omega killing in rhyme for that nursery crime. To venus the bride we're Frying tonight. Venus in fur oh havent you heard looks hard to swallow but just wait and see venus a flytrap oh havent you heard.



Phreak the freak its an intelligence leak just a misnome when the highest IQs half past one. Hide and seek its worth a peek dont tell them your name till the numbers up. Phreak the freak clock that dial with a 2 tone pulse its not a splice that scrambles those eggs. said phreak to freak eyes right theyve left pushing those buttons slippers a glass so what no why when or who just gold teeth and an Enigma-tic smile. seek the leak that moles whats weak back in the 'crypt dead letter last post scrabbles on tumblers spirits through a glass. phreak the freak the moles what we seek hearts for the rubber this games not bridge crossing those naughts Vauhall Knights no defeat said kill the freak. with those tourists on the clock who's in for a shock through the eye of a needle who'd take on the beadle follow that mark kepp them in the dark. said freak the freak just switch the switch.



Its Amontilado a feather too white long stares at cold walls just a spill of red wine. lost looks empty bunks their rythm on bars bolts turning in locks eyes swimming cold blue shallow waters slow bled stomach churning call time. Electric blue lights dim smell of sparks calling them on to face the light blank look on their faces a sneer through cold smiles calling them in with a touch of the thumbs take that seat enjoy the ride calling them on heart leaping for time hands shakeing cold smiles. a bite of that leather raise amontilado cold eyes lectric blue no taste of last wine. calling them down calling them down cold rythm on bars red tear to the water a feather too white the wrist and the razor one more brick with a smile forever goodbye. calling them down calling them down just take that seat enjoy the ride Its electric blue calling them on no coins for those eyes just a spill of old wine. Its amontillado forever goodbye.


Me minja the ninja climbing over roof silent as the wind warm breath beneath a veil. me minja the ninja shadow in the dark strokeing at those curves through windows open doors. me minja the ninja casting a dark spell feeling for a pulse within that little death. me minja the ninja a life held in these hands blade before the eyes to free them from the silk artisan to the sheets painted poems on the nails clawing at the walls to face a pillows grave. me minja the ninja cherry blossom on a cheek scents of carnal knowledge the killings we have made. me minja the ninja a rose beneath a ring reminder of those dawns the dew of parted lips. me the minja to the longing in that little death poison perfume to a kiss her choice no emptiness.


Not guilty its soft and silky she said she wanted more you know that less is more she's lady shaved her legs such a very nice pair in satin and lace. going rapido with away torpedo gotta go french with a roll of that tounge slowing back down to escargo brass knockers french polish she's leaving a trail with a curl of that tounge. she's slow at coming forward from the smile on her face thats satin and lace. not guilty its smooth and silky got those frogs legs parted with such a small touch once she's down on her knees she's begging darling please such a very sweet smile as she parts those lips. do you like it all over or just a little on the side its a nice hot banger between french fries you know it aint whimpey give it extra on top. she wears a little berret red currants on top its getting kind of stickt thats those chelsea buns. Guess she's slow at coming forward when she's sat on that face its going rapido with that aft torpedo blow it away with a banger from behind. not guilty its soft and silky butter up the sides its a sandwich not a slice. not guilty its soft and silky with a smile on her face thats satin and lace.


I am the reaper I come to take your soul I'm no redeemer youre gonna fill a hole come all believers the gods die to my hand come war and thunder rage across the land. I am the reaper my name brings only strife no reasurance I come to take your life there are no gods can live beyond their time their sands are running out and soon they will be mine. I am the reaper I come to steal your breath by many names I'm known but you will call me death there are no warriors can stand against me much all true believers falter at my touch. There is a reckoning a weighing of the soul you are the ones I take to fill an empty hole my eyes can see the falling sands of time come taste my breath it is the end of the line. I bring the scythe to reap you where you stand just ears of corn from a barren land I am the reaper my name brings only strife I'm no reddemer I come to take your life. I am the reaper the harbinger of death I am the herald to your final breath I'm no believer your hopes are only lies theres no redeemer for all will come to die.


There once was a dyke with her finger aint it she knew a young fem but her fist werent in it she showed her a bow with a g string on it kept fireing love arrows thats our annachi. Annarchi they call her a bull when she gives them the eye they show her a wink she gets out her bow and sticks one in it hooked to her ring half cocked to fire with a double shot thats our dyke eye bully. Annarchi shes not just a dyke on her days off she rides her bike with a ring of that bell no end to her rythm as she rides them rough shod bunny hoping off roading. Annarchi she's not just a dyke she says shes a builder but she cant find a wife once they tare down those walls theres plenty to like she thinks shes an amazon from a past life she likes her leather when shes on the ball soaping them up an imperial lather. They call her Annarchi she shows them her fist when she is out kissed with that bow to her knees that g string fits it keeps shooting love arrows double cocked till the end thats our Annarchi. Anna Me Feesher thats her new fem for 20 sobs shell lick at that ring. Annarchi she aint just a dyke but I hear her new girlfriends just her bike. Annarchi she likes a bit once theyre down on their knees well I guess thats it.


William the conk what a nosey bonk 1066 it makes us all sick eye eye what about harold then. Then theyres the roundheads billiard balls deep in the pockets back to the table now whose nicked the chalk ever see a politician would buy a man a drink who'd worked so long that the mrs was gone european excursions or a foreign divorce for every indiscretion a back entry to account. Napoleons brandy if youre too randy could cost an arm not a leg waterloo to be sick in eye eye what about nelson then. Reviseing our history twisting our tales trying our justice turning their tricks storys theyll tell you as they write them again. Constantines armies beneath roman greavesies killed off the christians converted thats nice with a small switch buying them out thats roman service with a smile. Playing their cannon reformed in defence whose kissing that ring piece who'd mint a popes crown back to the board room its checkers not rome paying their tab now wheres the abbys white ball? Vulnerable Bede what a great deed forcing old rome down the british necks pain in the pulpit eye eye what about henry then we'll never forget playing their counter we're all for reform calling on Walsey hows thats our call. See all those foneys always courting the gold Jude rides her chunnel but who does she serve they used an armada last time we heard funny money someones fingers in her honey whose got the crown jewels whose forgiving our debts who wants old cronnies theyre only roundheads. Playing our cannon our empires no Risk bring on the troops theyre for the commons as well who wants a president at the cost of a crown eye eye what about treason then. Theyre bloody Mary saw the tower as well who wants federal europe when service to country can show you the world?


From little acorns mighty oak will come each limb will knot with wounded bark eaching riseing sun these mighty oaks from acorns come. Amongst the ferns with fingers stretched to mighty oak we bend them down limbs twist together the sap here risw come bring her on mighty oak will come. Move with the wind knot to this wood drink the waters raise the sap take you down and twist around take you over where fires leep kneel to this root turn to the bark from mighty oak the acorns come. For little acorns mighty oak will come to fight the elm and keep the forest true from mighty oak a shield will come our aim is true fight for this relm with arows yew bend to this bow that little acorns from oak will come. to the oak now lay you down to knotted limb embrace this bark the sap here riseing rooted in the earth unto the forest the oak will come. with oaken beam small splinter comes to build a scalfold to hang them from beneath our crown with oaken spears battle for each fallen tree those uprooted those that fell limbs weve broken those best forgot stamp out the wrot that no one wants joined to the earth with every fall to this body a new ring comes. From little acorns mighty oak still comes we'll stand together till the battles won each holds to truth and none bows down come to the wood and raise them up till oaken crowns support the sun. From mighty oak the acorns come and for little acorns mighty oak will come.


Hello again othello they say that love has died dancing to anothers rythm when lips have kissed goodbye. Hello again othello this jealousy inside burning fierce as napalm to blow those hearts to hell. Iago he's a friend to all this jealousy cutting at the hopes that bind those hearts to here. Hello again othello cold darknesss in these eyes a fist that breaks a mirror to cut those hearts in two. Hello again othello the darkness in these hands stabbing at the memmory long days with out warm arms. Fighting back the tears of long forgotten years the fire in thes hands to tare those lies apart, Iago he's a friend then you see that love has died held within those arms a shroud left of the veil. hello again othello a twitching of the eye the tastes of words goodbye know that love must die. They danced within these eyes warm fingers\ stroked that neck the lips now have departed those hearts no longer leap. Say goodbye othello regrets for what is lost. never oh othello oh never never more. smiles forever lost there cold fire in these eyes welcome back othello from chains that drag them down, never oh othello drowning in their fear never never oh othello love floats gently on. reflect once more othello waters whispering goodbye. never never oh othello oh never never more.


I saw two raven floating by first one said I should surely die second came close said dont forget when things were worse than they are yet we stood here once as we stood before no one thought we could win our war. The stone was hollow for a door no cave within with your hearts you swore no matter what come what may we'd see it to a better day. When knives were drawn behind your back they said you were the things you lacked they spun their words to put you down the only wreath an oaken crown. They said we'd never win this war but never forget for what you swore. The bow was drawn the sword unsheathed we prayed to meet another dawn our plans were made beside the hearth we'd feast once more on doe and hart the glass was cast into the fire our knotted limbs would never tire. Never forget for what we swore defend the meek protect the poor never bow down on foreign shore greet each sgtranger as a friend no matter what the crede or race raise your heads with hearts so proud for the spirits rythm beats there loud. They said we'd never win this war with one eye closed their tounges were forked for all the double dealings there we'd see it through they win who dare. Say your oath youll not forget in the spirit of justice for this we sware.



Soap N suds its plane to see wet and wild from the washing machine a dirty dawg for a double D bit to the bridal elastic in teeth rideing the clothes horse its plain to see theyve a strange fixation thats double D. Dirty dog so plain to see leeping those fences no fantasy a double D hat tied round his ears face full of frillies its plain to see cheap thrills to the knees thats their double D. soap n suds so plain to see good vibrations from a washing machine caught on the gate that swinger for a line cries too late as they tumble dry over the fence with a facefull of mud back to the laundry thats soap for suds. Face full of nickers plain to see that dirty skirt sniffer right down to his knees rolling around no bed of roses thorn to a finger what a little Prick a dirty dog that double D sniffer left in a pudle awaiting lock jaw. Soap n suds its plane to see dreamt of hem lifter thats our double D. For soap n suds thats double D Dirty Dawg now down on those knees.


At the sign of the skull the wolves descending for the cull rage so deadly in their eyes to strip the bad men of their lies theres it is to do or die a howel to call them with a cry blood to drip from bitter lips teeth they bare with hatred drip. At the waning of the moon the pack is called to rise there soon fear to see in blind mens eyes terror there within their cries a howel that tares the night in two they come as one do they come for you? Blood will run from off their teeth the price is life and theyre the thief. at the sign of the skull the wolves descending for the cull the moon again to run so red as their hearts on anger fed beat as one the pack will come with their deaths the deed is done Howeling there beneath dark sky the prey bad men to do or die. the lies of men the cowering flock in their eyes a curse to mock the bad man and his bitter cry for he knows one day he'll die they come for him they rage as one the pack is called it is begun there beneath the moon a skull a blood red veil theirs is the cull. There beneath a blood red moon the skull will come the time is soon from dark sky now turn your back for we take all things we lack with a cry across the night the bad men fear us in their flight the pack is called we rage as one The cull has come this howel is done.


Lickity split its a 99 are we going out tonight to wine and dine or shall we stay in and winde and grinde . Shes looking quite fit I like those bits heres an ice cream no hog and doss whilst she licks her lips if shes feeling hungry maybe we could go back to 69. Deary me oh dear my dear as it dribbles down those cheeks towards those mounds maybe an eruption will come between those shivers below like a butterfly. They may say its vanilla but its butter milk gently whiped between those thighs she may say shes vegetarian but she needs more protein just open that gob for british beef. Deary me oh dear my dear as it dribbles down those cheeks and in between. They may say its mad cows pull the udder one wont call her my bitch this dogs teaching new tricks heres a tip from mr whippy with a cherry on top if you know what i mean they may say its not love but then again shes my lyons maid. Deary me oh dear my dear as it dribbles down those cheeks and in between.


Wheel spin drifters hunters driving wolves howeling heckles riseing engines fireing upriseing. Hawks riseing wings glideing Far see climbing updraft rideing prey circleing wind spiraling hunters howeling upriseing. Talons piercing flesh rending hearts bursting the prey the dieing fangs gripping claws ripping the game their dieing engines fireing children crying upriseing. Wolves howeling hawks riseing engines fireing upriseing. Riot squads war on earth offenders smileing massons lieing stones forgotten unmarked graves long dead gods and children crying church and state fuel the hate the wounds that bleed and mouths to feed, Wolves howeling hawks riseing engines fireing upriseing. Standing stones ancestral homes tools of metal flame war bleached skulls crushed bones burning logs and peat bogs round house moot and guns to shoot. Hawks riseing golden dawn seek the day above below the children crying our heckles riseing wolves howeling upriseing. Engines fireing dark knight rideing children crying the wolves howeling upriseing.

Back On The Road

Going back on the road you know we're never alone wherever we roam this land we were born to forevers our own. Outside on the corner we stand there alone paying those dues you know we never can loose. We stand on our feet every face that we greet we'll never bow down cos the coins that we're left here wear no beggars crown. Walking those streets they'll never defeat the sound of our heart still beating so proud. Back on our toes coming off of the ropes out from our corners we aint loosing no hope. Gonna fight till the end never leaving that ring for whatever they tell us this land we were born to forevers our own.


Miss Understanding

Miss Understanding she's their therapist, She gives a little rub with a well oiled wrist, She'll show them how to split front page personalities, When they're down on that couch she's their number one./
Miss Understood that's her alter ego, Plays the black madona to Eckharts men, Nuns down on their knees for a second coming, Their bells to that book as she blows out their candle, Detatched from loves chains in her House of Lords./
Miss Understanding, understated at the best, It's a game people play as they work up a swet, Tied to extremities, Times best left forgot, Taken to the deapths in her fantasy, depravity./
Miss Understood they share the same smile, Down in the dungeons a story of nine tales, Plays it Sheradnazeh to Arabian Knights, A dance of seven veils with her favourite strap, Whiping up a frenzy she's an Anal-Lyst./
Miss Understood beneath Understanding, When they look up her skirt old Jacob starts to dream, Take eat for this is her body, It's what they thirst for with their trembleing lips, Just Judges and Lords to her golden chalice, They leap for entertaintment facing up to those trials./
Dressing up her characters in a land best left forgot, She'll penetrate their minds, in a fantasy, depravity.


Got it all worked out for 2012 We're not just in the running we're ahead of the field. Londons set to go its gold for Seb Coe We'll win that race for 2012. Got it all worked up for 2012 You know we're on track theres only one field Its cool Britania with a royal seel All pumped up for 2012. Londons in the running so ahead of the field, We've lit that torch for 2012 The crowds are all on fire St Pauls is full of choirs Got them singing out for 2012 Lifting those flags towards palace walls Raising that torch to royal crown. Got it all worked out for 2012 Big Bens lit up with record times Theres cycling round the park Theres boxing for the dome Theyre running that marathon toward palace walls. Over tower bridge watched from Londons Eye Do be careful with the Javelin we've still got taxis for hire. Theyre not all in berrys we're all for fred perrys Stuff la Coq french is out in de john That wines sour grapes Paris has its hunchback clogging up the streets Slowest car in europe its their 2CV Did you hear about the rats theyre always playing dirty Notre Dams in the river what else can you see? Got it all worked up for 2012 theres food from every nation weve the best hotels With royal gaurds aplenty pointing sabers to the show Cannon balls are fireing decatheletes to throw, Trooping those colours in regimental dress Heres a crown for those medals weve Europes empress Queens own with starting pistols we're guning for gold. Weve got rid of mad Madrid with the toilets running dry Wheres the health and safety A load of bulls And did anyone care to mention why those children cry walking streets every night the questions why. Theyre too close to terror, theyre used to playing dirty, sure the weathers very hot but securitys too shirty They say we're european guess its athens next time. Londons in the running we're ahead of the field Raising that torch toward royal crown With regimental dress were trooping her colours Got it all worked up for 2012. Olympic glory beneath old Londons towers Its olympic grandstands for god save the queen. Got us all working out its 2012 We're all for Seb Coe hes going for gold, We've won that race for 2012.

V 4 Victory

They aint from Frankfurt, Theyre Prince Alberts Men, With a dome to the ceiling, and a bell on the end.

They fill out her hall, Hope & glories roll call, With a ring through the nose And bells on their toes.

With a V for victory 2 fingers we show, with a stroke of that harp she pulls at those hearts

F's for forgiveness or so say St Pauls, theyll have to forgive us cos courage is best

With a V for victory 2 fingers we show.

That organs so big to those little Yanks, Tourists crowd in paying their thanks

For her at the top we're harder than rock, a wink from the gargoyle and we're over the top.

She'll give em a wave from her golden coach whilst out on the pitch that whistles our hope.

Standing so tall to that golden ball, her rings not from Wagner thats prince alberts hall.

With a V for victory 2 fingers we show.

ANCRAN (for Mo)

Wether & When We Will Remember ThemThe Luck Of The Irish To Reconciliation Days.For Wether and When She will remember ThemThe Reconciled Exciles, Her DisapearedHer Pollen Of Peace, His Chapel sown seedsHis Holy Shamrock, Her fruits eternal feast.Wether and When We will remember themThe An Crann Stories, the root of Her First Tree,With Flax Crowned hair their bark upon her tearsThe Blood of Mourning, The White Godess on Her Knees.Wether and When we will remember themHer Rule Of Law to Reconciliation Days.Where Liberty Torch shines hope across the seaArched Olive Branches, Crossed high above each headHer Scale Of Judgement, their onward dance of peace.Wether and When we will remember them the Dust of Fingerprints, Their Night Of Long Knives the Rattle of cutlery draws, His Bread broke on The Mount. With Childrens laughter cross walls that none can seeThe sound of Her Harp that the poor may rest in peace.Wether and When, We will remember ThemThe Luck Of The British, To Reconciliation Days.














Where Chaos calls-
Two nightmares ride
Pale skins inscribe
Cloak and Dagger the blind
Fiery mace call sign
On Triumph those wings
The Abyss still sings
To Lucifer riseing
Seasons mysts defying.Lucifer riseing
Fair Astrea Crying
Old battles reminding
Her lucifer rideing
Pale horse to the crying
Firey Orb to upriseing
The abyss there yawns
To hell noisome spawn
No solace they fall
The man with no name
Her finest wove chain
The quickened, the dieing
For Lucifer RiseingLucifer Riseing-
Stitch in time to the binding-
Barbed kiss for hells key
The wolf neath her tree
Judge with Scorpios stings
Bone sawn through lost wings
Bloody Mary the timeing
To Lucifers Riseing
Seventh ring to that maid,
With her crimson of veil
White weddings for Cain,
Lord foul to his bain
Bold Lucifer Riseing
Stench flows with bones grinding
Caressing heart strings
One hope, to black wings.
Lucifers riseing.Lucifer Riseing
One peace in the finding
A silence to hearts
Those late to depart
Bloodied eye its next bowt
Whispered flame snuffing out
At Lucifers riseing
Stitch in time to the binding
No Grace to her maze
Drown in darkest of waves
The mesanger clear
eyes lowered their fear.
To Lucifers Riseing
No hate here disguising
Light bearer to bring
The sound of her wings.Lucifer riseing
Glass darkly reminding
Dispairs bloodiest tear
Loathing calous as fear
Barbed scourge for our whip
The guantlets raised fist
A rook from hells towers
Flanks the Earthly of Power
Her lucifer riseing
The crown to their blinding
Lucifer riseing
Bitter solace they're finding.
Cold Narcisus reminding
Drink a draught of hells finest
With Fleur du Mals scents
Of lives barely spent
The light that we shine
Cold tear as we bind
To Abaddon sent
The batton they lent
One more wish should you find us
Please to meet you,
Reminds us,
Of hails coldest flood
Vengance tears for the blood
For Lucifers Riseing
Angel Heart to upriseingThe ancient its days
These strangest of ways
A beared where they drowned him
Traitors gate waters foundling
The light raised to blind them
Leap of faith for the finding
A cypher crossed sword
To the holy of Word
Lucipher riseing.


Got a speed trap
Heart rapt
Gonna bleed em till their dry.
Got a speed trap
Death map
Gonna Ride them till their downGotta That Speed Trap
Death lab
Gotta squeeze em till they burst
Gotta speed trap
Pulse gap
Hear the laugher through each cry.its a speed trap
Heart rapt
till the satin sunset come
Thats a speed trap
Along the white line blindGot a speed trap
Clutch track
Gotta squeeze em till its dry
Its a dark night
Curved moon
Gotta race on through to dawnGot a speed trap
Death match
Taste of leather through the night
Got that snake eye
Pulse gap
Gotta roll her till the dawnGotta speed trap
Hot lap
Gonna ride her till they die
Shes a speed trap
Heart rapt
In a swets go faster stripesIts a speed trap
Heart rapt
With a pulse to burst the night.Its a speed trap
Hot sigh
Gotta pump them through the night.
Triumph over good n eviltriumph over good no eviltriumph on to good through eviltriumph beyond good n evil

EAR BASHING. G girl...

Ear bashing, show no fear bashing
It's big ears on the telee
Who'd watch them toss a welly
Now where's the ball in to the 9
Cos its Judis dinner time
Who's stick it in a sock
Where'd the stick that bigest rock?They're ear bashing, show no fear bashing
Never mind the feminists they're running out of luck
cos Eltons in his medals
The MODs lot SUCK!They're ear bashin
Cant stand ear bashings
Looks like hers in doors
Sent jenny to her chores
Whose got the bigest chopper
You know They're For The Whopper
It could be Dirty Harry
But is he old enough to marry?
Straight to the point
With a foot in the gob
They'll stick to whitest knickers
White balance on the Bob
Its ear bashing.Its no fear bashing
Who's for ear lashings?
Give that lobe a little lick
Write your name in little Flik
They're all for basil fawlty
They say it tastes too salty
But sweeps atop the block
Like a Brush fills out a sock
Its marmalade in sandwiches
Now Sootys off his box.Is Germain Greer Bashing?Did her EAR BASHING STICK YOU INSIDE THE FRIDGE?Like some old mad cows rock Now here comes a chopper to cut off someones block It's DEEFRIGIDation the ice age in a frock! Ear Bashing, Cant stand ear bashings, Bannanas on the fry, its cajun on the side, the blues are all for spanking, red nose could use a hanky , is Judi on the Punch? A dogs dinner out to lunch?They'd see us on our knees, filling Roseannes socks, they said she's off with Padington, Zippy set to rock, Ear bashing, cant stand ear bashing, ask that Basil Brush, How'd they move The Cunning Fox? 101 Ear bashing
Who's got the biggest socks...
An even bigger chopper?
That Frys still off the box
We hear they all want head
Whats that left inside the bed
Where's My Blood Valentine
The ginger beers been wed
Still UM ERS got the FIRM ONES
Ripe mellons that we're fed.Its boom boom boom
A broom under a frock
So shake a ginger beer
And squirt it in their ear
Its ride a cock horse
All jedi use the force
But once they're home in bed
They've lay 'er in their heads.Ear bashings
Dont like ear bashings
They said we're all just mupets
Who was that little puppet
Big Birds off with Ernie
The Count goes bats for 12
But once you're pushing 30
Could big ears free your Elves?
You know those under 12's
Cant stand ear bashings.

Got a mark to number
Aggregate and test
Counting down to none
They'll say it's for the best
A profiles worth a million
The ones that still Resist
Splice them on the phone line
Voice recognized, desist.Rerouted to exclusion
Examples none can miss.
Natures born to killers
Selling out for cheaper thrills.
Spin another rumor
Their strain shall not persist.
Can you hear them running,
A cog inside whose wheel
Can they catch you running
Would the feeling make it real.Do you see whose running
A slave to whose machine
Running for the zone
Running through the tears
Running out of something
Left Running out of years.
Run them round in circles
Left Run down in the streets.
Gotta keep on running
Gotta keep the pace
It's death at the heals
Gotta win this human race.Did you hear their crying
Do you care just how it feels
And When we see it through
Gonna Take them down for real
Their only answers why,
And its you they'd leave to die.
A silver stockings whisper
The sirens say they lied
A mule for the dictation
No sense just dedication.
As they run you out of time
Survival to the fittest
Miscast by their false witness
Run right out of nothing
Running from the starting gun.
Gotta keep on running
Gotta keep the pace
It's death at the heals
Gotta win this human race.With a sun to blind your eyes
They're running out of lies
Surf a wave that says your nothing
Your Nothing without you.
Buy another memory
Hide another year
Pretend that what they sell you
Is all it means to you.
They'll bleed you of compassion
Grind you up for fuel.
Neon mirrors for the scream
Subliminals for dreams
Dance you like a puppet
Say your nobodies fool
There's death at your heals
Gotta show them how it feels
It's due in their face.
Cos they'd run this human race.
Do you feel whose running
As your Run into the ground
An ounce of flesh to every pound
Final lap another round
do you hear your heartbeat
It's you they're gunning down
Gotta Find another breath
Cos the losers facing death
Do you want to hear their lies
Just Whose running all our lives
Running out of something
When they run out of lies.
Gotta keep on running
Gotta keep the pace
It's death at the heals
Gotta win the human race.

Let not poor Nelly Starve
We’d take them half n half
With a zest  each segment chance
Sweet Chinas Dirty Dance
for  A  Vestral Virgins minx
Orange Molly lends her wink

She’s our pretty witty nelly
the coal yard over smelly
For 6pence an Evenings Love
 Troops the colours Lacy dove
At the feet of gods they fall.
Hers the extras curtain call.Let not poor Nelly Starve
Take those Mollies half and half
Drury lane snubbed Stellas looks
In The Battle of the Books
To pepys his poison quote
A bezoars antidotePretty Witty Nelly
Whose the armpits over smelly?
Was it they the Catholic whore
Spit roast and suckling  for
Took  swift to rump those whigs.
Would our Nelly take such pigs?
With Chelsea to the barrack
Knee trembled at the garret
Where a lapdog  lay his gut
But a stag had couched his rut.Let Not poor Nelly Starve
Blue garter, crowned Scones Start
For the Roe his glimpse of calf,
Draw the curtains half n half
What the French had done for years
She’d bow the Hind to please
With champagne to fill a bath
How could poor nelly  starve?
A lobster  to her tease
Gallant pensions for a fee.Let not poor Nelly Starve
Uncloaked  assassins desk bound scalf
Where the  pepys once inked his quill
Could a woman  play the fille?
Pray tell of fairest Hart
From her pillows   finest arts.
For pretty witty nell
A posey for that smell
Black Deaths back in again
Pudding lanes the Merry Reign Our Pritty witty Nelly
At St Martins lays her belly
The Peninsulars worth a look
 Two Chicks Prey where she shook
Chelsea alms whence flew Chafinch
Pass  Buck  Roundhead Greenwich
Not a word of Orange Mollies
For who would praise such courtly folly.Let not poor Nellys Starve
Keep them warm in finest scalves
And where that swain has shot his lot
Pray hide what Nelly got

.Kinder Gardeners

Jack Sprat could eat no fat
His wife had kept hers lean
And when she turned off all the lights
She'd use her bean machine.Little Miss muffet
Bucked roger a tuffet
Eating his curdled ways
Out fell a spider
He opened her wider
You'd never scare gipsies that way.Little Jacks corner
No dunce when he'd horner
Who'd Stick in a thumb
Passed cluedos old plum
With Angel delight
From Mr White
Whilst Cuting off ears
Eye fulled britaneys sheers
A trout with a mic
A key for the kite.They say it takes years
To shake off those fears
For Arsenic and lace
The records misplaced
They winked from a needle
Left crossed stitched spread eageled
Milked from an asp
For that golden of ass.Who'd gobble a fly?
perhaps they all lie
Or swallow a spider
To riggle inside her
Just Never say die,
It's better they lied.
Just my oh my, CBs they all tried
A convoys hardride, bonnie apes never mind.
Once their all inside she's sure to have cried.
Just never ask why, they still say she's shy.To kinder gardens
And radio days
They paddled away
For come what may
In flower beds
Where hearts were bled
To who they'd wed
Or rather see dead.
They Stand them in line
To teach them their crimes
And say they all fib
Once their out of the bibThey've a purple rose
For Pinochios nose
And billy goats gruff
A body heat snuff
With fires still a burning
The ritch say they're learning.
From sows ears to purses
The babes keep a hurting
Till the poor kids fill larders
Signed in hate, Must try harder,
When that cupboard is bare, you'll see who is fare
With a bah bah blacksheep to their savoir fare
Why that little dogs laughter
On those knees for whose father?
A Remote journeys disent,
Waltz a cowpats descent We saw them kill bambi
Heard they danced in the dandi
And how they slew babes
Just to sell them more candy.
With a hay diddle riddle
Roland rats left to fiddle
Once they've heared whats not said
All that mysteries dead
Now Where's that dish we all offered to spoon?
Lick that plate clean brains wired to their moon.

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©Y2K Mr Peter N Stock Esq.